Saturday, June 12, 2010

Giveaway, Blog Party and A Birthday

Katie @ Playing For Him is having a blog party!! How exciting! She's giving away a beautiful necklace, and if she can get 50 entries, she's going to throw in two pairs of earrings! Whoopee! So, if you are in need of some beautiful jewelry-- *clears throat* girls-- then head on over by clicking on the button below.

1) What is your blogger name? Eldarwen Failariel
2) What is your age? 15 (16 in August!!)
3) Do you have any more blogs other than this one? If so, what are their links? nope. TFEP is my only blog. :)
4) What is you favorite band/singer? Ooh, that is a hard one.... my favs are Switchfoot and Owl City.
5) Do you play any instruments? If so, what are they? No instrument playing here. Though, I plan on learning how to play the guitar, because I love writing songs, so being able to play the guitar to one of my songs would be... awesome!! :D
6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Uh, STRAWBERRY, duh!!! I mean, can it get any better?! Actually, you can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookie dough.... or cookies and cream.... or butter pecan.... oh, bugger!
7) What is your favorite brand of DOUGHNUTS? I don't eat doughnuts. :)
8)What is your favorite flower? Bluebonnet, for sure! I LOVE the color blue!
9) Do you have any siblings and how many? Do they have blogs and what are the links? I have three sisters. Narthea (17), Esara (12 1/2) and Caldirwen (11). Actually, one of those sisters does have a blog, but unfortunately, I am not allowed to give it out to people, because we don't want to be.... connected. :)
10) How many pairs of shoes do you have? Uh, MILLIONS!! =D
11)What are some of your favorite hobbies? Singing, swinging, swimming and being silly. :P
12) Do you like to fold socks? Yeah. I mean, it's better than having to clean my [terribly messy] bedroom. :) Actually, I just cleaned it yesterday. It better not be messy again.... =0
13) What is one of your favorite Bible verses? Well, most recently I have found a new favorite. It is Luke 11:11-13 ~Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!~
14) What is the first thing that come to mind when you read the words 'COLD FEET'? uh.... a cold house. Hahaha! *shrugs shoulders*
15) What is your favorite Disney movie? Cinderella. :) Well, that's my favorite Disney princess movie. My favorite Disney movie is POTC1... and 2.... and 3. :)
16) Do you like horror movies? It depends. If they are like, satanist, creepy, sickening, horrific, bloody, gory, disgusting movies stuffed with pornography and bad language... NO. But, if they're just pop-out-of-a-closet, a-freaky-creature-here-and-there kind of movies, oh yeah!!! If my mom will let me see them... hahaha!!! =D
17) What is your favorite cleaning product? soap. :) It cleans just about anything. We think we need bleach and all this other really bad-for-you-to-smell/touch-stuff, but really, soap works just as well. :)
18) What are some of your favorite books? Well, most recently (actually, Thursday) I bought a book, read it (and finished it) and I really, really liked it! It's called Love Finds You In Pendleton, Oregon. I think it's now my new favorite romance book. :)
19) Do you like traditional book or eReaders? "Traditional", all the way!! Reading a book on some electronic thing, just isn't the same, ya know? :)
20)Do you play any sports? If so, what? Well, I don't play any sports now, but I used to play basketball. I also used to be in swimming, gymnastics and dance. I think I like swimming and dance the best. :)
21) Have you ever heard of Karen Kingsbury? (If not you should really read one of her books! You will be hooked! :P) Her name sounds familiar.... I have heard of her, and seen her books in the library, but I've never read any of them. I guess I should, huh Katie? :)
22) Swords or arrows? It depends. Am I fighting with them, or are they being thrown/lunged at me? Hahaha! =D
23) Fiction or Non-fiction? Fiction. And that doesn't only include stuff like the Percy Jackson series, or LOTR. I like all sorts of fiction books. Romance, Fantasy, Mystery... they're all wonderful!
24) What is your favorite college team? I don't watch sports. Actually, I do watch Tennis, but I'm not sure if there's a college Tennis team, well, that I know of.... :)
25) What is your favorite subject in school? History. :) I know, that doesn't really go along with liking Fiction books, but I actually enjoy learning about History.... when it comes to school. :)
I would also like to let you all know about Antonia's giveaway @ Outside Into Life. She's giving away a very lovely bag that she made!! Trust me, you will want to check this out, well, if you're a girl! Haha! :D Just click here to get there. :)
Also, it's my momma's 41st Birthday!!!
We celebrated her birthday this morning with homemade biscuits and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Even though mom and dad aren't supposed to be eating that, they're not really on the Gerson Therapy right now, because of dad's catheter. After breakfast, she opened her gifts, which was new scrapbook pages Narthea put together for momma's scrapbook. Also, since I finished Love Finds You In Pendleton, Oregon, I decided to give it to momma for her birthday. She also opened the cards some friends of hers sent her. All in all, I think she loved it. In fact, I know she did, because she said so.
Happy 41st birthday momma, and I love, love, LOVE you!!!! <3
~Eldarwen Failariel~

9 Greetings from Elven Friends

Guinevere said...

Happy B-Day!!!
I love cookie dough ice cream!!! I'd like a huge bowl of cookie dough to eat...plain. Yeah, I think it's actually my favorite food! :P
History is mine too! I love it!

Lindsay said...

I enjoyed reading all your answers, Eldarwen! And the POTC movies are some of my favs too. I just recently watched them for the first time. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! haha :D

Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I hope she's having a lovely day. It sure sounds like she is! :)

~ Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Eldarwen said...

Guin, I know! It's so good! Have you ever made cookies, and then just started eating all the batter (and not even noticing it), then you look down and there's, like, almost nothing left? Me and my littlest sister did that once. Hahaha! Our tummies ached for hours! LOL :D

Lindsay, thanks! I know, those movies are fun! Yeah, Haley told me in a letter that you didn't want to watch them at first (just like with LOTR), but you ended up watching them, and you liked them. Narthea is the same way. LOL =D I'm glad you like them!

Love your friend,

faithngracegirl said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Also, I hope your dad will be feeling lots better in the future. I'm praying...


Lizzy Bennet said...

Oh wow, my thoughts exactly! I like fiction best, but history is my favorite school subject. Weird mix. :)

Tell your mom happy birthday, Eldarwen! I'm sure she had a lovely day!

Love in Christ,

Haley said...

Loved reading your answers, Eldarwen! :)

I know what you mean about how soap cleans just about everything. I use it all the time for all sorts of stuff! ;)

Happy, happy birthday to your mom!! :D


The Golden Eagle said...

Happy B-day to your mom, Eldarwen!

Strawberry ice cream is AWESOME. :D

Taylor said...

Strawberry ice cream?!?!?! CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should definitely pick up Karen Kingsbury's Books! She is AMAZING! I love her books, and she is my fave author!
I have so enjoyed reading your blog, and am happy you are back!
Praying for your Dad!