Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Drama Report

Okay, last night was our second night to perform our Christmas Drama. As you all know I am an angel (no, I don't mean in real life). Narthea plays the part of Mary, Esara is an angel, Caldirwen is a towns person and one of the children that runs up to Jesus, Mom is a towns person and dad is a shepherd and one of the men at the Great Commission. The Drama went well. We had quite a few people there. I think about... 30-40. That beats Saturday night. We only had like... 20-25 that night. Anyway, I wasn't feeling good at all when we got there, but I was smiling so that I didn't look grumpy. My head hurt really bad, but 3 different people prayed for me and after each prayer I could tell that I was feeling a bit better. My sore throat went completely away (odd....) and my congestion went away, too. My headache stayed, but I've learned to deal with it. I was not miserable during the Drama, praise God!! We actually do 3 performances because it's like a walk-through type thing. Our preacher is leading people through each scene, actors say their lines and our pastor preaches about the scene and they move on. Here are the scenes we do:
  • Joseph and Mary entering Bethlehem
  • The angel telling the shepherds about Jesus' birth
  • The shepherds coming to see Jesus
  • The scene where Jesus is talking to the priests after he had run away from Mary and Joseph
  • John the baptist saying, "Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand," and a bit more that I can't remember
  • Jesus inviting the children to come sit on his lap after the disciples rushed them away
  • a roman soldier cleaning up the mess at the cross and then feeling terrible for that he had done and saying, "Surely this was the son of God!" (Mark 15:39)
  • the Resurrection of Christ
  • the Great Commission

So there ya have it. Out of those scenes I was in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th. :) So I was pretty busy. It wasn't just me, but the other angels, too. Well, after the 3 performances we helped pick up props and everyone got out of their costumes. I was starting to feel a little dizzy and my headache was getting a little worse, but I didn't tell anyone. When I got home last night I didn't feel that great, but it wasn't bad. I thanked God that He gave me strength to go through the Drama without feeling absolutely miserable! :) Right now I'm feeling... okay. My sore throat isn't as bad as it was, but my headache and congestion are the same. Thank you for all of your prayers!

~Eldarwen Failariel~

12 Greetings from Elven Friends

Izori said...

I'll pray that all the other stuff with go away! Very glad that you were able to be in your drama!

Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for you. The play sounds great!!! =D I will pray for you!

God Bless You And Your Family,

Taylor said...

I'm glad you weren't miserable, but I still will pray that your headache will go away completely! Merry Christmas!

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all! :)


Hope said...

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Eldarwen said...

Thank you, Hope! :)

Love & hugs,

Nahla said...

I'm glad you weren't feeling too bad for the drama! I hope and will pray you get better!

His Handmaidens said...

Praying that you get better soon. I have not sent my letter to you yet. I will try to soon though!

Chloƫ said...

Yes! Praise the Lord! I'm so glad you were feeling a little better, or, at least, well enough to smile! I pray you will continue to get better.

Anonymous said...

Whew, for a second there I thought you were being a tad presumptuous! XD
Good luck with the play, it sound so fun!!

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all for your prayers! :)


Ivorydancer said...

Hope you feel better! I got the book last Saturday and I am so excited! thank you so much!