Sunday, February 7, 2010

Go Saints!

AND THE SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!! *screams* They were AWESOME! Oh my! Did you watch the end of the game? I started watching it at 5:20pm, then started watching it again from 7:30pm (had to go to church). Oh my goodness! I screamed so loud I think I busted an ear drum! lol =D Congrats Saints!

Also, I'm going to be very busy this week with school and cleaning the house. I'm taking a break from ALL electronics. There's lots of work to be done, and "I'm a part of this family" (as my mom says) so I really should remove all electronics, since they are my weakness, so that I am able to help out around the house. *sobs and reaches for computer* No! Mustn't go towards the light. Mustn't go towards.... *cries*

Anyways, enough with the drama. :P I'll most likely be back sometime next week (not sure when. Maybe be a little longer). So, this is farewell, but who cares about me leaving, THE SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!! =D

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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samarah said...

I wasn't cheering for the Saints but they did do a good job :)
Talk to ya when you get back! :)


Alexandra said...




Hannah said...

Okay. I admit it openly. I'm not a big football fan. Although, I was SUPER excited when the Vikings ALMOST had a chance at the Superbowl...then the Saints ruined that. So I cheered for the Colts.

And got my hopes crushed again.

Which is why I don't do football. ;)

Will miss you Eldarwen! :)

Love & Hugs,


Chloƫ said...

I know!!! Isn't it exciting? We had a superbowl party at our church which was a blast!...but I only watched the game on and off.

I don't normally watch football, so I only rooted for the Saints b/c they were the underdogs and had never won the super bowl before. =) lol, anyway, I'm glad I saw the game, but I'll be sleep deprived tomorrow!!! =P

Eruanna said...

Check out my blog if you want to see the results of the contest!!!

Izori said...



Yes, I wanted the Colts to win. Besides, Obama was rooting for the Saints.

Oh well. Good game.

Alex said...

That was a great fourth quarter. Awesome Super Bowl

Haley said...

Although I didn't watch any of it, I definitely wanted the Saints to win. :) I'm so happy for them!


Emma said...

GO SAINTS!! I rooted for them! Are you from New Orleans?

Nana said...

BOOYAH! Finally someone else who rooted for the Saints! I did watch the whole game and it was amazing! Still working on a post about it...I need to write the whole season over view which will take a while...

Love in Christ,


p.s. We aren't fans of either team that was playing so Sunday morning we were like ummmm... who are we rooting for? And then we decided on the Saints since they didn't have a title yet. I called the Saints but Pa thought the Colts would win. I did root for Stover (3) when the colts set up for a field goal.

Anonymous said...

Eldarwen~ I think you got your teams mixed up a little. It was Go COLTS!!! It's pretty sad that they lost. *sniffles* Oh, well. It's cool that they won their first Super Bowl, I guess. lol. ;)

Love & Hugs, Melian

Taylor said...

Stop that! The Colts shoud've won! ARGH!

Josh S. said...

Yeah, I'm glad that they won their first one. I am not glad, however, that we didn't win our first superbowl ever....we just got to the stupid!

Stephanie said...

I have awarded you at my blog; go to to see your award. Hope you like it! :)

Living4Jesus said...

I awarded you Eldarwen!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

hmmm, lol I know nothing about that...whatsoever. All I know is that Carrie Underwood got to sing at the beginning (make me happy) and after that...yeah, nothin' ;)

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all for the comments! :) I'm back online! ;)

No, I'm not from and I don't live in New Orleans, I just liked the Saints better than the Colts. lol =D

No, no, I think I got it right... lol =D