Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hey There Old Chum

I just realized, it's been a while since I've done a tag. Well, a certain sweet-someone has cured me of this. Bleah Briann tagged me!

Now I must post the rules, even though I usually don't follow them. Hey! They're more like suggestions, anyways... right? >_> 

"Pick your favorite musical artist/movie star/famous whoever -- and post a picture (or two, or three, or four) of him, and what it is about him that you love, and what it is about him that you might hope for, for whoever God has planned for you for your future."

I am actually picking the same person that Bleah did, to do this tag on, because I love his character so much. :) Our tags are going to sound a lot alike, because we both like him for the same reasons, but I will do my best to make my answers... different. ^_^
Adam Young, also known as Owl City.

. His Creativity
M'kay, so who doesn't love Adam for his creativity? Hello! The guy is a creative genius! His songs are so beautiful, so poetic and so original. He took a big step in writing songs that were... different. But a good different they have turned out to be. :) If you hear one of Adam's songs for the first time (or two), it's easy to write him off as another weirdo who sings about brushing his teeth and fireflies fox trotting above his head, but if you sit and actually listen to his music, it starts making you feel good. Adam's music is not the kind to be picked apart. No, his music is to be enjoyed. Yeah, some of his songs seem pointless, but that's the point, isn't it? o.0 I love sitting down, putting my earphones in and listening to some Owl City, while doodling in a notebook or something. It's fun, 'cause it kinda makes you let go. It makes you feel... happy. ^_^ Adam's music never fails to put me into a bubbly, good mood, even on days when I'm not feeling so chipper. :)

. His Faith
I admire Adam for his faith that never wavers. Yeah, the guy has faults, but compromising is not one of them. I didn't know he was Christian when I first started listening to him, but after listening to a few of his songs I wondered if he was. You just get this feeling about him, that he's... different. :) And that's because he is. Adam clearly states in his Christmas song that "he believes that Jesus is truly the only way". How neat is that? I mean, he could keep his religion on the down low and not advertise it, which would probably get him even more fans, but he doesn't. Adam isn't ashamed of his Savior and I admire him for that. 

. His quirks
Okay, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Adam is a little quirky? Come on people he has his quirks, but you know what... I like it. He's not a flawless guy who's drop dead gorgeous, but you know what... I like that. It makes him real. I love Adam and all his quirks. They're cute. ^_^ There's just no other way to describe it.

. His Diligence & Passion
Not only does Adam have a passion for Christ, but he has a passion for music as well! Adam truly does love to sing. And he loves to sing his music, not what the world wants him to sing. He's truly happy being his own person. You don't hear him saying, "Oh, you know, I think I'll try going country for a while," or, "Hmm, maybe I'll start writing about things that make sense," (lol:) Adam loves what he does. He loves his music, his fans, and his career. And he's so diligent! He loves to please his fans, but not in a way that would make him compromise who he is, or what he believes. He's a diligent artist and a passionate one. Music isn't just a bunch of words with a catchy tune, to him. It's music! He loves it and that really shows in his songs, and in the way he performs.
I picture myself marrying someone like Adam. No, not someone who looks like Adam, not someone who sings like Adam, not someone who's famous like Adam. I'm talking about someone who has a similar character. Someone with a creative personality. Someone who isn't afraid to be himself. Someone who doesn't compromise. Someone who's diligent and passionate at what he does. I admire Adam Young, because his character is a work of art. ^_^
M'kay, so I'm gonna tag:
Anna Gray
And if there's anyone else out there who wants to do it, feel free. :)

17 Greetings from Elven Friends

Lily said...

Great post!!!! I think it's awesome that you and Bleah both admire the guy. And you did a great job trying to make your post different than hers. ;)
Thanks for the tag!!

Lily said...

I'll be doing that tag later out for it!!!!

Love always,

Eldarwen said...

Cool! Thanks for letting me know. ^_^


Anna Gray said...

Ooooh, this sounds like a fun one! I will do this one! =D

Katie said...

I love tags! And this looks like fun! Thank you for tagging me. :) I'll be doing it soon!


Caroline said...

That was really sweet.:) I agree, it's so awesome that he doesn't compromise and sing what the world wants him to sing. He's truly his own person.:)

By the way, my sister said on his blog that he wrote a post about why girls shouldn't be referred to as
"hot", because it's disrespectful to us. That made me admire him even more.:)


Eldarwen said...

Caroline, oh I read that one! I was like, "You go Adam!" ^_^


Lizzy said...

This was a really good post! I agree.

Hannah said...

Great post! I'm with you 100%...Adam is amazing.

Cassie said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

This post is identical to an entry that I wrote in my journal several months ago...!

Adam is an inspiration, but something that I admire, but that you didn't mention is how he notices the little things in life. How many guys notice, let alone write songs about butterfly wings? Or fireflies? Or lights and flowers and color? I like him for that.

Love ya!

Your pal,

anna :) said...

*smiles weirdly at computer screen* so cool how things get passed along in the blogging world!!! :D i made this up and i never thought it would take off...but it did! God's too good to me :)

anna :)

ps - i hear you're penpals with bleah, too! :D i was wondering if maybe you'd like another one? :)

Finding Faith, Purple Rain, and Talking Cows said...

hey you! i'm jusr about to write this post. thanks so much for tagging me!

Finding Faith, Purple Rain, and Talking Cows said...

Ok, you don't need to post this. But if you want to I don't mind. My best friends sister had that Barbie who's hair changed colors. When my friend and I were pre-teens and decided we didn't like Barbies anymore. My friends younger sister had TONS of them! Well, we ended up taking two of them. It so happened that we possibly might have been a little hyper. We poped there heads off and squirted a lot of soap in them. We then rant hem under water until the heads were full. This part is the most funny. We squeezed them and had the suds come out of the hair holes. (Mine's hair changed colors) We washed them out, and put the heads back on. Then we put them back right where we found them and her little sis never knew. Haha :)

Lindsay said...

I totally agree with you, Eldarwen! His songs make me happy... especially "Hot Air Balloon" and "Fireflies." Those are my very favorites. ;) Great post! :)

~ Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Eldarwen said...

Anna, hey girl! I left a reply comment on your blog. ;D


Cassie said...


My friend just sent me this Owl City song on YouTube and I thought that you would like it to:

Eldarwen said...

Oh, thanks Cass!! ^_^