Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Phantom Of The Opera

I am very excited because I finished the Phantom Of the Opera novel!!! Yay me! I have to say: Cassie, thank you for recommending it because it is now one of my fav books! I did cry, so that should tell ya to what extreme I got into it. :) I wish it could've ended differently, but it was definitely a great book! If you want to watch the movie and read the book, but don't know what order to do it in, I would recommend reading the book first, because they're different in a lot of ways and I regret watching the movie first. It let me down sometimes because I had a "vision" of what I thought would/should happen in the book that happened in the movie and then it made it harder to enjoy the book.

Okay, time for an update:

I am doing okay. My headache is much better, just comes here and there. My sore throat is a lot worse. I now have a cough, but it's a dry cough, so it's really hurting my throat and I think I'm going to take an Advil after I finish this post. :) My congestion is better. I can actually breath through my nose now! *hallelujah chorus plays* Dad just got some steroids, so he's feeling pretty good right now. He's watching skiing on the Universal Channel. A nurse came to our house to give dad the steroids because he's taking them through an IV. They're giving him a lot of steroids and he would have to take a ton of pills to get as much as he's getting through the IV. :) I wasn't allowed to come near the nurse because I'm sick. :P *sigh* I really don't like being sick. I couldn't go with my grandparents for my Pa-pa's chemo treatment today because I'm sick. :P *sigh*. I can't clean the lady's house that I was supposed to clean... can you guess?... 'cause I'm sick. :( I can tell that I'm getting better, though, so I'm very excited! I was really hoping it wouldn't be a week long, lingering sickness. Although, it has almost been a week because my headache started Thursday night, my sore throat started Saturday night, along with my congestion. Anyway, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about me being sick. LOL =D Thank you all for your prayers! Much love and hugs,

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Anonymous said...

Cool. =D I can't wait to see and read it now. =D I am so sorry! I hate it when I get sick. Yours sure is a long one...I hope your Dad and You get better soon. :)

God Bless You And Your Family,

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you're doing a little bit better, Eldarwen!! I've tagged you! I'm not sure if you've done it or not, but I decided to go on and tag you, anyway. :)

~ Love and Hugs,

Eldarwen said...

Yep, it's a great book!
Thank you. :)

Thanks! I'll come on over and check it out. I love tags!

Love & hugs,

Morgan said...

Poor, dear Eldarwen! I wish I could bring you some soup. I'm sending you...mental soup. Haha!

I love Phantom of the Opera. I didn't even realize there was a book until a guy at camp recommended it to me this summer. I read it and - wowza! Although I agree with you. I was expecting certain things to happen in the book. Though if you read the book first, you'll probably be disappointed with what they cut out of the movie. Ah well.

Feel better soon!


Eldarwen said...

The soup was delicious! Thanks! ;)
Yes, that's probably true, too. :)
I am kinda slow, and in the book they use names like, "M Giry" and "M *blah* *blah* *blah*". Do you have any idea what the "m" stands for?!?!? LOL =D


Vellvin said...

Dear Eldarwen,
Poor you I think I'd go nuts if I was sick like that!!
Hope you get well soon.

Morgan said...

Actually, yes! I do! Haha! It took me a while to figure it out.
I'll give you a hint: the setting is France.
Tell you anything?

It stands for Monsoir and Madam. Neither of which I can spell. ha!

Eldarwen said...

That's what I thought it stood for, but I just didn't know for sure. :) Thanks!