Friday, November 19, 2010

Miscellany Monday... Or Friday

...It's Friday already?! My oh my, look how the lovely time flew. I am absolutely adoring this Fall weather we're getting down south in the good ole' state of Texas! It's a great blessing and break from the intense heat we received this summer. *sighs blissfully* I just realized I missed Miscellany Monday! So, I have decided to do Miscellany... Friday. lol :)

{1} Babysitting, yes, I told you it's all I talk about. lol :D So Wednesday I went to work. For those who don't know I babysit a 20 month old little boy, three days a week. Wednesday being one of them. We had a pretty good day, except for the fact that he decided to fling some applesauce across the kitchen, spit his pees all over me, and slap his hand down in his Ravioli, sending it splattering all over my face, and him *sigh*. I couldn't get my little munchkin to stop playing with his food, so I decided I would put him down to play, and we would try again later. He ended up wanting a bunch of puffs, so he didn't want his lunch. Yeah, he can be a little toot sometimes. But I love him! :) I got some pictures just for you bloggers. I usually bring out my camera, snap a few pics of us, let him snap a few "pics", then he sucks on my camera for a while, and I put it back up. I just like to "document" our days together because I won't be watching him for forever. *sniff* :')

As you can see, he's clearly watching tv in these pictures. This little guy LOVES the Backyardigans! He always says, "Papa tractor Pablo?" (but, it's not that clear) which means he's asking you what Pablo is in that episode (Pablo is his favorite by far!). So Wednesday he said "Papa tractor Pablo?" and raised his hands up with a questioning look on his face. So I told him, "Today Pablo is a bad robot." He got this sad look on his face and said, "Papa tractor Pablo?" over and over, like he was devastated that Pablo was a bad robot. lol :D I tried to cheer him up by saying, "That's okay, Pablo turns into a good robot in a minute," but it didn't work. :)

{2} Within the last few months or so I have found a few blogs (or, rather, they found me;) around blogger and have been itching to share them with you!! I've been meaning to do this for a while, but am just now getting around to it. And, here's my "around to it moment", so I'm taking advantage of it! :) Be sure to check out these lovely bloggers for Christ!
   . Miss Raquel @ God's Daughter
   . Katie @ His Princess Warrior
   . Nela @ Beloved Star
   . Zoe @ Are You Ready To Believe?
These are just a few, but check 'em out! These girls are so sweet! :)

{3} Also, there's some giveaway's I wanna let you know about!! I mean, who doesn't love giveaways?

The first one is Libby @ This 'n That. She's giving away a handmade towel. And yes, it was made by her! :) So click here to enter!!

Next is Emily @ Practically Pink. She's having an Oh Sew Stylish giveaway. ;) She's giving away a set of Lindsay's handmade pot holders! They're adorable, so click here, you won't  wanna miss out. ;)

Also, I too am having an Oh Sew Stylish giveaway. I'm giving away the Rambling Rose Handbag made by Lindsay, from her etsy shop, but only to those who live in the USA. Unfortunately, this time around I don't have the money to ship anywhere else. :( I'm sorry. But for those who do live in the United States, click here to enter for a chance to win something Oh Sew Stylish. ;)

{4} Now I wanted to ask you, my lovely followers, to pray for me and my family. My dad, especially. For those who don't know, he has MS. He has been out of a job for a year and a half, because he isn't able to work. Right now we're not doing well [at all] financially. It's tough, but God always pulls through, and prayer is powerful! Please pray that God will provide, and heal my dad! Thank you. :)

{5} Tomorrow (Sat.) we are going to my mom's side of the family's Thanksgiving. I will try to get lots of pictures to share with you, but no promises. Haha, usually when I say that, I get there and forget to take pictures. But I really will try! :)

Well, I'm all out of things to ramble about. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I am so excited!... But, I don't think the turkey's are. :)

11 Greetings from Elven Friends

Nela said...

Thanks for the compliment! :)

I will continue to pray for your family and espeically for your father.

Can't wait for Thanksgiving! So excited! :D Take Care!

Lindsay said...

I loved reading your Miscellany Friday, Eldarwen! ;) Glad you're having fun with Munchkin. You, my friend, sound like a wonderful babysitter! :)

Have fun this weekend and enjoy all the food! ;D We put our Thanksgiving menu together yesterday. It's gonna be soo good! I can't wait. But yeah, the turkeys probably aren't too excited. lol! :)

Love, Hugs, and Prayers,
~ Lindsay <3

Rachel Hipps said...

Hi! I am having a giveaway too!

I would love it if you entered!!

Narthea said...

Aww!! This makes me miss my little Pumpikins. But you're doing a fantastic job taking care of him sista! :)

Oh, and I love the "Papa tractor Pablo?" His vocabulary's expanding--Yay!! All I ever got was "cow?" Hahaha :D

Anyway, can't wait for Thanksgiving tomorrow!! ;-)

Love ya,


I am also having a give a way here

Hope you can check it out!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

I've never seen a Miscellaneous Monday...or Friday, haha. That toddler sure sounds like a ball of fire!

Haley said...

Aww... Munckin sounds too cute! ;)

I can't wait for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite days of the year! :)

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Oh, ELDARWEN!! Did you hear that Owl City is realeasing a new song Nov 22?! IT's called Peppermint Winter!!! I can so totally NOT wait!! And Adam's working on a new CD too!! ;)

Sorry about that! :)
Awel P.

Näna said...

Aw, cute pics! How fun to babysit this little sweetie...I mean, except for when he flings applesauce. Did you get hazard pay for that?:D

I'll keep praying for your dad, Eldarwen!

Love and hugs!

Elven Maiden said...

Please follow my new craft blog!

HisPrincessWarrior said...

AW! You are so precious and such a blessing! I will be praying for you! LOVE!
Katie from hisprincesswarrior