Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cowgirl At Heart

Today, since mom and dad were gone at another doctors appointment, Esara, Caldirwen and I decided to have a photo shoot. I curled their hair and they got dressed up. I thought I would share some of these photos with you. 



And since it's LPW over at Hannah's blog today...
Lovely Photo - Wordless or Not-So-Wordless Wednesday at Aspire
 ...I am going to enter this photo, because it's my absolute favorite of Caldirwen's. :) 

Daddy is doing good today. Narthea is sick. :(  We suspect that she caught it when she went with mom and dad to the emergency room last Friday {you can read a little about that, HERE}. We were supposed to go babysit tomorrow for a friend (since Narthea woke up sick this morning, we decided only I was going to go) but the friend emailed and said she was sick, too and didn't want me to come and possibly get it, then give it to dad (it would not be good for him to get sick. As a matter of fact, it's not good for anyone. lol:). Anyways, so Esara, Caldirwen and I have been taking care of the household chores and Narthea (since she is subject to her room) while mom and dad rest after a long day. :)

I hope everyone is having a blessed week!

19 Greetings from Elven Friends

anna :) said...

cute pics! i like the last one you chose to enter the best(:

anna :)

[Laurea] said...

Cute photos! I wish my curls looked like that [: Praying for you and your dad!


Elizabeth Rose said...

Gorgeous photos, Eldarwen! The lighting is just magnificent!

Elizabeth Rose

Lindsay said...

Ooo, the pictures are beautiful, Eldarwen! Very fun and creative. I love how you curled their hair too! ;) Awww... I'm so sorry Narthea is sick. :( Hope she starts to feel better soon!

Love y'all!
~ Lindsay <3

Stephanie said...

Wow, those are some great pictures! Good job! I hope Narthea gets better quickly. :D

Izori said...

I hope Narthea gets better! Those pictures are really cool. =)

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Fun pictures! I really liked picture No. 2.

Jenna said...

What beautiful photographs! Thank you for sharing, Eldarwen! :)

Many Blessings,

Stephani said...

Eldarwen~ Thanks so much for stopping by my photo blog. Your blog is gorgeous! Love these photos too.

Finding Faith, Purple Rain, and Talking Cows said...

All of your post are really encouraging :) It's pretty sweet. Love the pics!

♥Iona♥ said...

Oh Eldarwen! I wish I had sisters! OR at least nearby, wanting-me-to-take-pictures-of-them girls!!! You can't really curl a boys hair...:/ They are wonderful! I hope that Narthea gets better soon!

♥Iona♥ said...

OH WEEEEIRD!!!!!! ELDARWEN! If you look at your followers, look at the first one, then go down exactly one. It's a man named Luke --If not you got another follower! Just look for him-- HE GOES TO MY CHURCH! He used to be my Sunday school teacher! That is actually creepy!

BARBIE said...

Stunning photos. Love them!

Elránia said...

Wonderful pictures Eldarwen! I love the one you chose to enter :)


Liz&Elle said...

Thanks for following! I sent you a friend request.
Anyway, I absolutely LOVE your pictures! Your cowboy hat is awesome! I have an old bent up one that I ought to throw away, but I wear it anyway. And my boots...oh goodness, they're worn out:). I loved your blouse too. Now you're going to think I'm a clothes freak. I'm not, really, but I love westen style clothes.
Your sister in Christ,
Liz Darcy

Gwenea Zestia Binn said...


I am so jealous of that hair....


Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Aww what pretty curls! My hair is too short to curl now that I got it cut. *sniff* But I'll be fine. ;)
Love you!


Eldarwen said...

Liz, you're welcome! Thanks, I love my hat! Well, technically it's not my hat. It's my older sister's hat, but she never wears it, so I just call it mine. :)
Actually, that's not my blouse, either. That's my little sister's blouse. These are pictures of my little sisters. :)
My boots aren't worn out, because I hardly wear them, but I do love them!!

Thanks for the comments, everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

Great lookin' pictures!! You're a pretty good photographer! :)

Awel P.