Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 5

I have listened to so many good songs lately. I just can't keep them to myself. ^_^ So without further ado, these are my top 5 favorite songs at the moment.

#1: Hello World by Lady Antebellum
Gosh I love this song!! I got their CD, Need You Now, for Christmas and I love it! But this song is the most beautiful one on their CD. ^_^

"Oh, the empty disappears. I remember why I'm here. To surrender and believe. I fall down on my knees. Oh, hello world! Hello world! Hello world!"

#2: The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert
I don't usually listen to Miranda's music, but I love this song! It's one of those songs that you can relate to, even if it's only in a small way. :)

"You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can. I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am."

#3: If I Die Young by The Band Perry
Narthea got this CD for Christmas and we've been blasting it in the kitchen while we cook. My favorite song from their CD is If I Die Young. Wow. It's so beautiful!

"So put on your best boys and I'll wear my pearls. What I never did is done."

#4: Brielle by Owl City
What can I say other than I love Adam Young. ^_^

"I wish I knew when I'll be back again. So until then I wish you well, my dear Brielle."

#5: Our Kind Of Love by Lady Antebellum
Here's another Lady Antebellum song for ya. :) I love this song because it's so fun and sweet. The perfect love song. ^_^

"You get me laughing with those funny faces. You somehow always know just what to say, that's right."

(If you would like to listen to these songs, just click the pause button on the playlist that's on my sidebar. It's just before My Favorite Quotes.)
So what songs tickle your peach? :)

11 Greetings from Elven Friends

anna :) said...

hehe, songs that tickle my peach, huh? :)

as of late...
-identity by lecrae
-california by hawk nelson
-falling out by relient k
-hold on acoustic - stellar kart
-there's a place for us (from the narnia soundtrack)

anna :)

p.s. - i'm so excited about getting your letter! :)

~Miss Raquel said...

Totally with you on The Band Perry and Miranda Lambert...
Adam Young...♥ ;)

Charity U said...

I'm into: "Someday" by Celtic Woman, "Requiem" by the Three Graces, the Prince Caspian movie soundtrack, the 1995 Pride and Prejudice soundtrack, and Andrea Bocelli in general. :)

Hannah said...

Great choices! I love all those songs but I've never heard the one by Owl City. I don't listen to them often.


Celtic Traveler said...

You just listed all my favorites:)

Haley said...

Oh, I love "If I Die Young" and "Our Kind of Love"! :)

Katie Krinkleberry said...

Hey Eldarwen! :)

Lady Antebellum rocks! I love Our Kind of Love and Hello World too!

The Band Perry's If I die Young is an amazing song and me and my sister blare it in the kitchen all the time. lol

And Adam Young... my my.. need I say that I'm head over heels for this guy? haha
I dont really listen to Miranda Lanbert. :/

But my favorite songs are currently,
If I die Young -Band Perry
Tennis Elbow -Sky Sailing
Take me Somewhere nice -Sky Sailing
Brielle- Sky Sailing/Owl city
and... hmm..
Sailing - Sky Sailing

lol, I ♥ Sky sailing!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Haha... tickle... my... peach??? *ahem* alrighty there missy.

You'll have to wait for my 2010 soundtrack WON'T YOU?!?! :D

Did you get my letter yet???


Eldarwen said...

Anna, I'm so excited too!! ^_^ You should get it today or tomorrow. :):):) xoxo

Bleah, heehee that's just something me and a girl from Church always say. "So, what tickles your peach?" It's kinda like, "What floats your boat?" We also say, "What fills your tummy?" Yeah. Weird, I know. Haha. I might have a letter from you in Mr. Mailbox down the road, but Narthea didn't check it. I guess she was ready to get home (she was driving me home from work). I'll walk down the road and check!!! :D :D :D


Rachael said...

I tagged you Eldarwen!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

It's all good. :) I got your letter today -- sending yours out tomorrow.