Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homeschoolers Appreciation {day 3}

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Today it's my turn to do a little post about homeschooling.

In 2001 my parents prayed about and decided they would homeschool me and my older sister, Narthea. So, they took us out of public school (me being in the 2nd grade and Narthea in 3rd) and we started homeschooling. I will admit that at first I was not completely on board. Sure, I liked not having to put up with a bully, or spending eight hours of my day with a bunch of teachers and kids I hardly knew, but I missed interacting with other kids, and recess (I mean, come on. Who didn't like recess?:). After a while I started liking homeschooling, though. I didn't spend as many hours doing schoolwork as I was in public school, and there was no homework afterwards. Well, it's all homework, but it's not like you do school, then have to complete a bunch of papers afterwards. Homework was definitely not one of my favorites when I was little. Now me and homeschooling are like this *crosses fingers*. :)

My family and I use a curriculum called Sonlight. My mom and I tried a couple different things with me (I'm not much of a learning freak:), and Sonlight is definitely my favorite. I've used it basically all my years of homeschooling (9 years). It teaches a lot about the Bible and Creation, and it's not even a lot of work. I usually do school for about two hours. Sometimes three, if I "double up" and do two-days-worth. With the Sonlight curriculum the student basically teaches themself. All it consists of is reading, paperwork (it's in a guide and you copy it, then fill it out) and a few reports now and then. I really love it and it's very flexible! :)

I think homeschooling is healthy for a kid. They're in a safe environment, around people they know and trust, and there's not all this pressure of being the best in the class. You get to work at your own pace, and have one-on-one time with your teacher (I call mine mom;). If I'm doing really good in vocabulary, I can excel ahead. Or if I'm doing poorly in science, I can slow down and take my time. There's just so many advantages to homeschooling!

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Caroline said...

I've done Sonlight since sixth grade, too. This will be my first year not doing it since then. I love that curriculum though!!!;)

Hannah grace said...

We use sunlight to!


We us Tapestry of Grace - I kinda like it, and I also do BJU press, Saxon math, Apolgia sience, Spelling power, and I have some history books ( They are just books ;)

My vocab, main history, and writing come from the Tapestry of grace!

Hannah Grace said...

I guess...you could say I "un-school" in a sense. Each of us uses different programs/schedules, basically whatever works for you and we can afford it. For instance, because I LOVE writing I do extra writing things, not just the textbook. I research things and write reports and such. Whereas my 13 yo brother HATES writing so he does the bare minimum of writing. I use Notgrass history, a couple of my brothers just read history books and online articles about different subjects. Make sense? We have some order, of course, but I love homeschooling this way. :-)

~Hannah Grace

Luke said...

Glad to hear that Sonlight has been a good fit for you and your family. I really enjoyed my years doing Sonlight as well [smile].