Sunday, April 18, 2010

Did I Do That? =0

..."Why yes, Eldarwen, you did."
Alright, explanation time. :) Yesterday, Narthea and I decided to make dad an apple pie (yes, he can have an apple pie, as long as all the ingredients are organic, and there's NO animal products in it at all, which include milk, yogurt, meat, eggs, etc.). Narthea made the crust, and at first it didn't work out, so she dumped that one in the trash and started again. I ran over to my Nana's house next door to get my hair chopped off (yes, cut) and to borrow her glass pie plates (we are not using anything coated, so stainless steel or glass for us:). I ran back over with the pie plates and sure enough, the crust was in the oven and it was time for me to make the filling. I cut up the apples, rolled them in oat flour, brown sugar and allspice, then set them in the crust and drizzled honey and the crust-topping on top. I set them in the oven for one hour (oh yeah, we made two pies). Mmm, mmm, mmm, they smelt absolutely delicious! =D Well, when the timer went off, I took them out of the oven. I set one of the pie plates on our glass cutting board, and the other on the stove. I put the over mits back in their drawer and heard this exploding sound. I turned around to face the pie plates. "Yikes!" The one I set on the glass cutting board busted. Glass was everywhere. "What happened?" I thought to myself. Of course, mom and Narthea come in there, wondering what I had done wrong this time. We found out that I had set the pie plate in a puddle of water that was sitting on the cutting board. Apparently, setting a hot, glass pie plate in [even a small] puddle of water that was most likely not as hot as the dish, will crack the pie plate and make it explode. *grrr* Why do I always do stupid stuff like that? *sigh* Needless to say, yes, we're going to have to buy my Nana and new pie plate. Sorry Nana-banana! Anyways the pies were yucky, makes the matter worse. Guess Narthea and I should switch "jobs" next time and see if the pies turn out any better. ;)
Well, just a quick reminder about my giveaway/party! If you have been pondering whether or not to enter, I say: "ENTER!" If you're an Owl City fan, you won't regret it (unless, of course, you loose). :P Also, I'm not sure if I made it very clear, but JUST BECAUSE YOU ENTER THE GIVEAWAY, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO THE Q & A'S POST, AND JUST BECAUSE YOU DO THE Q & A'S POST, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY. Please keep that in mind. =) Also, if you're outside of the USA, I'm sorry, but I won't be shipping that far. USA shipment only. Anyways, click the button below to get to my part-ay! ;D


~Eldarwen Failariel~
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16 Greetings from Elven Friends

Guinevere Amoureaux said...

Love your blog, Eldarwen!:D:D:D

Eldarwen said...

Thanks so much, Guinevere! Ooh, and I see you followed. :) Gracias! =D

Lindsay said...

Hahaha.... there never seems to be a dull moment when you're in the kitchen, Eldarwen! First the burnt broccoli and now this?! You're too much, girl. lol! jk =D

Love you lots!
~ Lindsay <3

Eldarwen said...

Lindsay, you know me too well. Yep. When I'm in the kitchen something always happens. Good or bad. But, mostly bad. lol =D

Love you lots, too! <3

Cassie said...

Oh, my... how, um, exciting? XD

I hope that you are able to get everything worked out and cleaned up from your baking escapades. =D

Your friend,

Hope Marie said...

Sounds like something I would do!

Eldarwen said...

Cassie, my thought exactly. lol :P Thanks. We got it all cleaned up, but buying another pie plate hasn't happened yet.

Hope, haha! Yay! I'm not alone! *claps hands together*

Milli said...

Exploding plates? How epic! I wish I could have saw that!

Haley said...

That sounds like something I would do, Eldarwen! :) Last fall I canned some apples and they would have been really good, but apparently I filled the cans up too much, so one by one the stuff started oozing out of the cans and making these little exploding noises. I was so mad at myself when I saw half a day's work, can by can, "exploding." :) Oh well, you live and learn I guess. :)

Love and hugs,

Eldarwen said...

Milli, yeah.... an epic FAIL. lol :P

Haley, oh I remember you telling me about that in one of your letters! I can't stop laughing, Haley! Are we two-peas-in-a-pod or what? lol =D

Lizzy said...

SO you got your hair cut? Can we see pics?

Eldarwen said...

Lizzy, *light bulb goes off* *gasps* *slaps computer desk* I just came up with a brilliant idea! I will show you pictures of my new hair cut! =D I'm a genious!

lol jk ;D


Charity said...

LOL girl! No dull moments in the kitchen when you're around, huh? When we get to meet, we should have a cooking party - first one to break/drop/ basically make a disaster wins! LOL, don't ask me what. Anyway, you're awesome. Glad we're friends!

Tayblor said...

Eldarwen, I want to enter for your giveaway. I'm sorry, I thought I commented, but I guess I didn't. I don't have time to find the exact post right now, but if I need to, I will find it later. But can this comment count?

Eldarwen said...

Tayblor, yes, it counts! I know all the things you did to enter! You don't have to comment on that post. For you, I'll make an exception. I know how busy you are. ;)


Anonymous said...

LOL Eldarwen your too funny. The other night I did something like that. I was making snicker doodles (they we wonderful!) and it was like 10 o'clock and i turned the mixer on w/out the bowl in place or anything in it and i was like " these are going be horrible I know it. I will burn them or put the wrong spice or something!" but they we okay.

well have a good day!