Sunday, November 6, 2011


My oh my, it has been so long since I've been on blogger! I am so sorry I just left all of you hanging like that. I have had a few of my blogger buddies asking where I am and if I'm okay. Have no fear, I am still breathing! It's just, the last few months have been crazy!

I'm not going to do a big, long post talking about what I've been up to, or how I've been, but I wanted to let you all know how my dad is doing. My dad is GREAT! He went through a high-risk treatment called Hi-Cy, back in September, because his Tysabri infusions weren't working for him anymore. His sight is now restored (he had lost his peripheral vision), his speech, his ability to read and think clearly, his walking and so many other things have also been restored! He is not completely healed, but he is definitely on the up and up! We are so happy and are praising God for this wonderful blessing! I just want to say thank you SO, SO much to all of you who are and have been praying for my dad and my family!! I love you all!! :)

I have wanted to update my blog for a while now, but never got around to it. I got a Facebook this summer, so I have actually been "facing", instead of blogging. :) Facebook is much faster and easier to check, for me, since I use my phone. I won't be updating my blog regularly, though I may pop in and say hello now and then. But I do miss all of you SO much! For any of my blogger friends out there who have a Facebook and would like to stay connected with me, I would love to be friends with you on there! I use my real name on Facebook, so you wouldn't be able to find me by searching for "Eldarwen" and my real name is VERY common which makes it really difficult to find me on there. So if you would like to connect with me there, you can leave your FB name and a description of your profile pic in a comment on this post (which I will not publish, unless you are okay with that), then I can send a request to you and send you a message letting you know who I am. :)
I hope all of you are doing great and life is treating you well! I love and miss you all!! <3

10 Greetings from Elven Friends

Milisande said...

So good to hear from you! I wish I could be direct friends on facebook with you but my parents wont allow that. Would you ever think of setting up a Faithful Elven Princess Facebook page? Cause then I could follow you on there :)

Miss Gwenea said...

HEY ELDARWEN! So glad to finally hear from you! I don't have a facebook, unfortunately, but if I ever get one, I'll be sure to look you up! I'm so happy your dad is doing well. That's such great news!


guinevere said...

ELDARWEN!!! Oh, I was JUST thinking about you today! "I hope Eldarwen is doing okay! Maybe I'll email Bleah to see if she knows how she's doing." LOL. :) I've just skimmed over the post; I'll read it more thoroughly now. :D

Makay said...

Good to know it was not just me who was incredibly overwhelmed with life and just had to take a break!
Welcome back friend!

guinevere said...

I think my comment got lost in cyberspace. :) What I said, in a nutshell, was I was JUST thinking about you, if you were okay, and if I knew a way to contact you the day you published this. I've missed you like crazy. :D

Trinka said...

Oh, I'm so glad your dad is doing better!!! And, I'm glad you're back on blogger! ;)

Eldarwen said...

I have missed you all so much! Thank you for the comments! Love you!!

Milisande, I thought about it, but I really think having another Facebook would be too much for me to keep up with. I will have to try my best to keep up with everyone who can't friend me on Facebook, through Blogger! (;

jo march said...

ELDARWEN!!! *Good grief* I've missed you, girl! I was thinking about you just the other day, wishing you'd drop in to say hi :) I don't have Facebook as of yet, but any news you'd care to share either by email or blogger would be readily welcome :)
Love you, darling, and I hope all is well!

Rachel said...

hey Eldarwen, I missed you!

I like your blog by the way!


Miss Gwenea said...

Hey Eldarwen! Just sending you a quick note, cause I was thinking about you today and wondering how you've been!

Hope the past few months have been filled with blessings!