Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm Back!

Hola, everyone! Wow, I had a blast at the party on Friday night! =D I really, really wish I could show you pictures of our goofiness, but they all show our faces. :(
Hey, wanna know the crazy things I do at parties? Okay, I'll tell you.
My friend, (whom I'll call S.) was trying to pick out what she was going to wear on Saturday and she pulled out a pink scarf. She said, "Does anyone want this scarf? I don't wear it." I stood up and took the scarf and said, "S., I can show you a really cool way to wear it!" I took the scarf and wrapped it around my head, like the ninjas do. lol =D They all started saying I was a hippie, but I wanted to be a ninja. Oh, well. I guess "hippie" stuck. I started snapping goofy pictures of myself with the scarf on my head, and they were all laughing at me. Then S. stuck one on her head and we put on our big sunglasses and were snapping goofy pics of us together. After that, the other girls did it, (yes, including Narthea.... surprisingly). We put on weird jewelry that looked like something a hippie would wear, then we walked down S.' driveway, near the main road and made peace signs to the cars passing by. Then I picked a flower and one of the girls took a picture of me fawning over it. LOL =D We were being really, really weird. We took group pictures and made the craziest poses. After that we took a tie-die blanket, and walked way back in S.' pasture to the pond. We sat on the tank dam (setting the blanket under us) and talked about different stuff, still taking the most ridiculous pictures. I know, I am weird, but I'm so glad I stuck that scarf on my head and made myself look like a freak, because we had so much fun with it! lol =D Here's some pictures that I snapped from the party that don't have faces in them.
This is the pizza I made:

After dinner we had brownies and ice-cream. Yum, yum, yum! =D

The next morning, after breakfast we all sat at the table and played games. Here's a picture of one of the girls building a card castle:

This is S.' birthday cake:

This is on Saturday when we were bored. We went down to the tank dam and played truth or dare. I dared S. to kiss a tree and she did! Remember, we were hippies. ;) Aww, love at first sight:

All in all, the party was a blast! There were five girls there, Narthea, S., C., M., and me. :) I stayed up until midnight with S. and C., then they went to sleep and I layed awake until 3am. I fell asleep, then woke back up at 6am. I never sleep much at parties. LOL =D Then M.'s phone started going off and everyone woke up (that was at 7:22am and I was happy I wasn't the only one awake anymore). I wasn't even tired the next morning. I very much enjoyed the pizza for dinner and fajitas for lunch on Saturday. And the brownies and cake! It was definitely a nice "get-away" from all the veggies. ;)


~Eldarwen Failariel~

16 Greetings from Elven Friends

Alexandra said...

Hahahaha!! Your guys are SOO weird... ;D

-Alexandra :)

Lindsay said...

Wow, you're so weird, Eldarwen. LOL... just kidding! =D It sounds like y'all had a blast! Aren't parties the best? =)

Eldarwen said...

Yes, we are weird. :P Yes, Lindsay, parties are the best! ;D


Milli said...

You guys are sooo weird:]
Good, weird, that is.
Yum...I can't stop looking at the food.

Haley said...

It's fun to be weird sometimes, huh? :) It sounds like y'all had a blast!!

Love and hugs,

Eldarwen said...

Haley, yes, it is fun to be weird sometimes! =D I like doing that with friends, but only if they'll understand that I don't always do stuff like that. LOL :P

Milli, oh girl, I know what you mean! I almost didn't want to eat my pizza, brownies, or fajitas because they were so beautiful to look at! =D lol


Laura said...

What a fun party!
I love your friends birthday cake. :)
I'm glad you had fun!

P.S. I think Hippies are neat looking! ;)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I never sleep at sleepovers. You know, I think they should really change the name 'cause most girls don't sleep at 'em. My friend Hannah and I are usually the ones who manage to stay awake. The rest are usually asleep by eleven-si, then some at one. We usually stay up till 4 or 5. LOL...excited about tomorrow? You better not miss it this time.
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Narthea said...

Yes, it was lots of fun Eldarwen! But I have to say that I was not one of the ones making peace signs to cars as they drove by! lol :D JK

Mmm... I love the brownie pics!

Love you,

Eldarwen said...

Laura, yes, it was fun! =D I know! It was delicious! =D

Bleah, yeah, let's change the name to stayovers. Ya know, all you do it stay awake all night, so stayovers. :P Okay, I'll try! Jack missed me last week and got himself in quite a bit of trouble last time. He got shot! I have to be there for him tonight!!

Narthea, oh yeah! I was surprised when we finally talked you into dressing like a hippie! *wink* lol =D Nope, Narthea would never do anything like that. Trust me. :P Love ya sis! =D


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I had a dream last night I was working with Chloe in CTU...trying to hide from Dana who was trying to kill me because I knew she was bad. No lie, thats what I dreamed.

You made peace signs? Wow, sounds kinda like me. hahaha, go figure. huh? My friend and I pretend to rock out to music just when we know people are looking. :P

Poppy said...

Haha, That sounds like me and my friends N, and M:)


Rachel B said...

Oh man! those look so good! Pizza AND brownies! I want some..

Glad you're back! :)


Anonymous said...

haha looks like fun!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Hey Eldarwen! I'm having a giveaway and was wondering if you'd like to be involved. Your support would be appreciated but I understand if you don't.
With Love and Many, Many Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Lizzy said...

lol Liza!