Friday, April 30, 2010

Planting Chums ::Four Fun Facts::

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

Alright, as you all know (since it's basically all over blogger) Hannah @ Aspire is doing this AWESOME Planting Chums ordeal at her blog. Here's her post for this week. This is our last week. Sad, I know, but this farewell post is going to be fun! I get to tell you all four, yes, FOUR fun facts about.... moi! *points to self* Let's get started.

1. One [quirky] thing about me, is I like to (and usually do) pick things up with my feet. Yeah, weird, right? I don't know why, I just do. I fix the wrinkled rugs with my feet, pick up things I've dropped... whatever the case may be, you name it, I perform the task with my feet... okay, not anything. :P

2. Besides the ones I've met on blogger, I don't have any friends who are my age. All of them are either born in 1993, or 1995. Ugh! Is no one born in the Summer of 1994 (preferably August)?! I mean, good grief people! It's a totally awesome, totally SWEET time to be born! I should know.... I was born then. lol :P

3. I CANNOT STAND IT when people wear sunglasses when talking to me. Ugh! That just grates on me. I have to look in their eyes to actually feel like I'm having a conversation with them. I know, it might sound weird, (especially for a guy) but it's true! I can't stand it. I feel as if they're not talking to me. This has happened several times.... but, ya know, now that I think about it, it's mostly guys that do it. Girls don't mind having you look them in the eyes (at least the ones I know), but guys are weird like that. *shrugs shoulders* They hide behind their sunglasses, hoping it makes them look cool or something.

4. I HATE JELLO. I hate it for a weird reason, too, and you're all gonna laugh. Okay, let's start at the beginning, shall we?.... When I was little, (especially when I was in kindergarten) I had a VERY weak stomach. Seriously, I would puke all the time! Yuck! Anyways, there was a Christmas thing going on at my school in 1st grade, and someone had made a bunch of Santa shaped, red jello. (Goodness, I'm such a dork. My stomach is already not feeling good just thinking about it. Anyways...) I ate a whole bunch of 'em! Well, when I got home, my stomach wasn't feeling good. I was sitting at the dining room table, probably eating. lol =D I stood up and started walking to the bathroom. I didn't make it. I puked on our beige colored rug in the living room. Stained it red. At first, I was panicking a little bit, thinking it was blood, but I remembered the red jello and knew immediately, I would never, EVER be able to eat jello again. So, there ya have it. I hate Jello. Though, on occasion I would eat my free Jello I got from El Chico's (which is a Mexican restaurant we went to basically every Friday night at my old house in the city). But, even then my stomach would scream, "NOOOO!" lol :P Now, however, Jello is OUT OF THE QUESTION. Uh oh. Oh boy. I seriously am not feeling good right now. I probably shouldn't have mentioned this. *hold stomach*

Well, those are four fun facts about me. =) Hannah, this was so much fun, even if I didn't participate in the first one, and kept forgetting to do the other two. lol :P Thanks for doing it! Btw, the giveaways for this week look AWESOME!! *crosses fingers* lol ;)

~Eldarwen Failariel~

15 Greetings from Elven Friends

Really Ramona said...

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Lexi said...


haha great post! I had fun reading all of your random facts!

The Golden Eagle said...

I dislike jello too. I've never thrown it up or anything, I just don't especially like the squishy feeling. :p

Laney said...

Haha, great answers! Oh my goodness...I ALWAYS pick things up with my feet! It's just so much more convenient :) Maybe that's why I hate wearing socks...

And I only have 1 friend who is my age, besides people online...Everyone else is always older!

:) Blessings!

Kade said...

it does make us loook cool,
but we ain't hidin' from nuttin'.

Guinevere said...

No. 4 is TOTALLY funny!lol!

Evergreena said...

Yeah! I love picking things up with my feet. And I open doors with my feet too. Very handy when your arms are full. :)

Oh, so sorry that you don't like Jello! It's just so much fun!

Izori said...

Jello IS kinda disgusting. Lol. I don't really like the taste, but I love playing with jello.

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

So, what exactly is this planting chums thing?


Hugs 'n'love


Lindsay said...

Fun facts, Eldarwen!! I had to laugh as I was reading your Jello story. Too funny. :D

Eldarwen said...

Ramona, I'll check it out! =D

Lexi, no way!! Sweet! Don't you just love it?! =D

The Golden Eagle, I know! My dad liked to slurp his jello, then swoosh it around in his mouth and make it melt. *shiver* That grossed me out! The sound of it was just... *ugh*.

Laney, I hate wearing socks, too!! *knuckles* Everyone else doesn't understand it. *shrugs shoulders* :)

Kade, ha ha ha. I beg to differ. :)

Guin, thanks! XD

Evergreena, me, too! Though, only of they're already cracked. I can't actually lift my leg up (with full arms) to turn the handle and open the door. lol =D

Izori, hehe. :) {hugs}

Gwenea, if you click on the button in the post, you can read all about it! ;D

Lindsay, lol =D I know, I was laughing, too... after I got over the queasiness of my tummy. =)


Memzie said...

Those ARE fun facts! They made me laugh and smile!

Great choices for being random and fun!

Eldarwen said...

Thanks, Memzie! =D

Anna Gray said...

What fun facts! You probably would hate talking to me, because I wear sunglasses all the time talking to people! LOL!

Found your blog through Hannah's on McLinky! =)

Eldarwen said...

Anna Gray, NO WAY! I wouldn't hate you! :) It would just be difficult for me to have a conversation with you, and stay focused on what we're talking about. lol :D I mean, I can handle it better with girls, but guys are so frustrating. Even when they're not wearing their sunglasses, they still don't look at you when they talk to you, or vise-versa. lol =D