Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun At Six Flags

Yep. We had a blast at Six Flags on Friday, April 23rd, and a BLAST with Christy and Taylor all day yesterday at my house (her parents took her little sisters to the zoo)! =D Taylor and I are like two peas-in-a-pod. We did so many ridiculous things (and drug her sister Christy into it with us)! You'll see some of the ridiculously crazy things we do in the following pictures. Just wait... ;) And yes, I did ride some roller coasters (shockingly =D).

This is me, Caldirwen, and Esara standing around, waiting to meet up with Taylor and her family.

More standing around...

We found 'em! Taylor's parents took her little sisters off to go to Loony Tunes Land and we took Christy and Taylor off to ride the big rides. *wink*

Here's the first actual ride I rode with Taylor! The Sombrero! It moves up and down, and goes in a backwards circle. It's fun!

I didn't get pictures of the rides we rode in-between there: The Sidewinder, Conquistador (in which I did not ride), The Mexican Tea Cups (we spun them super fast!) and the Bob Sled (which is basically like bobsledding. You sit in this huge bob sled, that seats three people, you go up a big hill, then slide down this long, twisty, turny, "tube" thing super fast... and yes, I rode it:). Anyways, this is a picture of the Titan!!! Taylor rode in the back with my mom. She raised one of her hands up and waved at me the whole way up the big hill. Can you see her hand??

Look a little bit closer... did you see it? I did, and I laughed so hard! When they went down the GINORMOUS hill, I saw the hand go down. lol =D And no, I didn't ride this one.

Me and Taylor after she got off the Titan.
Oh yeah, Christy is standing behind me. :)

Mapping the place out. Taylor is helping! Thank you Taylor. :)

We just HAD to get our picture in The Big Chair!

Everyone (but me, of course *sigh*) rode the Batman. Can you see them?

*whoosh* (And yes, they're on this one).

Christy, Taylor and I all bought some capes. Christy got Batman's, Taylor got a pink Superman cape, and I got... the Joker's cape?? What?!

Me: "Ready for take-off!"
Taylor: "This could be a recipe for disaster."

The three super heroes... er, just pretend I'm not wearing the Joker's cape.

I stole it from him. Yeah! I stole it. I defeated the Joker with my super awesome powers and took his cape as my prize!!!

Taylor, Christy and I, flying away... well, trying to. :P

*sigh* The flying thing didn't work out. So, we sat back down on the bench and took a rest after all that running. Wait, are we wearing our capes on our heads?!
Can you see Caldirwen resting on the bench to the right? *giggle*

Me and Taylor in our Super Poses!

What is it with Taylor and sticking things in front of my face?!

Narthea and the friend she brought along (there was an extra ticket, so Taylor's mom said we could invite another friend for Narthea).You might be surprised, but I rode roller coasters. Yes, I did. Here are the rides I rode:
The Sombrero (which isn't a roller coaster, as you know)
The Bobsled
The Mexican Tea Cups
The Gunslinger (which is where you sit in a swing, get taken way up and swung in a circular motion)
The Tony Hawk
The Runaway Mine Train
The Texas Chute-Up (which is where two people sit in a little parachute-like-thing and get taken waaaaaay up in the sky, and let back down. Of course, Tay and I rode together.:)
And my favorite, The Judge Roy Scream. We rode this one four (or five, I can't remember) times in a row!!! There was hardly anyone in line and none of them were waiting for our seats, so Taylor and I kept asking if we could just stay on. The two people (a teenage boy and girl) who were there to work the ride, were like, "Okay." It was so much fun! The girl kept telling anyone who was excited to scream (before she let the cart go) and Taylor and I screamed so loud it hurt my own ears! lol =D As we were going out we both pointed to ourselves and said, "It was all us! We won!" Then I turned to the girl and said, "Do we get a prize?" She said, "Yes, you get to go again!" and Tay and I screamed again! lol =D We're so goofy like that. :P I would tell you all about the other jokes we made with the people who were in control of the rides, but those are for me and Tay to know, and you to [not] find out. ;)

Yesterday was so much fun! Christy and Taylor came over to my house to spend the day, while Taylor's parents took the little ones to the zoo.
This video will explain the last pic....

Yeah, I'm wearing a paper bag on my head. :P Well, I can't show my face, so Taylor came up with this idea. =) A good one, but I could barely breath in there, and I COULD NOT see where I was going!! LOL =D Aren't we awesome at coordinating a light saber fight? *whispers* not!

Yeah, I know. They just HAD to leave. *heavy sigh* *tear* This is Taylor and I hugging good-bye.

What?! Taylor is smiling???? She's happy that she's leaving!!! And all along I thought she was crying along with me. *humph* LOL jk =D No, neither of us cried, but we were sad to say good-bye. She and her family are probably on their way out of Texas by now. Actually, they might even be home. *shrugs shoulders*

Taylor, I had such a great time with you at Six Flags, and another great time with you at my house!! The NUMEROUS videos we took of us fighting with light sabers, and the ridiculous pictures, and the dorky "super hero" videos we took were just too much fun! This time, I'll have to come see you! ;D I love you girl, and I'll miss you!!


~Eldarwen Failariel~

28 Greetings from Elven Friends

samarah said...

looks like you guys had lots of fun! :) I hate when friends come to visit and then they have to leave! :( but I am going to go visit a friend in a week or so that I haven't seen in like a year or 2! :D I'm so excited!

Hope you have a great rest of your Sunday!

Guinevere Amoureaux said...

Cool! I hope you had a great time!

Eldarwen said...

Guinevere, I did! Thanks! =D

Samarah, I know! Ooh, I hope you have fun, girl! ;D


samarah said...

oh I will!! ;P

Rose said...

You had a lot of fun I'm guessing. :) I'm so jealous I've always wanted to go to six flags. I love the joker cape! LOL

Love U!

***Emily*** said...

It sounds so fun!! I wish that I could have come.... y'all make me laugh because of the light saber fight.

My friend's and I wanted to have one when we were at church one night, we couldn't find any light sabers so we improvised with pool sticks. It was really fun.

Also I was wondering if you've gotten the bracelet yet...I sent it last week.

In Christ,

Tayblor said...

Haha, I can't believe that you posted that video! I'm so embarrassed! Haha, that was SO much fun! We totally have to do that again! And I was not happy to leave! *sniffle* Is that really what you think? lol jk Yep, we're safely back in Arkansas. =( But, you have to come up here in a couple of months so we can go swimming!!!!! =D Wow, we are SO ridiculous! Good grief. And I'm keeping my cape and glasses!!!!!! =D

Milli said...

Wow, that looks so fun! Especially the rides. The capes are cool:]

Kade said...

that was violent...


♥Iona♥ said...

WOW! Taylor rode the Titan? When I went to six flags over texas I coukld barely look at it! :P
The Shockwave (which is at six flags over texas) was my first roller coaster ever! :D
Well, hope you had FUN!

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

SO glad you had such a great time! The video is HILARIOUS!

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun! I'd love to go to Six Flags one day... glad to hear you had a blast. Thanks for following my blog too, and for the comment you left. :)

Have a super Sunday,

Eldarwen said...

Thanks for the comments!

Tayblor, yeah! I was like, "Should I post this or not? We look ridiculous (or, at least I do!)" lol =D But, I did it anyway. lol :P Oh yeah! I'm soooo coming up there! Don't know when, but it's totally happening! ;D

Jessica, it is fun! You're welcome! =D


Eldarwen said...

Oh, and Emily, yes, I just got the bracelet this afternoon! Mom and I went to the P.O. Box to get the mail and *ta-da* it was there! I'm wearing it right now, and I LOVE it!! =D Thanks!


Lindsay said...

WOW.... how fun!!! I am so proud of you for riding some roller coasters, Eldarwen! Yay!! =D Taylor's pretty brave to ride the Titan. I'm not sure if I would ride that. lol! Oh, one more thing... I love those M&M's stairs. How neat! ;)

I'm so glad y'all had a good time!

~ Lots of Love,
Lindsay <3

Haley said...

It looks like y'all had a total blast!! :)

[Laurea] said...

You remind me of me and my best friend!
That was probably the most epic light saber fight ever :)

I wonder if Jack Bauer could maneuver a light


Jenna said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time with your friend. Thank you for sharing the many pictures! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Eldarwen said...

Lindsay, thank you. Yes, I'm proud of myself as well. *stands up tall* lol =D It was fun! I didn't regret it at all! Next time, I am so riding the Shockwave! I really wanted to, but I just couldn't make myself do it. =( I know, those stairs were sweet! =D

Haley, we did! I was sad to see it end. =(

Laurea, so we're not the only ones?! *wipes brow* Good. *thumbs up* Hmmm, maybe we should write in to the director of 24 and ask him to do a short of Jack training to be a Jedi and wielding a light saber.... *taps chin*.... lol =D jk

Jenna, I did! You're welcome! =D


Tayblor said...

Yes, Eldarwen, I hope you feel bad about deserting me on the Shockwave!!!! TRAITOR!

Eldarwen said...

*cries* I'm sorry, Tayblor. I was scared. *puppy face*

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Wow! looks like you guys had alot of fun! Makes me kinda jealous. :P lol :)
You guys are sooo silly!
With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

•Karis Brown• said...

Hey Eldarwen! Ok, so it's so cute how you do your pictures! You don't want to show your face so you're creative with it! :)

I love, love, love the batman ride the best! I could ride that one over and over! :) So glad you guys had fun!


Narthea said...

Haha!! I can't believe how goofy you guys are! =D It WAS a lot of fun, though, wasn't it?! I love that video... But I have to say it was much, much funnier in person! ;) I could hardly see your "carrot fingers" being chopped off and falling to the floor. lol

Oh, and I noticed you didn't mention that me and my friend are in the *very front* of that ride in the Titan picture... did you?! lol =) I don't think I was brave enough to raise my hands right there, though. ;D

Anyway, I'm glad y'all had fun!

Love you!


Eldarwen said...

Bleah, we will TOTALLY have to do this someday after we get to know each other more! ;D {hugs}

Karis, gracias! Hehe, Tay helped with some of the ideas. As you can see. *wink* ;)

Narthea, oh, yeah. I noticed that you couldn't see my "carrot fingers" falling to the floor after being chopped off. *pout* Looks like the camera person (who shall remain nameless *cough*NARTHEA*cough*) didn't do a good job of catching that. lol ;D
Oh yeah, you did, didn't you? Yes, I "forget" to mention that. *chuckles* :)


His Handmaidens said...

So, we no get to see what Eldarwens REALLY like. A tottaly new side of you, my dear. Good gracious, you must have had oodles of fun!
PS I started the Percy Jackson series yesterday!

Eldarwen said...

Jillian, yep! =D I can be quiet and shy, but when I'm with someone like Taylor, it's sooo hard not to be! LOL =D You could say we got a little carried away at Six Flags with the whole "Super Heros" thing, but hey, we got the look! ;)

Sweet! Tell me what you think when you're done with it!! =D I LOVE IT!


Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Hilarious video! That's better than me and my brother can do!