Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Deep Conversations

Remember in this post when I was asked:
"Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?"
And I answered:
"Uh, Narthea? Idk."
 Well, last night Narthea and I were sitting at the morning room table playing Farkle, after dad, momma and my little sisters had gone to sleep. Narthea randomly said, "Let's have a deep conversation." I immediately remembered my last post and blurted, "You read my tag, didn't you?" We both burst out laughing! Then, Narthea said, "What about the ocean....?" I replied, "Yeah, it's really deep." Narthea answered, "See? We just had a deep conversation!!"
{disclaimer: not my photo}
Yes, past 9 o'clock at night is when things (well, we) get a little crazy.....
Narthea and I start laughing uncontrollably.
We say some pretty ridiculous things.
We get kinda loud ("What?! Narthea?! Loud?!). Yep.
We race our little people on Mario Kart Wii, then watch the replay and literally laugh our heads off for no reason.

{disclaimer: not my photo}
We have so much fun together.
We're like best friends.
I love you Narthea.
{this one is my photo. It's an old one of Narthea(left) and I(right).}
Anyway, I just thought that story was hilarious, and I wanted to share it with y'all. Gives you a chance to "see" a side of Narthea you've never "seen" before. :-) 

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Moe said...


The Golden Eagle said...

LOL! :)

Makay said...

Ha. Made me smile.

Love, Makay

Cornet Crazie said...

Wow. Wow wow wow. Sorry I'm just laughing so hard your post cracked me up so much. I don't even know if it was that funny or not but this is uncontrollable. I'm like, having to spellcheck every single word in this comment because of laughter. You're killing me over here, girl!

Wow. That made my day.

I'm gonna sign off now before I hurt myself...

-Cornet Crazie

Anonymous said...

I love Farkle

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yeah... my friend... Hannah, be BFF, we always say that after 8 o' clock people will start accusing us of smoking something. We're pretty much useless for anything else except laughing and acting really dumb. We make videos during these times. I think we have about ten vids saved. one of them we make of this thing about smoking pixie sticks *we didn't really do this* and then somehow we got the the conclusion our pixie sticks were smokey ham flavored. yeah... don't ask. :)

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

samarah said...

love it! you are so sweet and funny Eldarwen :)

Izori said...

Awwwww! Love the picture!

You and Narthea remind me of my brother and I. =) We just laugh our heads off about nothing.

Näna said...

Sounds like me and my sister after 11pm:D

Hannah (IrishGirl) said...

Haha! That sounds like me and my brothers. It's so fun laughing uncontrollably for no real reason! :D


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. That really is a DEEP conversation.

Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Aww that's so sweet! Me and Ella do the same things. We're like best friends, and Florence (stories4gals.blogspot.com) and Abby (aeldreamer.blogspot.com) have laughing fits, too. ^_^

Eldarwen said...

Cornet, I'm glad you had a good laugh with this one. :D Your comment made me laugh! :D

Bleah-bug, omigosh!! I can't believe I forgot to talk about our silly videos!! :O Yeah, we make videos, too. Don't even try to see those, because what happens between Narthea, me and the camera, stays between Narthea, me and the camera. ;P

Thanks for the awesome comments, everyone!! I'm glad you all enjoyed the post. :)


Miss Grace said...

Cute! :-) Is Narthea and ELdarwen your real names?

Miss Grace


Eldarwen said...

Hi Grace!! :) No, Narthea and Eldarwen are not our real names. :)

Jenna said...

Sisters are so wonderful to have in life, aren't they?!?! :)

Narthea said...

*big cheesy grin*

I love you too. =)

Eldarwen said...

Jenna, yes they are! God blessed me with three. :) I love 'em all!

Narthea, "gosh folks, I'm speechless". :P Love you!

Chris said...

Hahahahahahahaha... (that ellipses stands for me continuing to laugh, btw.)

Eldarwen said...

Chris, hahahahahahahaha... (same here). :D

Miss K said...

Very fun! Late night talks are the best! :) I hope you'll check out my online, Christian magazine for tween/teen girls: http://bloommagazine.webs.com. I would love it if you subscribed and applied for the staff, if you're interested!

Lindsay said...

What a cute post, Eldarwen! You girls are too much. ;D