Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Thought I'd Let Ya Know.... dad is home from the Hospital, and is snoozing soundly in his bed. Thank you all for praying for him and my family! And for the sweet comments you left on my long-o previous post! ;D
Also, I redid my blog look, and added a different profile picture. I never like any of my blog makeovers at first, but after a few days they usually grow on me, so I'm going to wait a while before I [possibly] change it back. If you have an input, or suggestion, please leave me a comment! =D
I love you all!
Your Sister In Christ,
~Eldarwen Failariel~

22 Greetings from Elven Friends

Lindsay said...

Praise the Lord!!! And I love the changes you made, Eldarwen. Your new profile picture is *so* pretty! You should definitely keep this. :-)

Barbie said...

I am so thankful your dad is home and resting well in his own bed. I will continue to pray!

Anna Gray said...

Alright! That's GREAT about your dad! I will still keep him in my prayers though.

LOVE the new blog makeover too! Great job! ♥

Saerwen said...

I am Very happy for you! And yes, I love your new blog look it is really awesome. :)

Lizzy Bennet said...

Oh, I'm so glad your dad is back home! And I like the new look a lot - it seems to fit you. :)

Love in Christ,

Haley said...

Glad to hear he's back home! :)

I really like your new blog look! It's very cute! :)


Anonymous said...

That's great that your dad is home from the hospital!
I do like your new blog design!! It looks very cool and summery. =D
God Bless and have a great day!
Sister in Christ,

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all for the prayers! =D I think I like this blog look, as well. =) And my profile picture. I'll keep it!

Love you all!

Alexandra said...

he header is so cute! And I LOVE your profile picture!!!

Alexandra said...

And I forgot to say this: I'm *extremely* happy that your dad is back home, safe in bed from the hospital! :)

Guinevere said...

That's wonderful Eldarwen!
BTW, ...uh, my blog is really easy to access, and uh...the "comments" link is easy to see...and, *taps chin* hmm... oh yeah! It's really fun to click!!!
I love your new look! Did you do it or someone else?

Eldarwen said...

Thanks, Alexandra!! *hugs* =D

Guin, hehehe, I get the hint. *wink*wink* I did it myself, but the background is from :)


Antonia said...

I'm happy for you! :)

I love your new blog design and I always wanted to tell you that I love your playlist! Great music taste, Eldarwen.

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Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, I am so glad your dad was able to come home! And I will keep praying for him (although I did not comment on your last post, I am praying for your entire family right now!).

Your new profile picture is absolutely lovely, by the way!

Eldarwen said...

Antonia, thank you so much, dear! :D I will check it out! ;D

Katherine, thank you! I know, I like it, too! :D

Love your friend,

Poppy said...

Yay! Praise God!
I'm so happy for you!

God bless!


Izori said...


Olive Tree said...

Glory hallelujah! Many prayers for your family.

Stephanie said...

I love your profile picture, but I like your old background better. I know that everyone else is saying they like your new background... but doesn't somebody have to be the odd one out? :)


Eldarwen said...

Thanks Izori and Olive!! :D *hugs*hugs*

Steph, thank you! I like to hear my fellow bloggers' opinions. Yes, you're right. Someone has to be the odd-ball. ;)

Love your friend,

Cassie said...

Praise God that you dad is back home! I'm praying for you, dear friend and your whole family.

I got your letter and a reply is in the works (I'm a little backed-up, but I'll get it done! *smiles*)

Love you!

Your friend,

Eldarwen said...

Thanks, Cassie! I'm so looking forward to it! :) Love you, too!

Love your friend,