Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day!

Well, here are the pictures of the snow I promised. I woke up Thursday morning to: "Eldarwen, Eldarwen," (this is Narthea and Caldirwen speaking), "Can you believe it? It's snowing outside!" I jumped out of bed, bundled up with LOTS of layers, slipped on a hat and gloves and ran outside (with my camera, of course). Ty loved the snow! He was having a better time than us! lol =D Like I said in my last post, we got 6-7 inches of snow. Probably closer to 6. :) It was quite a bit. More than we've received in years! Alright, alright, here's the pictures...

Ty's paw prints:

Ty outside, on our covered porch:

Our driveway:

In these first few pictures you can see that the snow had just recently started falling. There isn't much snow. Here's a pic of part of our pasture with snow falling:

Footprints in the snow (mine):

This is (left to right) Caldirwen, Narthea, Esara and moi. We're standing by the cross our dad built that sets on our tank-dam, and we're looking towards our house:

Part of our fence:

The chicken fence:

When Narthea got home, we made a HUGE snowman. Caldirwen leaned down to kiss him...

His poor face:

When I woke up the next morning, the snow was still packed on the ground, but it was no longer snowing. I went outside to take some pictures of the beautiful snow. These are the snowman and woman Esara, Caldirwen and I built Thursday while Narthea was at work:

My boots were buried in the snow:

Ooh, beautiful woods:

Our barn:

Our front yard fence:

Our driveway... that you can no longer see:

The edge of the pond:

Tree branches:

Our pond:

Our pecan trees:

Another small tree:

Our backyard gate:

Fergie (our tractor):

And our cross:
~Eldarwen Failariel~

14 Greetings from Elven Friends

Izori said...

Oh, wow. Everyone's been getting a lot of snow lately! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!

Milli said...

Great pictures! Awww...You have a pond? I've always wanted a pond and a fence:]

Lindsay said...

I love the pictures, Eldarwen! I especially like the one of Ty and the one of the pecan trees.

Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

~ Love,

His Handmaidens said...

AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You got all our snow! We have nothing! It is 40 degrees outside! Where did winter go?
That is usually what we have, but now its all slush. Ugg.
Well, anyway, I am glad to see you are back online. I am working on a letter to you.Anyhow, I better go.

Alexandra said...

<3 them! Especially the 1st one (paws)

~Alexandra ;D

Haley said...

Wow, it looks like y'all had tons of fun!! :)

Emma said...

We've got like 3 feet of snow here and we're expecting 7 more inches tomorrow! But it's great that you've got snow. I love it!!

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Eldarwen said...

Yeah, we did have fun! Actually, that's probably all the snow we're gonna get. :(

Thanks! Yeah, we used to fish in it, but we only caught little fish, so we kinda sorta gave up. lol =D

Thanks! Really? Those are my fav's too. I also like the 20th picture (the one of our pond)! The water looks crystalized. :)

*evil laugh* We stole it! *evil laugh* Nah, just kidding! lol =D idk where winter went, but I so can't wait for SUMMER!!! =D Okee dokee! I'll be waiting... ;)

Oh I know! I love that pic, too! <3

Oh yeah, TONS of fun! =D But, it was really cold. I was wearing like... 4 layers of clothing (not including the 2 pairs of gloves, sweatshirt, jacket and hat). lol =D

Ooh, sending it your way... lol =D Enjoy!
Thanks for the heads up! I'll be sure to check it out!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Hey eldarwen, I was wondering if u could tell me how u get the links at the top of ur page? And how do u make an independent page first of all? I have no clue.
Thanks, God Bless,
Bleah. 5 days and counting till....SWITCHFOOT CONCERT!

Poppy said...

WOW! that is a lot of snow! I especially like the one of the cross.


Eldarwen said...

I sure will! I'll come right over...

Yes, I like those, too! :) We did get quite a bit of snow... for where we live. :)


Antonia said...

Wow, really beautiful! I love the pictures of the woods and the trees. Snow makes a landscape so peaceful...

Elindira Evenstar said...

LOL That looks like fun! :D

Eldarwen said...

It was gorgeous! I know, the woods looked so perfect. I totally agree, snow does make landscaping so peaceful. =) {hugs}

Tons of fun! ;) {hugs}

In Christ,