Monday, April 19, 2010

Can We Be Random For A Minute.... Or Two?

Okay, great! Because I so adore randomness! =D
Esara, Caldirwen and I have "joined" a unit study, in which we're studying about our state.
This afternoon we went to pick bluebonnets to press and put in our notebooks.
I so adore bluebonnets. They're my favorite flower! Why? Well....
One: blue is my favorite color.
Two: it makes me think of Blue Bell ice-cream.
Three: they smell absolutely beautiful!
And last, but not least, they're really cool lookin'! =D
Anyways, I'm not really sure how to press a flower and do all that crazy stuff with it, so I'm about to look it up online.
I thought I'd ask you if you've ever smooshed a flower.
So, have you?
If you have, you don't have to explain it to me. That's okay. I like using my Internet browsing skills to navigate websites that give me super-duper information on interesting things like how to smoosh a flower (press, squash.... whatever you wanna call it).
Ooh, Blue-Bell ice-cream sounds really yummy right now.
I love, love, love cookies and cream!
No, strawberry is better!
"Eldarwen, what about chocolate chip cookie dough?!"
*pauses* Ooh.... *licks lips*
Oh, there's so many good fla'vuhs out there, it's soooooo hard to decide. It doesn't matter, though.
I'm not allowed to have ice-cream no more.
Anymore. Sorry. :)
Well, I guess I will leave you with that. I can't really think of any other random things to say.
Oh! I am about to meet my all-time, awesome, super-cool, sweet, new friend, Taylor (or you could use my nick-name for her: Tayblor) at Six Flags over Texas, this Friday!!! Eep! *jumps up and down*
We've been e-mailing for what feels like forever and we are such good, close friends now!
We decided to meet.
I just can't contain my excitement any longer!
Taylor! 3 more days until Thursday (which is when she's coming to my house *slaps cheeks*)!....
Anyways, here are some things I'd like to know about you. Yes, you:
1. Have you ever smooshed a flower and, like, put it in a laminate thing, or whatever? :)
2. What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?
3. What exciting news do you have?! =D
~Eldarwen Failariel~

21 Greetings from Elven Friends

Hope Marie said...

I was just looking at your blog and I refreshed the page and ther was your new post!!! Good luck with your flower smooshing your flower.

Katherine said...

1. Yes, several. I used to get a flower every year at my piano recital, and I must still have them. I have no idea where the book is that has the pressed flowers...
2. Chocolate chip cookie dough!
3.Sunday I am going to meet my best friend, for the 3rd time in 2 years!!


Lindsay said...

Fun post, Eldarwen! I adore randomness too. ;) Here are my answers to your questions:

1. Yes, I'm pretty sure I've smooshed a flower before.

2. Ah, hard question to answer. But... I'd have to say "Take the Cake." It's a Dreyer's favor. I like Blue Bell ice cream better, but they don't have it where we live! :(

3. Uh.... I wanna go to Six Flags with you!!!! Think y'all could pick us up on your way?! =D

~ Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Milli said...

WOW. Now...that's random! I like bluebonnets too! I've never smelled one, though. The name sounds cool.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness.... I meant "FLAVOR." Sorry, typos really annoy me... I just *had* to correct myself! lol =D

Eldarwen said...

Hope, cool! =D

Katherine, (1.)oh! That's neat!
(3.) ooh, have fun, girl! ;D

Lindsay, (1.) really? I'm working on mine now. I have to keep it smooshed in a book for 3 days. Uh. I don't have very good patience. lol
(2.) Narthea likes Blue-Bell's birthday cake one, or something like that. I bet it's quite a bit like Take the Cake! :)
(3.) I would if I could, trust me! =D

Milli, yep. Randomness is sweet, right? ;D Yes, they smell soooo good! =D


Guinevere Amoureaux said...

Do you have a blog button? I'd like to put it on my blog!:D

Eldarwen said...

p.s., Lindsay, I didn't even notice. No biggie. I do it ALL THE TIME! lol =D

Guinevere, yes, I do. It's on the right sidebar, just under the Ocean Eyes, Owl City button. It's transparent, so it's kind of hard to see. =)

Ellie said...

1. Yup, a long time ago... I got some funky kit thing, so I can't tell you how to do it from scratch, sorry... :(

2. Good old Moose Tracks. It's a flavor from Wilcoxsons, a local Montana ice cream company, so you've probably never had it before... :P

3. I get to say at my friend's house for a few days while my family is scattered across the northwest... (Brother and dad in Utah, mom somewhere in Montana...) :D

Wow... that was a random little comment... Hehe! :)

Eldarwen said...

Elli, 1(.) that's okay! ;D
(2.) Nope. Never heard of it. Kind of reminds me of Ben and Jerry. They have weird names for their ice-cream....
(3.) yay! Sounds like a bunch of fun! =D

Jenna said...


Great post, dear friend! I enjoyed reading your random words!
Here are my answers:

1. No, I don't think I've ever smooshed a flower.

2. Ooooh, I like Blue Bell's Peppermint icecream! YUMMY! :) I had some today!

3. Well, on Friday I have a field trip! I am excited! :)

Have a blessed evening!

Your Sister In Christ,

Eldarwen said...

Jenna, (1.) ah. It's pretty boring, so you haven't missed out on much. lol =D
(2.) I used to like that flavor of Blue Bell's, but it reminds me too much of toothpaste, so it's not my favorite anymore. =) Esara LOVES it, though!
(3.) Cool! I hope you have fun! =D

Tayblor said...

lol jk jk jk

faithngracegirl said...

Ya know Eldarwen, I can be pretty random BuT I must say that you, my girl, are the Queen of Random.... at least in this post ;D. I'll answer your questions:

1. I have tried to press some flowers once between some books but I don't know what happened to them. I probably gave up (I'm terribly good at that :(.

2. I am a chocoholic so naturally I love chocolate ice cream.

3. Hmmmm I don't really have anything exciting. Oh wait! I do! Today, I was running on our porch. As I was running I all of a sudden heard this CRACK and felt myself going DoWn. I managed to think as I was falling, "What happened" THen I hit the ground underneath the porch! I knew to well what happened then... the porch board broke underneath me :P. I don't know why that would be exciting but it is.

Where are you going to be in Texas when you go to Six Flags? I've never been there but it sounds super duper fun! Have a great time!!


Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

I tried it once, and it worked pretty well. What I do is;

1: Spray them with hair spray. It makes the colors last. It works, really!

2: put them between two pieces of paper

3: Pile as many heavy books on top as you like.

4: Wait at least a week, for them to completely flatten and dry out.

Hope this works for you!



P.S. YOU HAVE FLOWERS?!?!?!?! Already? Here we're lucky to have a few green shoots

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

Oh yes and 2: Mint chocolate chip!!!!!

3: Erm..........I visited my Best Friend today? We goofed off and did each other's makeup. Not that I'd ever wear all that stuff in public. Oh, and my daddy went to Indiana for a job interview. I'm supposed to pray that he gets it, but I want to stay here! So I'll pray that he either gets a job here, soon, (he's about to be fired) or we go to Indiana for a few years, and then come back.

Would ya mind praying too?



Rachel said...

As a fairly random person I can tell you that I appreciated your random post. It was fabulous.
1. smooshed a flower from my wedding
2. Coldstone coffee toffee icecream
3. news? none....just life right now.


Eldarwen said...

But Tayblor... *pouty face*

FnGg, gracias! Randomness is awesomeness. ;) 1(.) lol =D
(2.) really? That used to be my fav, but chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry are in a constant battle for first. :)
(3.) Ouch! I hope you weren't hurt! =0 Six Flags Over Texas is in Arlington.

Gwenea, (1.) thanks! I wish I would've read this comment before I started. *palmface*
(2.) another mint chocolate chip lover. Looks like you and Jenna have something in common! =D
(3.) sounds like fun!
Of course I'll pray about it! ;)

Rachel, well thank you! *bows* lol jk =D (1.) sweet! I hope you kept it.... :)
(2.) sounds DELICIOUS! =D I must try it sometime.... in about a year. lol
(3.) well, life counts as news. :)


The Golden Eagle said...

1. I've pressed flowers before
2. Strawberry, people! (though I rarely eat ice cream or dough, for that matter.)
3. Um, I dunno. What counts as exciting news? That the furnace broke down? Not much is happening with me . . .

sarahlynn said...

Hey! I love randomness too! lol I am constantly saying random I have never done that with a flower...wanted to though
can't wait to see the results for the giveaway!!
Have a great day!

Rachel B said...

Randomness is SUPERFANTABULOUS! :P lol

1. I have smooshed/dried flowers and put them someplace "Safe"

2. Maple Walnut is my favourite flavour, hands down. It's MAPLE and it has NUTS! :) lol

3. My Dad got married on Saturday.. I suppose that's really exciting!