Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap!

Can you believe it? In less than 10 minutes it will be January 1, 2011! Wow. This year has flown by. And even though I know it's 2011, I'll be writing 2010 on all my school work/letters/anything that needs to be dated, just because I'm awesome like that. No, seriously, it's because my brain finally got used to writing 2010, instead of 2009, about a month ago. lol :D  Don't worry, I'm consistent... it happens every year. ^_^

So after reading one of my blogger buddies' recap posts of 2010 (Katie @ Hello Highlights) I have decided to do my own. :)

In January, daddy was in the hospital for quite some time.

It also snowed about 6 inches in January! :)
{this is a picture that was taken when it first started snowing, before we got 6 inches}

In February, daddy was still in the Hospital, but he came home and my sisters and I decorated the house, and gave him a small "welcome home party". ^_^ 

In March (on the 7th to be exact) I celebrated my blog's 1st anniversary! :)

In April my aunt, uncle and cousin Nate came to visit for a week! We had tons of fun! :)

 I also met someone very near and dear to my heart: my friend Taylor @ Excelsior! It was our first time to meet (we were/are email pals) and our families went to Six Flags together! We had so much fun! 

In March I really got into photography.
Exhibit A:

We celebrated my wonderful, spectacular mom's 41st birthday. ^_^

My dad was back in the hospital (he was in the hospital in June as well, but I don't have any pictures from that) and he got his Biopsy, which lead to his diagnosis: MS.

We also celebrated the 4th of July and Esara's 13th birthday! :)

We celebrated my dad's 40th birthday in August.

 It was also my 16th birthday on the 30th of August! :D

We didn't do much in September, but we did celebrate my 16th birthday with a few of my friends. :)

In October I started my babysitting job. 

Of course in November there was Thanksgiving. :)

We celebrated Christmas! (left to right: Narthea, me, Esara & Caldirwen)

We also celebrated Caldirwen's 12th birthday, which I don't have any pictures of on this computer, sadly.

And last but most certainly not least, Narthea celebrated her 18th birthday today!!! She got her drivers license this morning with mom. She got a whoppin' 94% on her driving test! Go Narthea!!
(this is a picture of my brownie sundae I made. Narthea has always done brownie sundaes on her birthdays. It's kinda like a tradition ^_^)

Thank you God for the year of 2010! We praise you for the ups, and we praise you for the downs. :)
And thank you for 2011!

11 Greetings from Elven Friends

Joshua said...

For us, an hour and a half. lol :)

In Christ,
Joshua :)

Lindsay said...

Oh, I really enjoyed your recap of 2010, Eldarwen! Happy Birthday to Narthea! That sundae looks amazing. Wow! :)

Happy New Year!! :D

~ Love,

anna :) said...

isn't God great? 2010 was an amazing year, for me & for you!

anna :)

p.s. - what'd your parents say about pen pal-ing? :)

Katie said...

Sweet! I love your 2010 recap! :)
Happy birthday to your sister! And happy New Year's!


Eldarwen said...

Anna, they said yes! :D (I replied on your blog).


Jazzie said...

Aww... this post is amazing. I too was homeschooled and love seeing you write about your passion for Christ. Its so refreshing. Keep up the lovely work. God bless you sweet girl!
P.S. I love your blog template!

Katherine Sophia said...

Happy New Year, Eldarwen! As always, your photos are so good! I love that last one! :D

Emma said...

I remember those sundays!! Yummmmm! and that we ate like a whole gallon (almost) one night haha. nice recap, can't wait to see yall soon.


Anonymous said...

That brownie sundae looks yummy! :) Nice recap!

Eldarwen said...

Emma, yeah, we did! I felt so sick afterwards. lol :D But it was fun. ^_^ I know. Hopefully we'll get to visit soon!


Riah said...

My mom turned 41 in June too!