Monday, February 1, 2010

Goodbye Hamburger =(

Yes, we had a bull calf. Yes, we named it Hamburger. Yes, he is no longer with us. Saturday, January 30 he was acting funny when Narthea and I went out to do the barn chores. He wouldn't take his treat, which he normally comes running for. Narthea had to put it in his mouth; he acted as if he couldn't do it himself. Then, we finished the chores and when we came back inside Narthea told mom how funny Hamburger was acting. Mom was worried, because for the longest time he has had a bloated tummy, and we never knew why. Me-ma (my dad's mom) always said it was either because of gas or because he was weened from the bottle at 1 month old (no, we did not do that, someone else raised him and when we got him he and Meatloaf were sick, and unfortunately Meatloaf didn't make it). Anyway, mom went out there to check on him and saw that he had patches of missing hair on the rear end of his back and they were bloody. She called her dad who has raised cows all his life and he couldn't think of what it might be, so then mom called Mr. C2 (an elder from our church) and he said he'd come check him out. So, we left and went to Wal Mart, then came home and left to go to the Hospital to see dad. It was... 5:30pm. Well, Sunday morning (yesterday) Narthea and I went out to check on him and do the barn chores. When we came to the barn we saw little hamburger lying in the corner... completely still. He didn't make it. Mom didn't want the other animals to get near him, because we didn't know what he had, so we blocked them off. Blocking the chickens off with a piece of plywood, three metal cans, a wheel barrel, feed sack, and a plastic bucket might not sound possible, but we did it. :) That afternoon, after our Church service was over (we didn't go, though) two men (Mr. C2 and another man) came to bury Hamburger. I was a little upset, but not really, really upset. Caldirwen was upset, though. No one cried, but we all did miss his cute fuzzy hair, and the way he used to suck on your thumb (yes, we let him do that). But he's in a better place now. Here's some pictures we took of Hamburger (you can see his bloated tummy in some of them, too):

This is Caldirwen and Hamburger:

~Eldarwen Failariel~

20 Greetings from Elven Friends

Izori said...

*sniff*. I'm sorry! I know what it's like to lose a beloved animal :(

Taylor said...

Oh, I'm sorry! He was really cute!

Lindsay said...

Oh, I'm sorry, Eldarwen!! That's so sad. :(

~ Love and Hugs,

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all! Yes, we do miss him. :) {hugs}

Alex said...

I love Hello Hurricane. I need to get one of those ipod things.

Josh S. said...

Yeah, that's pretty rough. We used to have a guinea pig for about a month, but then he died! we got him from some neighbors, he was already pretty old.

Johanna said...

I am soooo sorry! I have lost an animal before too, I know how much it hurts!


Eldarwen said...

Yes, you do! They're sweet!

Guinea pig? I think I know what that is. I used to have a hamster... =)... but I gave her away after about a year of taking care of her stinky cage and running around the house trying to find my little escape artist. :P

Welcome to my blog! Yes, it does hurt, but he was a cow, so we weren't too attatched. :) Thanks!

{hugs to you all}

Haley said...

That's so sad. :( I'm very sorry.


Milli said...

Aww. That's so sad.
Why did you name him after a food?

Johanna said...

Hi Eldarwen, Yes, I do wear skirts every day of my life. I have nothing against pants, but I beleive skirts look much more Feminin. (and I think they are MUCH more cumffie too!

Your Loving Sister in Christ,


PS. Thanks for following, I love your blog too! :)

Amber said...

cool blog!:) if you get around to it check out my blog @


Stephanie said...

=( I'm sorry, Eldarwen. I remember when we had to put down our dog. Not quite the same, but I'm sorry about Hamburger all the same =(

Alexandra said...



But you're right, he IS in a better place now. With God =)

But when you said bloated, does that mean he was like really fat or overweight?


Eldarwen said...

We named him after a food because we were raising him to become our meat someday. I know, sounds inhumane, but how else do you think we end up with hamburgers on our plate? :)

That's so cool! :) Yes, we have nothing against pants, either, we just think they look really feminine. Thanks!

I will! ;) Thanks!

I'm sorry you had to put down your dog. That's probably worse than having a cow die in the night. I'm sorry!

No, I don't mean overweight. Do you see how he's kinda skinny in his legs, neck and face? Well, his tummy is HUGE! =) It's not supposed to be that big. Bloated just means only his stomach is big, so it doesn't really have anything to do with fat. :)

{hugs to you all} Thanks for all the sympothy! :)

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

aww! thats too bad! But I really love these pics..they're so cute! And I ADORE your skirt!!!
Lady Gwenea

Eldarwen said...

Yes, they are good pictures. My older sister, Narthea took them. :)
Actually, that's my youngest sister Caldirwen. She loves that skirt as well! =)


Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

Oh, haha. Well tell her that I love it!
hey could you look at my blog?
God, Bless,
Lady Gwen

Buttercup said...

awww. I'm so sorry, Eldarwen. He was so cute. poor thing.

Alexandra said...

Oh, Ok. I see what you're saying =)