Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not So Good

Well, the latest update on me is: my headache is back. :( It was sort o' kind o' gone yesterday, but apparently, it's not finished tormenting me yet. :) My sore throat is completely gone *hallelujah chorus plays*, but my congestion is much worse and I am misserable, still. I wish I could go to the doctor....

....but they always give me huge pills I have to swallow and, sadly, I am terrible at swallowing pills. *hangs head low* I once had to take these pink pills that were as big as the tip of my thumb (ya know, from the nuckle down)! And no, I'm not exaggerating. I took them, but begrudgingly. The doctor said, "Let's try something new," so he gave me those, which I only had to take once a day and there was only three pills. They were super strong, they knocked the sickness right out o' me and I was better in about, 4 days when normally it would've been more like a week. I guess if I felt bad enough, I'd beg mom to take me to the doctor, but I don't really feel that bad and I'm already taking Vitamin C, gargling with salt water and taking sinus medicine. Although, it would be nice to just have to take 1 pill instead of 3. :)

Now, an update on my dad:

He went for an MRI... Friday? Maybe it was last Thursday. I can't remember, but the point is he went for an MRI and it showed that he has a 4th lesion growing, but it's not on his brain stem! It's somewhere over in the right hemisphere (I think. Or is it the left? No, it's the right. Right? lol). Since this lesion is not in the same spot as the others, the doctor thinks it's MS, and she says there's a slight, slight possibility that it could still be Lymphoma, but she really doesn't think it is. That's wonderful news because Lymphoma is not a good thing to have! Also, they might be able to do a biopsy on this new lesion to finally figure out what it is. The only danger in that is... they're going inside his brain and no matter what you're doing or where you're going in there, it's all dangerous. I mean, it's the brain. The central intelligence agency (I just wanted to sound smart) of our bodies. So, if you could please keep my dad in your prayers that would be very appreciated! :)

That's all for today. I know, my posts are getting boring now that all I talk about is sickness, but I really can't think of anything else to post about. Plus, I have a headache and I can't really think straight, so if some of this sounded crazy, or out there, please remember, I'm sick. lol =D

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Taylor said...

Wow,, you're family is under serious attack! I'll be praying for you and your Dad. By the way, the song you have playing at the beginning is hilarious!

Kendra Logan said...

I don't mind your talking about sickness! Something about your writing style makes it interesting to read.

I'm sorry about your reoccurring headache :-/

Ugh, I'm so with you on the pills thing. I *hate* taking pills. It took me like six months to get to wear I would take Tylenol! Sometimes antibiotic pills come in little capsules with powdery medicine inside. If you get those, here's a tip (but you probably already know this, LOL!): pull open the capsule and dump in it applesauce or something. Easy to swallow, and it doesn't taste terrible :)

I'll be praying for your dad!!!


***Emily*** said...

I'll still be praying for your dad! And you of course. *smiles*

Merry Christmas!

Izori said...

I am praying for your Dad! And I also hope that your sickness will go away. It must be really miserable to have a headache that long!

Eldarwen said...

Yes, thank you for your prayers! :) Thank you. One time I had it playing on my blog and we videoed my dad lip singing to it. It is hilarious! I wish I could share it with you, but it shows our faces and he probably wouldn't be very happy 'bout that. lol =D

Thank you for that tip! I will remember that next time I'm supposed to take a capsule. ;) I can take Advil, and Tylenol, but my mom is making me take these vitamins that are HUGE! I'm talking rhino pills. I feel kinda nauseated (I don't think I spelled that right...) after taking all those pills. :/

Thank you! :) *hugs*

Thank you! I am still praying for your dad, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww....I am really sorry! I will pray for your guys!

God Bless You And Your Family,

Jo March said...

I'll be praying for you dad, this can't be an easy time for your family.
Our family is going through a "congestion time" right now, and everyone (except Mom and Dad) is feeling it. Even little Zuzu. :(
I agree with Kendra. ;) Your writing style makes even sickness interesting to read about.

Contrary to your opinion, I like to take pills :) I mean, really like to take pills. If there's a capsule form of a liquid medicine I'll take it :)