Monday, March 29, 2010

March Caption Contest

***This Is Now Closed***
Whoops! I forgot to do this month's caption contest until Poppy mentioned it to me. Gracias, Poppy. ;) Ya got my back, huh? :) Alright, I think you all know the rules, but I have to post them anyway [boring.....].

1. Make up your own caption to any of the following pictures (it can even be more that one, but no copying other people) and leave it in a comment!

2. Please leave the number of the picture with the caption so that I know which pic you're referring to. ;)

3. Please don't use any curse words, or use God's name in vain.

That's it! Let's get started. Here are the pics...




There ya have it! I will announce the winners this Thursday! =D The winner gets an award made by moi. ;) Have fun!

Love ya! Love,
~Eldarwen Failariel~

26 Greetings from Elven Friends

Melody said...

Fun! I love caption contests!

#1: (guard on the lower right corner looking up) Hey look, it's a bird!

#2: (Peter) First let's get this straight - this is a table, right?

#3: (Lucy) Never fear, Peter, the force is strong with you. I can feel it!
(Peter) I just don't know...

#4: (Caspian thinking) If I just hold this pose long enough, maybe Susan will look.

#5: (Peter) Look at that!
(Edmund) I can't see - Sue's in the way!

My brother helped me out with a number of these - hence the "Star Wars" one. ;)


Poppy said...

Your welcome :) I love your caption contests :) Here it goes:

1: Soldier: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!
Soldier 2: I wonder what he would think if I gave him bunny ears...

2: Peter: Lucy, your in big trouble now!
Susan: Lucy, how many times must I tell you! DO NOT GET INTO THE COOKIE JAR!!!

3: Peter: How many times does she have to ask?
Lucy: Peter.... can I please have a cookie now? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

4: Caspian: What are you looking at?!

5: There it is.... The black gate of Mordor!

Hope you like them!


His Handmaidens said...

1. Behind the scenes of Narnia: Caspian Dares 1,000 extras to jump in for a swim. Ben Barnes gives evil cackles, "Bet you'll rust shut!"
1. "Ready, set, GO! Aww. Rats. Lets try again and THIS time we WILL get it synchronized(SP?)!" *group chant from others: Do it, do it, do it!*

2. Peter, thinking:"If I stare at him long enough he will melt with my super laser gaze..."

3. Peter: "Wow. Beautiful"
Lucy: "C'mon, Pete, It's time to rehearse the scene!"
Peter: "I just can't take my eyes off it. Its so...wonderful"
Lucy:"What is?"
Pete" The directors new motorcycle. Just look at it shining in the sun..."
Lucy *rolls eyes*

4.BEWARE! Peter has taught me how to do the super laser gaze!

5. Peter: "There it is! Do you see it!?"
Susan: "What?"
Peter: "Right across the canyon!"
Susan: "Huh?"
Peter: " I thought I saw a glimpse of the producers Mustang convertable!"
Edmund"Uh, Pete, I thought Lucy was the one supposed to be seeing things across the river. And it was not supposed to be a mustang. It was supposed to be a lion. Wrong animal, buster."
Peter: *Sigh* "You people have no respect"


Johanna said...

Number 4 hands down!

Eldarwen said...

Those are hilarious! =D


Gwyn said...

#3 Lucy: Peter, she's not THAT pretty...

#4 Caspian: You don't like my wavy locks? *glare*

Peter: Whoa, did you guys just see that bear? O.o

Seth Skogerboe said...

3. Lucy: Pete! Peter! *mumble* Boy, that girl has got him BEAT.
4. Caspian: Make sure you get my good side!I. FEEL. FABULOUS!!!

Autumn said...

#1" Get 'em !!! They've got the icecream!"
#2 Peter : "I demand a five star Hotel. NOT this hole!"
#3 Lucy : " There's no need to be embarassed Peter. Even though you do look like a dork."
#4 Caspian: " I do not think sitting on a horse is good for my image."
#5 Susan :" Oh my goodness, our fans have found us!!!"

I love caption contests!

Vellvin said...

#1 "Help! The Narnians have got guns!
#2 Peter : " Do you have any computer games?"
#3 Lucy: " Peter ... Can I be high king?."
#4 Caspian: " Where is my hair dresser?"
#5 Peter: " why should Caspian be crowned king and be cooler then me!" Susan: " Because he IS Cooler dear brother."

Hope you like these

Squires and Maids said...

#1 "Dinner time."
#2 Peter "And I want an indoor swimming pool here."
#3 Peter: "I am Prince Caspian." Lucy: "No your NOT."
#4 Caspian: "I'm sorry I'm not signing any autographs today."
#5 Susan: "Peter why are we out here?" Peter "So that I can find a better throne than Caspian's. SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Lizzy said...

HEy Liza love the new blog look!

Alex said...

1. Soldiers jumping, "Run, everybody, run, the British are coming!"

2. Caspian and his proffesor laugh as Peter gazes into the mirror.

3 Lucy, "Take deep breaths Peter, you can always buy a new sword."

4. Caspian, "Don't I look awesome when I pose like this, thank you very much."

5. Susan, "Did you see what I saw?"
Edmond, "Yep."
Peter, "...Bigfoot."

There you go,


Elyse Martin said...

Okay here are mine i couldnt really think of funny but atleast i tried lol!

1. ( the first guy in the front)
Im going... OFF THE EDD OF THE WORLD!!!!

2.SUSAN! you called me Edmund AGAIN!

3.Come on Peter, no no i cant its so pretty!,What is so pretty?, The way the butterfly just floats around..

4.I have to stay still or else the butterfly peter wasstairing at might come and eat me!

5.Look the british are coming the british are coming! run! wait wait no its just edmund..

Sorry i know they werent that funny i couldnt think of anything lol..

♥Iona♥ said...

#3 Peter- DO we really have to? Lucy- Oh come on, don't be shy!
#4 Caspian thinking- Susan, oh susan, ooohhhh SUSAN!!!


♥Iona♥ said...

OOH! I have an idea for #2 and #5 now!
#2 Why am I always the one to clean the table...I mean...Lucy makes half the mess!
#5 Peter- I-I See it!
Susan- See what?
Peter- THE LIGHT!!!!!
Edmund- Lucy is supposed to see a Lion
Peter- Oh right...


Josh $ said...

1). (Guy with one foot off bridge) "Die, fiends!!! Wait...those are our guys!"
2). Peter: "Do my biceps bulge when I do this?"
3). Peter: "Do I really look that stupid?" Lucy: " do."
4). "Is my impersonation of my horse very accurate?"
5). Peter: "Well...this is disappointing. I didn't get to use my sword..."

Rachel B said...

Here I go..

Guard 2, "I DID AND I RAN ON MID AIR.. uh-oh! There are pointy things waiting below... AHH!"

"I wonder if they'll notice if I go to get chocolate... Delicious.. warm... soft... chocolate... FOCUS!"

"Wow, bro! Have you been working out?"
"Stop touching.. I'm posing!"

"Maybe if I sit majestically like this they won't notice I don't know what I'm doing..."

Su, "Did you hear that?"
Peter, "Maybe if we just stand still, it won't come closer.. "

Well, I tried! :P

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

My mind isn't very creative right now so I'm just doing one.
3.) Lucy: "She's just a girl Peter, she's just a girl."
Peter: "I know but she's just so beautiful."

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

OKay one more...
5.) Caspian: How much longer is this painting going to take?

Monica said...

I haven't introduced myself yet, but I have been following your blog, I love it! If you don't mind, can the introductions wait 'till after the captions? :-)

1. Soldier: THIS WASN'T ON MY CONTRACT!!! *crash*

2. You know Lucy...this giant chocolate chip cookie you's as hard as rock!

3. Peter: Um..Mr. Camera man...there's a fly on your nose...

4. Caspian: I have a double chin, Susan won't like it!!!! I hate mirrors! *bursts into tears*

All right, as you may have noticed, have a strange sense of humor, but after all isn't that what being a teens all about? :-) Well maybe not..:-) As you may also have notice, I use smiley faces a lot :-) I just can't seem to stop them. I could go on and on but here's the basics:

I Lothlorien or Rivendell, I may be introduced to you as, Lady Eriathwen. If you meet me in the Shire, you may know me as Marigold Gamgee. Likewise in Rohan, the shieldmaiden Aathwen. But in reality, My name is Monica, I'm a thirteen, Roman Catholic, homeschooled girl. I LOVE writing stories and poetry of all sorts. I rarely ever finish them, but I have fun writing what I do write of them :-) I LOVE fantasy( Meaning Lord of The Rings, acting, baking, , reading, computer stuff , soccer, randomness, tooth brushes, life, and making people laugh!
I'd better end this comment before it gets to long, You seem like a 'kindred spirit' AS Anne of Green Gables would say, I hope I can get to know you!


faithngracegirl said...

OK I'll give it my best shot!!

#1: Man in front jumping off of bridge: "Let's see what happens when we jump on the Narnians swords!!"
Man behind 1st one: *yells* "I don't know but I'm with you to the death!!"

#2: Caspian's tutor (I can't remember what his name is) "Peter WHat are you doing?!"
Peter: I'm working my jaw muscles. Don't talk to me right now!"

I can't think of one for #3. Sorry!!

#4: Caspian: "There's something that I just really don't like about myself *sigh*. It gets me down EvEry day. This cleft in my chin just keeps getting bigger and BigGer!!

#5: Peter: "Those trees are doing really weird things *gawks*!!
Susan pulling Edmund through bushes: "I think that we need to help Peter."


Iona said...

Eldarwen, can you advertise my caption contest on your blog? You don't have to...Just wondering ;)


Eldarwen said...

Iona, sure! =D {hugs}

Buttercup said...

Hey Eldarwen!

1. Side 1. To avenge Hiroshima! To avenge Nagasaki!

Side 2. What?! No no no. wrong war!

2. You have got to be kidding. *shaking head* Chick-fil-a is closed today?!

3. Lucy: I've got a surprise for you...
Peter: oh, no. you have got to be kidding me!
Lucy: nope! I got you a car!

4. what is that!? I think it a..a...spider. *shudders*

5. We're going on a bear hunt! Were gonna catch a big one! What a beautiful day! We're not scared! Well, maybe...

LOL. hope you laughed!


His Handmaidens said...

1.(Solider 1)" Too infinity, and beyond!"

2.(Peter)" Caspain would you please stop laughing?"

3.( Lucy)" Um Peter? Peter!" (Peter)
" Oh hi Lucy. Hey, Lucy could you help me get off this really hot stone please?"

4. (Caspian)" Okay, you know what? I like Susan. I think its a good match. So would y... What? Your crazy. Only I can love her. I am getting really mad at you!"

5. ( Susan)" What on earth are you looking at?" (Peter)" Susan, it is really hot out here. I just saw some shade! Race you too it Edmund!"

There. Hope you like them,


♥Iona♥ said...

Thanks so much Eldarwen!