Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Introducing Me

I've never posted a picture of my face on my blog before. But I just feel like I want my blog to be more personal now. So I thought along with some photos of myself, I would list some of my likes, or just random facts about myself. (:

I love vintage dresses.

I believe the colors blue & brown were made for each other.

Heels are my favorite.

I have naturally straight hair that is slowly turning naturally wavy.

I'm not thrilled about the statement I just made above.

I think mint is a very classy color.

My eyes used to be bright blue but turned into a smoky blue-ish, gray-ish color as I got older.

My hair looks blonde but in fact has a lot of red.

I'm American Indian and German, but I mostly have a lot of Irish in me. 

I think coffee is the greatest thing to drink late at night. A Starbucks caramel frappuccino with extra caramel syrup and no whip, please! 

I love old barns & buildings. They give me butterflies in my tummy & I just can't explain it.

A winding staircase would be so grand when I get my own place.

Confession: I waste at least an hour of every day on Pinterest and do absolutely none of the crafty things I "like" on there.

I still have a passionate love for Owl City and all things Adam Young.

I have an iPhone, and yes, I do take selfies. Quite often, actually. #unashamed

I like #hashtags. ^see above^

I love any movie with Ed Harris. He is my biggest actor crush and his face will always be handsome no matter how old he gets.

I don't wear much makeup but I need my eyeliner. I just do.

This one fact has always been and always will be: I have a hunger for Italy and I shall quench it someday. The End.

I'm from Texas & I say y'all, yonder, and supper. I call a grocery cart a buggy and every vehicle is a car, every soda is a coke. That's just how it is...y'all.

I have myself a Canon Rebel EOS T3 and it's my baby. I baby it.

Sarcasm is so my thing. {That wasn't sarcasm}

I love boots.

I'm really bad at tweeting. #justnotgoodatit

But I'm pretty good with hashtags. #assaidabove #iabusethem #andimokwiththat

I become friends with pretty much everyone I meet(:

I don't talk much at all. See now that was sarcasm.

I am 18.

I live for Jesus Christ.

Duck Dynasty is my show. 

Si is my man.

Bluebonnets are my favorite flower. {Those and Honey Suckles} 

I'm afraid of birds, but I just adore owls. #imstrange #iknow

I eat a gluten-free diet because I have Celiac Disease.

Strawberries are and always will be the best fruit God ever created.

I think it'd be so grand to have my own Photography business someday.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Gem In My Life

I said in my last post that in the year of 2012, while I was away, I really got into photography. I've always enjoyed it, but I've recently learned to love it as well.

I love looking through a camera lens to focus in on a subject. The sound of the shudder when I take a picture has become like music to my ears.

I often take my camera with me when I leave the house, even if I'm just going grocery shopping. I never know what I might happen upon. One of the main reasons I love photography is because I'm a very creative person and I love to use my imagination. Some people get carried away to different lands in books that they read. Others actually travel to different lands. lol.

This girl gets swept away by raw, unique photos. Something as simple as a photographed coffee cup can take me on an adventure. Even old photos of friends or family that take me back give me a different appreciation for photography.

I get a warm feeling when I scroll through others people's photos too, because I don't know the story behind it, which allows me to be creative and come up with my own story.

It might sound absurd to you but that's how I feel.

Since I've now expressed my deep love for the creativity and art of photography, I thought I'd share some of my recent photos with you.