Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Am Not Afraid

For those who are wondering, yes, my knee is feeling better today! Not completely, but better! :) It only hurts a bit when I put pressure on it. Thanks for all the prayer!! =D
Bleah did a post quite like this one, and it looked like fun, so here I go. :)
I am not afraid... to walk barefoot.

I am not afraid... of fruit. :)

I am not afraid... of veggies. (Go figure, since I live off of 'em:)

I am [most definitely] not afraid... of Owl City!!
I am not afraid... of reading my Bible.

I am not afraid... of lettin' loose and havin' fun with my friends! =D

I am not afraid... of color. ;)
I am not afraid... of hugs.... under certain circumstances. If you know me, (especially if you're a guy), you [should] know not to hug me unless it's on my terms. *chuckle*

I am not afraid... to smile. :) See? :)

to be continued...

15 Greetings from Elven Friends

Guinevere said...

Oh, how cute! The first picture is gorgeous!

Jane said...

Hey, Owl City is streaming a live concert on his website next Sunday afternoon. (depending on where you live, I guess the time could be different.)I thought if you are a fan you would want to know! I will be watching, I love Owl City. : )

Lovely post by the way.


Haley said...

I always like reading these kind of posts! :) I like the pictures you chose! :)


Eldarwen said...

Jane, ooh! How exciting!!! =D Thank you so much for letting me know!! =D I got his monthly e-mail/newsletter thing, but I didn't have time to read it. Maybe it'll have more info in there. :) Thanks!!! =D

Guin and Haley, thanks bunches!! =D


Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm glad your knee is feeling better, Eldarwen! I hope it's completely better SOON!

What a neat post! At first I was kind of wondering what it was gonna be about. Very, very fun! :-)

~ Lots of Love,
Lindsay <3

alyssa zapinski said...

I'm glad your feeling better! I can't even fathom having my knee slammed in the car door...OW! I am sooo not afraid to walk barefoot but every time i try to sneak out of the house without my shoes on my mom finds me and freaks...apparently I'm going "to step on glass" Yea, right, hasn't happened yet!

Did you see my comment about pen pals? I didn't know if it was OK to ask but I have been dying for a pen pal since I was like 7. I mean, it can be e-mail if you don't do snail mail. I just find getting mail little kid of me is that? LOL!

samarah said...

So glad your knee is feeling better! :)

Samrah ♥

Milli said...

I like the pictures you choose. I'm not afraid of fruits either!

Charity U said...

I love your "I Am Not Afraid" post. That's really funny. (-: I'm about the same age as you, have three sisters and one brother, recently discovered a love of photography, have always loved to read, and am a Christian. And those aren't in order of how important they are. (-;

Hope Marie said...

Glad your knee is feeling better,I love all the pics. Hope

Rose said...

I'm not afraid either! LOL


His Handmaidens said...

I Love Love Love the first pic! I am almost done with the percy Jackson series, I know what you mean. I hate how they have the whole thing with Annabeth, Rachel Dare, and Percy. Erg. Other than that there pretty good. Glad your knee is better!

Eldarwen said...

Alyssa, well, I didn't get a comment before this one, but I think I get what you're asking, and being pen pals sounds like fun! I'll ask my mom! =D

Thanks for the comments, my fellow bloggin' peeeps. :)


Eldarwen said...

Alyssa, p.s., I don't think that's kiddish at all! I LOVE getting letters in the mail! =D

Eldarwen said...

Oh, hey Jillian! You must have left your comment when I was leaving mine. =) Yeah. *grr* I do like Rachel... but NOT in the last book! You'll find out why. ;) Annabeth is DEFINITELY my favorite character, because we're quite a bit alike. :) Thanks!

Love ya!