Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yippidy yay! I'm not sure why I said that, but it's fun! Try it! "Whoop-de-do! Yippidy yay!" See, wasn't that fun? This post is really going to be pointless. In case you haven't noticed I'm not really talking about anything important. Do you like the color blue? I do! Yeah, this post is pointless. By now you may be asking yourself, "Why am I reading this?" You're probably wondering what's going through my head. Well, I'll tell you what's going through my head... bluegrass music. That's right, it's embedded in there and I can't get it out. Argh!!!! *bangs on head* Yep, it's stuck. This afternoon at two we went to a Bluegrass singing with food, friends, family and... bluegrass singing (go figure). I really cannot stand Bluegrass music, so that's why I was basically going insane the whole time. The problem was, I couldn't make my foot stop tapping. No matter what I did, it just kept tappin' along. Ugh! Why? Why? Why? Why me? Have you ever had that experience? Where you were so determined to not like a song and then you realize your foot is tapping? Come one, please someone tell me I'm not the only one!!

Well, this was just a short post since I didn't post today. I know, I know, it's okay to go a day or two without posting, but I just sort of felt obligated to do it today. I mean, come one, it's Saturday! :) I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but it's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. lol =D Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely Saturday! Shabbat Shalom!

~Eldarwen Failariel~

15 Greetings from Elven Friends

Glow Fish said...

Lol, that is fun! ;)

samarah said...

I smiled while I read that post :) and no you're not the only one who does that! I do that a lot!! :P


Eldarwen said...

Glow fish, good! =D

Samarah, oh I am so glad I'm not the only one! lol =D


Lindsay said...

Hey, pointless is fun, Eldarwen! lol! :D Yep, I know what you're talking about. That's how I was with Owl City at first. I didn't really like any of the songs, but then I found myself humming "Hot Air Balloon" all the time... aaaahhhh! Now I sorta like Owl City, so it's not so annoying anymore. ;)

Eldarwen said...

Lindsay, you're right! It is fun! lol =D You'll never believe this, but the other day I caught Narthea singing along with Vanilla Twilight in our room. She put it in our CD player and sung to it! I had to run in there and see for myself. I couldn't believe it! lol =D

Love your friend,

samarah said...

I love the song Vanilla Twilight! I was listening/singing to it today :D

Rachel said...

Your not the only one,lol.
My grandfather often plays 60's music.
I hate that music, but then i find myself humming along, AAAGH,lol.


•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL Eldarwen. If anything I think what I do while listening to a song is weirder. Not only does my foot tap my my hand just involuntary starts doing the conducting patterns for that song!

Alexandra said...

Fun post! =)

And yes, you are not alone :) It's just so weird...the song is like taking over your body or something...happened to me with Owl City music, too as Lindsay said-Fireflies :S

-Alexandra =D

Eldarwen said...

Samarah, I know, don't you just love that song with ever fiber of your being? :) lol =D

Rachel, thank goodness! lol =D Whoa, 60s music might (might) be worse than Bluegrass. I feel for you girl. :)

Cornet, whoa, that is interesting. I wouldn't even know the patterns for the song or how to conduct it. LOL =D

Alexandra, thanks! :D Oh yes, Fireflies has that affect on people. Seriously, the first time I heard it was on Ivorydancer's blog and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! I mean, immediately. It took no though what-so-ever and before I knew it, I had put it on my playlist. Hehe. :D

Eldarwen <3

Haley said...

Oh, I know, I hate it when that happens. It's enough to drive you nuts! :)

Abigail said...

OH, random isn't bad! I do that too! Yeah, you're deffinatly NOT alone on that; I'm the same way- only it isn't with bluegrass it was with the band Flyleaf. THey're an okay vband in my poinion. It's just... they're kinda screamy in some of their songs... Other than that, they're okay! But seriously, I heard one of the songs and I HATED it! Then, the next day I was humming and singing it! lol!

Giving God the Glory!

Shelby said...

Well, we're just going to hafto reform you. BLUEGRASS is the BEST!!!. I'm gonna put my music back on automatic play so when you come to my blog, you have to listen (at least for a second until you turn it off) =) I actually probably won't do that.

Eldarwen said...

You're absolutely right, girl! {hugs}

I've never heard of Flyleaf. Hmm. Yeah, when I first heard 12 Stones I was like, "Whoa, they scream waaay too much." Now I really like their music. :) I mean, they're not one of my fav bands, but they're pretty cool.

*screams* THE HORROR!!!! THE HORROR!!!! =0 LOL JK =)

Eldarwen <3

Charity said...

Haha... i don't like bluegrass that much either. I DO like the Wissmann Family... they're great! But anyway... I love Owl City! Totally and completely... especially fireflies... :)