Monday, April 26, 2010

Soundtrack Of My Childhood

I know, an interesting title, huh? Well, I'm an interesting person. lol =D
I did a tag last night, and I'm supposed to do a post titled: Soundtrack Of My Childhood. So, what should I post about? Well, I'll post about many different things. How about that?
Last night Esara, Caldirwen and I made some organic Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yum! *licks lips* We each got six cookies (it made 24 cookies, but mom and dad can't have 'em), and I'm sad to say *hangs head* I ate all six of mine. *cries* I know, I was SO bad! But, I was watching Jurassic Park 3 with my sisters and.... next thing I know, I reach down into my bowl that was filled with cookies and I find nothing. :( My glass of milk was still there, though! =D Nah, that doesn't matter. I hate milk unless I'm drinking it with cookies or cereal. *humph*
Anyways, yes, I ran out o' cookies and I have no more to eat. So I simply ate an apple for my snack today. =)
Oh! Dad is not doing all that great. He's really tired lately and.... well, could you just keep him in your prayers? Thank you! :)
I just got a brilliant idea. Why don't I come up with some song titles, that briefly explain my childhood?! I'm a genius!! (lol) =D
Get Back Up-- Toby Mac
Sunshine Girl-- Britt Nicole
.... I'm drawing a blank here. =/ Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I only came up with two.
Two. *palmface*
Oh well! I've found something else to talk about. This afternoon Esara, Caldirwen and I went with mom to our once-a-week-every-Monday Unit Study and today all the kids played this awesome game! You take four hoola-hoops, place them in different areas of the grass, then pick someone to be "it". The person who's "it" has to run around and tag everyone, making those people "it" along with them. The hoops are "safety zones" where someone can get away from the person who's "it", but only for 3 seconds at a time. Ah ha! You knew there was a catch, didn't ya? :) I did too. lol =D Anyways, I don't get outside a lot nowadays, so I was basically dying by the third round. Literally. I hate running. Especially for a long time. And, the kids [purposefully] volunteered me to be "it" one time. I just know they did it to be mean. I just know it. lol jk =P
Well, I'm about done rambling. I should probably go get some water to drink, since I've been sitting here thinking "I'm thirsty" for the last five minutes. :)
So, I'm not really into all that "save the planet, man" stuff, but go hug a tree and give a squirrel a bath! Adios people!
~Eldarwen Failariel~

15 Greetings from Elven Friends

Lindsay said...

I don't think I could be this random if I tried! lol You are too funny, Eldarwen. =D

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

oh eldarwen, i'll put your dad back on the prayer list on my blog :)

Eldarwen said...

Lindsay, gracias! *bows* lol =D

Cornet, thanks! :)


Katherine Sophia said...

That was totally funny to read! I enjoyed it, Eldarwen! :D And I hope your dad feels better *stops to pray* Hope you have a good day!

Haley said...

Okay, it's official, you define random, Eldarwen! :) I'll be praying for your dad.

Love and hugs,

Taylor said...

Jurassic Park 3? Haha, bet I know why you watched that! =D I am praying very hard for your Dad! Tell him that if he gets better, he can have my sunglasses! lol =D

Eldarwen said...

Katherine, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks!

Haley, hehe. :) Thank you so much! =D {hugs}

Taylor, you do? *shocked look* How in the world would you have guessed it? lol =D I will tell him! Thanks bunches and bunches! {hugs}


Izori said...

Praying for your dad, Eldarwen!

Laney said... are so randomly hilarious! :P I hate milk unless it's with cereal or milk, too! But it has to be suuuper duuuper cold! :)

I'll keep your dad in my prayers!


Eldarwen said...

Laney, thanks. =) Yeah, I know! I like my milk super cold too. ;)


Hannah said...

It's not too late too participate in this week's Planting Chums, at all! :-)

Eldarwen said...

Hannah, yippee! Okay, I'll get right to it, as soon as I can get on my computer, because it has better pictures. :) I'm on my mom's right now.


[Laurea] said...

I'll pray for your dad! People always make me run during games/sports. Probably because it's funny for them to see me suffer :) You're funny.

24 was pretty awesome last night, wasn't it? Though they're been saying "Only 5 hours left!" For a while now!


Eldarwen said...

Laurea, I know! I caught that as well. They said 5 hours left last week, too. lol :P


Alexandra said...

Hahahaha! :D

--I TOTALLY understand your milk thing. I'm glad im not the only one who hates it! Unless (like you said) I have it specifically with cereal or cookies...

Alexandra =)