Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mrs. K, Toy Story 3 and Update!!

The donuts arrived safely this morning at 9. I- I mean Mrs. K arrived safely at our house at 9am. *chuckles nervously* lol =D Mmm, mmm, mmm those donuts were really good! After we ate ours, Mrs. K wanted to go over to Nana's house next door and visit with her. We brought her some donuts for herself. :)
After visiting with Nana, we headed to town and went to Wal Mart because I am going to make Mrs. K a purse. Interesting story, but I'd rather not drag this post out. lol =D I'm in DESPERATE need of a nap! Mrs. K has that affect on people. lol jk, jk. :) She's reading my blog, so I better be careful. ;) Anyways, we got her some fabric she liked, then we headed to the movies to see.....
And OH MAN! Was it good!!! We LOVED it!!! Lindsay, I saw on your blog that you said you wanted to see it, and I encourage you to! It's HILARIOUS!!! My fav, fav, fav characters are Barbie and Ken. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely hysterical!! It was a great, great movie! (And for those who are wondering, I didn't cry. Mrs. K, Esara and Caldirwen did. Narthea says she didn't, but I think she was at least on the verge of tears....:) It was sad, but I don't cry easily in animated movies (Nemo and Monsters Inc. is it...). Normally I don't care much for animated movies, and to be honest, I didn't want to go see this movie. But, I ended up ADORING it! That's how it always happens, isn't it Lindsay? ;)
Anyways, here are the only pictures I can share with you from the day (meaning: the only ones without faces):
There was only two other people in the theater besides us! How awesome!!
We also got to wear these super goofy, super big glasses! It was really cool! Here's a pic of my glasses (yes, I kept them) and my ticket stub:
It was a lot of fun! Now, for the update....
Dad isn't doing much better. He's talking some, but it doesn't really make sense-- what he's saying-- and it's not a whole lot of talking that he's doing. Just some. But, some is some, and that's good. :) 
Mom said right now the doctors are trying to figure out if there is still swelling in the brain, because if there is they can't do the Biopsy. That's dangerous. Also, they don't want to give dad steroids (which have helped reduce swelling in the past) because they say if this new lesion is an infection-type-thing, then steroids would only make it worse. So, they don't know if this lesion is "tied in" with the others, or if it could be something different. I think it is the same as the others, but that's just my gut-feeling.
One of the doctors that has been telling us to do the Biopsy all along, (so that she can "prove" that it is MS) told mom, "It's not acting like MS, and it looks nothing like MS." (Referring to dad's lesions.) Which is CRAZY because she's the one who has said all along that she really thinks it's MS!! Argh!!! Doctors just play guessing games. That's it. Only God knows for sure what my dad has. *sigh* I just really hope it's NOT Lymphoma, because that's NOT good. :(
I haven't told anyone this (not even my mom. I don't want her to worry about me), but I'm, well, scared right now. I do believe that dad is going to be healed, but that could mean healed in many different ways, ya know. God could use him to heal others spiritually, and heal dad spiritually, too. It may be time for dad to go be with the Lord. I don't know. Even the thought of that makes me wanna cry. I just hope and pray that dad will be okay, and that this Biopsy (which hasn't been scheduled yet... *grrr*) will show us exactly what he has, and won't leave dad with permanent damage.
So, my mom is staying at the Hospital with my dad, and us girls are still home alone. I know I haven't said much about this-- that's because I'm more concerned about dad right now-- but it's quite difficult living in your house with your three sisters, especially when you and your older sister have trouble getting your two little sisters to do what they're told. It puts an enormous amount of stress on Narthea, (not as much stress on me, just because she's the oldest and I'm not). We don't mean to complain, or be like, "We wish we had our mommy", because we know dad needs her more, and we CAN handle things around here, but it's hard. I mean, you think babysitting your siblings for four hours is hard, try doing it for four days! Yikes! Makes ya wanna yank your hair out, ya know (not really. That's a figure of speech:). I don't mean to make my blog a place for me to "vent" my feelings, but my momma is gone and I don't really talk to Narthea about this stuff. So, you girls are all I have. :) And [I guess] guys. I mean, I don't want to exclude you guys, but my girls are.... well.... they're MY GIRLS! :) So, if you could please pray for us at home as well, that would be so nice!! I know!! Y'all should start making a list. lol =D
 Thank you all for your prayers, you've been such great prayer warriors! I just ask you to keep praying, right along with me. :)
Wow. I was hoping to make this snappy. Oh well. 
I love you all!! So, SO much!! *big hugs*
I am off to take a nap... (yes, at 7:30 pm :P )....

27 Greetings from Elven Friends

Katherine said...

I hope you woke up refreshed and encouraged from your nap! You deserve some rest-I think you're holding up much better than I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise G-d. Keep praying, as I will, and remember, whatever happens is for the best. Because G-D knows and has ordained all.

Keep smiling miss lovely,

Jenna said...

Hi Eldarwen!
I went to see Toy Story 3 today as well! How funny! I thought it was really cute. Barbie and Ken WERE pretty funny! :)
I will continue to pray for your dad!

Your Sister In Christ,

Guinevere said...

Oh Eldarwen, there's not much I can say, except that I am praying harder than ever for your entire family!

Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Hi, Eldarwen! I love your new look! Sorry I haven't been on blogger in a while; I've been pretty busy. Hope you haven't forgotten about me!
My family went to see Toy Story, too! Great movie. Recently, we went to see Letters to Juliet, and the theater was completely empty. Just us. I love it when that happens, because I was allowed to talk. *grin*

Stephanie said...

Oh, I know what it's like to want to pull your hair out. When my mom had my youngest sibling, I was over 18 so I was the oldest at home with several siblings to take care of. My mom was gone for 2 1/2 days and it just drove me nuts waiting, and waiting, and waiting to hear that we had another sibling. And I don't have a drivers licence, so we were stuck at home, not able to go to the park or anything like that, so it ended up seeming like ages before we got the call that Mommy had had her baby. A little bit different situation, but nonetheless... I still wanted to pull my hair out. :)

I'll keep your dad in my prayers.


Evergreena said...

Dear God, I pray that you would put your arms around Eldarwen and her family and give them the comfort and peace they long for. I pray that things at home would go smoothly, and that any sibling tensions would be soothed as these girls try to cope alone in this difficult time. I also fervently ask that you would touch Eldarwen's dad with healing, that you would take away any pain that he might have. I thank you that no matter what happens, you will do a mighty work in their family and the lives of those around them. Strengthen their faith, Lord, be a strong and mighty tower in the storms of doubt all around them. I ask all these things in Jesus' name, amen.

*hugs* I've been thinking about you a lot today! I'll keep praying.

Elizabeth Rose said...

I'm glad you liked Toy Story 3, Eldarwen! I saw it and loved it, too. :)

I'm still praying for your dad.

"Where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in the midst of them."

In Christ,
Lizzy Rose

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that y'all enjoyed Toy Story 3, Eldarwen! I think we'll probably go see it next week. That should be fun! :) And you're right - that's how it usually goes. The movies you think you'll hate end up being some of your absolute favorites! ;)

I'm praying for *all* of you! I know that must be pretty tough to be at home with your siblings all day long! Like I just mentoned in my letter to Narthea, I'm praying for God to give y'all peace and strength during all of this. I can't imagine what you're going through. I wish we could be there with you. :( But... just know that y'all are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

Okie-dokie... I hope you get some rest, Eldarwen! :)

Love you!!
~ Lindsay <3

amy said...

I guess I'm just saying the same thing, I've been saying, but I'll say it again :) I'm praying for you dad, Eldarwen! I'm praying for your family. I'm praying that God would give you peace and rest in Him through all that's going on. I'm praying that You would see His faithfulness, love, and mercy even through all of this.

Here are a couple verses for you tonight :)

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." -Psalm 46:1

"Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the trhone of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need." -Hebrews 4:16


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I wish I could just hug you and listen to you... 'cause I wanna help you, feel better. I love you so much Eldarwen, you've really become a friend to me, and I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I will pray that God will reveal to the doctors what this is and what needs to be done. And I will pray peace for you.

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Hope Marie said...

I will keep praying!!

Eldarwen said...

Katherine, thanks! Even though, I ended up not taking a nap. My sisters and I had a Bible Study, instead, and I got busy sewing Mrs. K's purse I'm making, er, made for her. :) Thanks for the encouragement, Katherine!! =D

Jenna, oh that's so funny! :D Thank you so much!!

Thank you Guin and Hope Marie!!

Alyson, Oh no! I haven't forgotten about you! Thank you! I'm so glad you're back!! =D Oh, I wanna see LTJ so bad!! I know, I love it, too, when there's no on in there but us. :D

Stephanie, wow! It sounds like it would be harder if you have younger siblings! That must have been really stressful for you, too! My little sisters are 12 and 11, so it's pretty easy to occupy them, but with everything that's going on with dad their emotions are not regulated, so that kind of sets things off. :/ Thank you so much for your prayer, Steph! It means so much!!

Elizabeth, I was probably laughing through the whole movie. Except the the trash part, and the very end, when Andy was.... well, I don't wanna give away the story to anyone else who's reading this who hasn't seen it. But, since you have, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. ;) Thank you bunches!!

Lindsay, yes, that should be fun! I bet you can't wait! Come to think of it, I don't think there's one person I know who doesn't want to see TS3! lol =D Thank you so much, Lindsay!! It would be so awesome if we lived closer! :) Love you!

Amy, thank you, thank you, thank you!! So much!! :) And thanks for sharing scripture with me, Amy! You must be such a blessing to your family! I know you are to me!! *hugs*

Bleah, I know!! If only we could hug and hear each other's voices! Instead of reading each other's words on paper. Though, that's pretty rockin awesome, too! ;) Thanks for the prayer, Bleah-bug, and I love you, too!! =D

Thank you all for the prayer and awesome comments, everyone!! *hugs*


The Golden Eagle said...

I've never seen Toy Story. I think I've been seriously deprived now. :P

I hope your dad gets better!

Anonymous said...

I hope you wake up feeling refreshed. Rememeber God is always with you. My mom has been having some defficulty breathing.
And we don't have a dad. So, when we are not at our cousins....I am head of the house....not always a good thing. Just so you know, I know what you feel like.

Haley said...

I'm glad to hear y'all liked it! It sounds like such a cute movie and I just can't wait to see it! :) Y'all are continually in our thoughts and prayers!

Your friend,

Izori said...

Oh, I'm dying to see Toy Story 3. I absolutely loved the other ones.

You can talk about your troubles on your blog all you want! I'm glad we've been an encouragement to you. My family will continue to pray for yours.

God bless!

Eldarwen said...

Zoe, wow. That must be hard. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope I can be just as much of an encouragement to you, as you are to me! :) *hugs* I will keep your mom and your family in my prayers!!

Thanks for the comments, everyone! And Haley, you'll really like TS3!! Have fun (when you go to see it)!! :D

Love & hugs,

Ellie said...

Hmm... I can't really put my thoughts into words here. Like Bleah said, I wish I could be there to talk with you face-to-face. I know what it's like to have a family member in the hospital and how it leaves you feeling tired and alone when you're stuck at home... And I know how annoying siblings can get sometimes :)
I'm praying, you can be sure of that. :)

- Ellie

Psalm 20: 1-2, 5-7
May the LORD answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you.
May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion.

We will shout for joy when you are victorious and will lift up our banners in the name of our God.
May the LORD grant all your requests.
Now I know that the LORD saves his anointed; he answers him from his holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand.
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

amy said...

Awwww, Eldarwen! That's so sweet of you to say! You're welcome for the comments :) I'm *so* glad they've been a blessing to you!

I'd appreciate if you'd continue to pray for my dad, too! He was supposed to get to come home today, but now he's not going to be able to. I posted an update on my blog that you can read.

I hope things are going well for your dad today, and also for you and your sisters at home.


Johanna said...

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Thank you So much!


faithngracegirl said...

Yep I know what it's like to watch little sisters (and brothers) a lot. It won't last (though it feels like an eternity ;)! Praying for you, girl!


Eldarwen said...

Ellie, I hope whoever was in the Hospital in your family is okay!! Oh yeah, it's tough. But we're still alive! lol =D Thank you for sharing those verses with me! *hugs*

Amy, I will definitely keep your dad in my prayers and pray really hard for him!! I'll come on over to your blog! *hugs*

FnGg, thanks for the encouragement! *hugs*


Allison said...

Oh, I am praying for you, Eldarwen!
Love and Blessings~ Alli

Anonymous said...

AAah, *big, squeezing hug* I know how that can feel. i feel so scared (just a little bit) whenever I'm left home alone. I'll be prayin' for you too. :)

Loves bunches,
Awel P.

Eldarwen said...

Thanks, Alli!!

Awel, I know. Sometimes when I'm home all by myself it's a bit freaky. It's a good thing I'm surrounded by sisters. LOL =D Thanks!

Love & hugs,

Eden said...

Oh, I know this must be hard for you all. I'm praying that your Dad gets better, if that's God's will. Please know that I'm praying for all of you! Please keep us updated as you can! Blessings!

Eldarwen said...

Hi Eden! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for following!! Thank you for praying for my dad and family. It is hard, but God gives us the strength to keep on keepin' on everyday. :)