Thursday, August 26, 2010

Homeschool Appreciation {day 5}

Today Caroline is guest posting and then I'm going to give out an award I made. :)


Yep, there's no way around it. I've been homeschooled since pre-school and I've loved every year of it. Even if I was given the chance to go to a public school, I wouldn't take it. Here's why...
1. My mom is my teacher every year! I don't have to worry about switching teachers or having someone who absolutely hates me, or vice versa.
2. I can do my work at any pace I like--I don't have to wait for other students to finish.
3. My mom (a lot of these answers will involve my mom) and I do history together, so while she reads it out loud, I have out my sketchbook and am drawing away--which is how I managed to finish many pictures. :)
4. I can take other classes out of the house, such as poetry, art, science (this year.) So yeah...I am socialized enough, in case that was your next question. :P
5. My dog is my mascot.:)
6. No big 'ol tests in the middle of the year! All I have is the end of the year test, which is insanely easy.
7. I get to be HOME all day.
8. I don't have to worry about bullies at school.
9. While there's many other places where the message of the world can be directed at me, school isn't one of them.
10. I actually like spelling. (no...really? Is that possible?)
11. I can eat during class. (and have many a time.:D)
12. I'm able to avoid any compromising situations that can take place at public school.
13. Since I don't have {as much} homework, I have more time for the things I like to do.
14. Much of my school can be done from the couch.
15. I don't have to run out the door like a madwoman to catch my bus.
16. I get as much help as I need with my work.
17. I can go out during the day and not be confined to one classroom.
18. I get to participate in a huge homeschool co-op that had 490 students last semester.
19. It won't be as tempting for me to date since I'm at home.

Twenty reasons why homeschooling is awesome. Twenty good reasons...but are they all? Are any of them the real reason I love being homeschooled so much?
Maybe the real reason is that it was God's will for my parents to homeschool my sister and I. And I'm so glad it was; I wouldn't be the same person without it!

{this photo belongs to Caroline}
I'm a homeschooled, Christian teenage girl.
I write; I sketch; I photograph; I play volleyball; I am random for the sheer joy of it.
I love summertime, fairy-tales, kittens, photography, libraries, the ocean, and epic music.
Most of all my goal in life is to bring glory to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Will you join me on the journey?

Please visit Caroline's blog, A Writer's Life for Me. Just click the button over there -->. Thank you so much for guest posting, Caroline! I really loved reading your post!

Now here's an award made by me. Feel free to take it if it applies to you!

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Elizabeth Rose said...

That was such a neat post, Caroline! Love the award. :)

Caroline said...

Made my day to see my post up here! Thanks for letting me guest post, Eldarwen!:)

Haley said...

What a cool post! :) I enjoyed reading your answers, Caroline! :)


Lindsay said...

Great post, Caroline! :-)