Sunday, January 31, 2010

Owl City

Adam Young is an amazing artist! I just love his music... and the sound of it. Narthea said he was weird (shame, shame, shame on her!). She used to say his Fireflies song creeped her out. NOW she says his music (and him) are growing on her. Narthea, choose! I know some of the lyrics to his songs don't always sound sane, but if you listen really closely, they really do make sense. I mean, whan I listen to him sing his songs (like, the Dental Care song) I can just picture everything he's saying in my head. He just explains everything to such great detail! So, this post is for all the Owl City lovers out there. Let me hear ya scream (just leave a comment and put: *scream*). :) Also, please vote on the poll located on the right sidebar, okee dokee? :)

Yesterday I bought two of his CDs: Ocean Eyes (a personal fav) and Of June...

(click the pictures to check the CD out on

When I had the chance, I immediately loaded all his songs onto my mp3. I am really hoping to get Maybe I'm Dreaming next. :) If you haven't checked out his website... now is the time! :) Click HERE to get to Owl City's Website. My mom, Caldirwen and I all love his music, but Esara & dad are both hard hearted towards him. Narthea doesn't know what she thinks yet. :P I don't know why.... He has a really soft voice and the music is soft, too. Anyway, you can find the music video for his awesome song, Fireflies at the bottom of my blog. Check it out! It's interestingly awesome! ;)

Shabbat Shalom!

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Narthea said...

Okay Eldarwen... you KNOW he's starting to grow on me!! lol! ugh. :D I do like the guy, but his songs just seemed strange to me at first.

So... ummm... youcantakemeoffthelistof"...Esara,DadandNarthea


Love ya!

Eldarwen said...

You're so rediculous! lol =D Okee dokee, I'll change it to: "And he's growing on Narthea". Is that better? ^_^

Stephanie said...

*scream* Fireflies and Strawberry Avalanche are my favorite, but Dental care is good too!

(Narthea: I thought his songs were strange at first too. Then they grew on me) =D

Oasis Owl said...



Alex said...

Owl City is awesome. Did you know he's a christian?

•The Cornet Crazie• said...


Josh S. said...

I don't like Fireflies either! His songs make, simply and literally put, make no sense! Se, here's the lyrics of Fireflies for ya. It has really stupid (no offense eldarwen ;)) lyrics that make no sense!

Milli said...

I love owl city! I never knew he had a CD called of june, before. Is it new?

Lindsay said...

Okay, Eldarwen, I must admit that when I first heard an Owl City song I was like, "That's so weird... the lyrics don't even make sense!" But once I listened to "Hot Air Balloon" I found myself sort of liking it. I haven't heard enough of his songs to really decide, but I guess I'm kinda a fan! ;)

~ Much Love,
Lindsay <3

By the way, I love the "Who-Who's Owl
City" choice on your poll! Very funny. :D

Melody said...

I think his songs are okay, but the lyrics seem kinda meaningless (especially on "Fireflies"). It's nice that he's not really hard rock, but I prefer songs that have more depth to them (and really, that are Christian). That's just my personal preference. :)


Eldarwen said...

I did! Isn't that awesome?!?! =D

Josh & Melody,
I really like his songs because:
1. they sound modern and cool!
2. they're about love but not yucky love. :)
3. they're cute, sweet songs.
Yes, some of them don't always make sense, but hey, at least they're not bad! ;)

{hugs to you all} Thanks for the comments!

Josh S. said...

Yeah... I guess "cute" songs aren't my thing! lol

Eldarwen said...

Oh, you know what I mean! :P Okay, maybe "cute" wasn't the right word...

Josh S. said...

Lol....maybe it wasn't...just maybe.... XD

Cassie said...

I commented here, but I don't think that you got it. =D

I LOVE Owl City!

I just bought his BRAND NEW CD!!! It's the Ocean Eyes Deluxe and it has two discs and lots of new songs... Owl City has quickly become by favorite artist and I love how his songs are modern and not rocky and so cute and innocent at the same time.
I also really admire how strong of a Christian he is.

Many of my family members can't stand him either, though. =(

Love and Blessings,

Eldarwen said...


No, I don't think I did. :) I know! I wanted that one sooooo bad, but the Wal Mart we went to didn't have it in stock (:P). I know, I was so excited when I found out he was a Christian! I was surprised when my mom said the other day: "I'd really like to go see him in concert." I wanted to scream, but we were in the store. lol =D I hope she really meant it!

Mom... :)...