Monday, October 18, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1Today is Monday, as you all know, which meant babysitting my little Munchkin for four hours. And..... it was a really good day! Friday and Saturday were not very good days (I was asked to work extra days last week). Munchkin was not feeling well because of his allergies, and he was quite cranky both of those days. Nothing I did made him happy. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't nap, he cried everytime his dad came in and out.... yeah, they weren't good days. But, today was! Thank you God! :)

{2} Dad is going back down hill a little everyday. His speech is getting worse. His balance is really bad. His hands aren't working right and he gets really frustrated when we mention anything about it. Mom thinks another lesion is growing. She's going to call his doctor in the morning. 

{3} Has anyone noticed all the Halloween decorations going up at all the grocery stores and restaurants? I have. >_> Even every tv show is about Halloween. My family and I don't celebrate Halloween and all this Halloween stuff is getting quite annoying. Everywhere you turn it's "Spooky!" "Scary!" "Skeletons!" "Witches!" And Eldarwen's screaming, "I can't take it anymore!" lol

{4} Congratulations to a family at our Church who just had their third baby! A boy! :)

{5} Tonight my family and I made *drum roll please* Coke Floats! Well, some of them chose Dr. Pepper *gag*, but I am a Coke lover, no other will satisfy this girl. :)

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday! :)

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Lindsay said...

Oh, boy... I know how a bad babysitting job can go. Not fun! So glad it went well for you today. Yay! :D

I know what you mean -- all the Halloween stuff can be really annoying. It's everywhere right now! O_O

Oh my goodness, look at that Coke float. I want one! I haven't had one of those in forever. And yeah, Coke is just way better than Dr. Pepper. Way better! ;)

Of course, I'll be thinking about y'all and praying!

Love you!
~ Lindsay

Santana Vitales (Hey That's Me!) said...

Ok let me just say .. those Coke Floats look so yummy!! and then that makes me ask a question: Where is mine?
I am glad you had a good weekend and Monday! and dont forget to stop by and enter my Giveaway!
HUgs1 and Blessings!

Anonymous said...

I love babysitting. I am praying for your family every day. I agree, Halloween is sooo anoying. I do an anual "Why do we celebrate Halloween" post every Halloween. Most people don't even know why we celebrate that. I do not clebrate halloween. Boo halloween...but that kinda gives someone the wrong idea.

Elven Maiden said...

Hello Eldarwen! :) Around here I go by Elven Maiden or Mollie. I have been reading your blog for some time, and it is beautiful!


P.S. my blog is (I LOVE COMMENTS)

Emily Shae said...


[1] Goodness! Babysitting has its challenges, doesn't it? Rewarding, though. :)

[2] Still praying for your dad, Eldarwen. Please keep us updated!

[3]Uhg, Halloween is getting on my nerves, too. What ever happened to "Fall Harvest"?

[4] Yay for them. :)

[5]Coke lover all the way! Love coke and Ice Cream....Yummy!!! Pics are great, too.


Eldarwen said...

Hi Mollie! I love finding new bloggers. :) I'm glad you left me a comment! I will be sure to check out your blog. ;)


Haley said...

Babysitting's a lot of fun, except when the baby is cranky. ;)

Halloween is so annoying! I can't wait until it's over. And you know what, a few days after it's over there will be Christmas stuff everywhere.

That coke float looks SO good! I love the pictures you got of it... so professional. :) Oh, and I agree, coke is way better than Dr. Pepper. :)

I got your letter yesterday and will write soon! I'm going to respond to your e-mail in the letter, too. :)

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love pepsi floats! They're AMAZING. Dr. Pepper? *gags and clutches throat* it's Too sweet. It tries to choke us! Nasty elves mix-tid it. :) I'd take coke over dr. peper anyday, but I'd take pepsi over coke. :)

Kristina said...

Yay!!!! Love Coke floats...takes me back to my childhood...and the photos are beautiful!
Kristina J.


I know, the halloween stuff is VERY annoying - and the worst thing is when the girls ask why people put fake spider webs on their bushes. We just took out thanksgiving decorations today - and it is soo much cuter than the ghosts that hang in some peoples window!


Näna said...

Ditto to the Halloween decor! Drives. Me. Crazy.

So sorry to hear about your dad...I'll keep praying for him and for your family!

And since it is now Tuesday: Happy Tuesday! But, of course, it's almost Wednesday so maybe it should be Happy Wednesday. Oh, well. I wish you a very happy day! How does that work:)

Love and hugs to you, dear!


Lloyd said...

Thank you for such an inspiring post showing all of the beauty of God's creation. It is such a blessing too visit your blog. God bless, Lloyd