Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do A Good Deed In Canada, Not the Zoo

I am not entirely sure why I'm even posting right now. Maybe it's because I'm just dying to post something. It could also be that I have nothing better to do. There's a slight chance that I'm trying to put off taking care of the dishes that are sitting in the sink, mocking me. Would you call that neglect?

No. I think the correct term is stalling.

So the other day Ty, also known as bubby, was looking a little chilly-- yes, he is a fat, black lab. Yes, he was inside. *shhh* I can have my fun, can't I?-- so I (being the loving sister I am) wrapped a scarf around his fat, furry neck. Of course, Ty wasn't thrilled, but I was just trying to do a good deed. ^_^ And how could I wrap him up in a scarf without taking a picture? (Answer): I can't.

So today was a pretty boring day. Nothing unusual has happened... yet. I'm watching and waiting, because there hasn't been a day in my life where something uncanny has not occurred.

I am bruised... by Munchkin. He bites me "x" number of times and I tell him no "x" number of times. He may be a baby and have itsy bitsy teeth, but let me tell you those teeth are like knives... showing no mercy. Ah, battle scars.

Do you know what sounds absolutely divine to me right now? Chocolate chip cookies. They're the most scrumptious treats ever. Now I shall tell you a random story of the life of a dear chocolate cookie of mine:

His name was Fred. Yes, Fred. Why did I name him Fred? Don't ask. Fred was a small fry (er, cookie). As he basked in the sun that was streaming through the kitchen window, while lying on a cookie sheet (*heehee*) I followed his sweet scent and floated over to the island in which he was laying on. I poured myself a glass of milk and dunked him. Yes, I dunked Fred in a glass of milk. But that's not the best part. After the dunking, comes the eating. Fred was the best cookie I ever ate.

Now comes the moral of my story: Don't name your cookies, cause that's just weird.

I don't know about you, but I'm pumped to see what 2011 is going to bring! What sort of curve ball will I have to [attempt] to catch this year? It's like a thrilling movie where you're sitting on the edge of your seat *bites nails*.

I shall leave you with this epic, random quote: "Do a good deed in Canada, not the zoo." --Lauren Barlow

15 Greetings from Elven Friends

Rae B said...

my dog's name is Tye and looks so similar to yours! That's crazy!

I love chocolate chip cookies... they are divine!


Milisande said...

I have named my cookies before.... Its not a good thing, especially if you get attached to them!


The Golden Eagle said...

Interesting quote. :P

Rachael said...

I know! I am pumped too for 2011! as the Christmas deco came down in the new year, I was truly pumped for what this year will bring!

Lauren said...

Ha! Oh my goodness. That was great. I have a sickness of having to name inanimate objects, so I understand the story of Fred all too well!

-Lauren :)

Nela said...

LOL, I like the chocolate chip cookie story! :D

Another great post! Keep it up! ;)

Gwenea Faelwen said...

Ooh Ooh Ooh! COOKIES!!!!!!!
I name random things Fred too.
I once had a swollen gland I named Fred.
Yeah I know. You probably didn't need to know that.
But now you do!
hahaha love ya!

Riah said...

I had a ballon boy friend named Fred. My bff murdered him! It was terrible!

Haley said...

Funny post! :) Ty is SO cute in that scarf! The cookie story was really funny!

I got your letter earlier! :) Send you one soon!

Love and hugs,

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love chocolate chip cookies. that picture is making me think of baking some for my friends...

Piece of Mind and Claireity said...

Wow! Naming your cookies! You don't here that every day! I am exicted for 2011 also! I can't believe another year has gone past!!! Your dog is so cute!

Have a good evening!


Emily Shae said...

Awe, why not? I can't name my cookies? lol I name one everytime I make cookies. Petunia was a favorite of was Bob and George. Funny story about that! Hehe!

Loved the post. The picture of Ty was ADORABLE!


anna :) said...

cute dog :) and delicious cookies. you made me hungry! *wink*

i got your letter!!! :D i'm sending yours on monday.

love always,
anna :)

Abby said...

Aww... Ty is so cute! He looks pretty happy about the scarf. :)

I don't name my cookies. I eat them too fast!

We're praying for your dad! I hope he's doing great.

Abby :D

Lily said...

Ty is sooo cute!
And haha, I'll be sure NOT to name my cookies. What about brownies????

I awarded you!!

Love always,