Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello Chums

Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been on blogger much lately. Well, I don't really have a good excuse. Other than I have been tied up by other things and didn't have the gumption to post. *guilty wince*

My poor blog got pushed further and further down on my mental list of things to tend to. :/

Do not fret. Everything is a'okay! Dad is doing very well right now. His Tysabri infusions have been going well and he's got some energy. He and my Papa have been outside, working on a lean-to for James the unit. ^_^ It's nice to see dad outside, working again. :)

I have kept myself busy doing school, taking care of household chores, and spending time with friends and family. Oh, and yes, I still have my babysitting job. :) 

Narthea's courtship is going wonderfully! She and her beau are always smiling at each other and giggling. It's cute. ^_^ She probably wouldn't enjoy me saying that on the Internet, so *shhh*. ;)

I took a walk outside today and snapped some photos that I wanted to share with you. They're pretty random, but hey, it's something to post. :) 

{This is the "key to my heart" necklace I bought on Valentine's Day and am keeping for my future husband. Not that he has to wear it... lol}   

{The grass is vibrant and green again. As you can see, I'm loving it!}

 {I don't know why, but I just love this picture.}

{So photogenic!}

{The lean-to for James.}

{And of course my incredibly handsome, precious dog Ty. ;) Just look at that face...}

I hope you have been doing good and enjoying life while I've been away. I have a lot of blogs to catch up on. ;)

19 Greetings from Elven Friends

Lauren said...

That necklace, and the idea of it, is the most precious thing I've ever seen/heard of. How sweet! It's enough to make me tear up a bit, and get butterflies in my stomach!
Ha, okay, I'm done being all silly and sentimental.
Loved this entire post, though :)

~Lauren :)

Miss Elizabeth Rose said...

I'm so glad you're back, Eldarwen! I missed you!

Aww, that's so cute about Narthea and her beau. :)

I love all the pictures, especially the ones of your necklace. It's gorgeous!

Love in Him,
Elizabeth Rose

Näna said...

So happy you're back, dear! I missed you!

How special to be able to observe Narthea and her suitor...they sound adorable together:)

Great job on the photos! That first one is breathtaking!

Love & hugs!

Miss Gwenea said...

You have flowers you can take PICTURES OF and POST?
Not cool. D:<

For a second, I was like, um...I don't think your future husband will want that...oh okay, never mind!
Actually...I love that necklace. A LOT.


guinevere said...

Aww. Thanks for your just-for-me post, Eldarwen! ;) Glad you're back.

Really happy you're dad's doing well. When you weren't posting, I was afraid something was wrong. I'm glad everything's fine! :D

Narthea and her beau sound very sweet. I'm happy for them!

Love all the photos! <3

Anonymous said...

Yay I'm glad to see you're back :) I'm just curious, what is the difference between courtship and dating? They seem very very similar to me.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Your photos are so gorgeous! I'm glad you're doing well. :)

Lindsay said...

Yay! I was sooo excited to see that you posted, Eldarwen! :) I haven't been posting lately either. *hangs head* I don't know why, but blogging just hasn't been happening. :P Oh, well.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your update! I *love* all the pictures. No fair - we don't have any flowers around here to take pictures of... it's just brown and blah at the moment. Hopefully spring will come our way soon! And oh my goodness, Ty is too precious! I love his expression in that picture. Too cute! :D

Have a blessed Sunday, girl! <3

~ Love,

Anna Gray said...

I'm so glad you've come back, Eldarwen! I was wondering where you were. *taps foot* ;)

I am LOVING the photos too! Very well done. :)

Bree Rosalie said...

Wow, what a pretty neclace!
Imagine our future husband wearing a neclace...hehe. :)

♥, bree

Alissa said...

Very nice photos.:) Love the necklace! Though my last name means "Keeper of the Key" so it does have special significance for me.:D

Stephanie said...

Ahh... so you are alive and kicking. ;) But I am very glad to hear from you again! Thanks for posting. :)


Haley said...

When you're gone I miss your posts so much! That necklace is really pretty! I love all the pictures, you're a great photographer! :)

Love and hugs,

Shelley said...

Glad to read that you are doing well! :) Lovely photos! Cool idea about the necklace and your future husband!

HisPrincessWarrior said...

SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
SO HAPPY!!! lol
it was great to open your site and see a long post WITH PICTURES!! although i'm not all that thrilled with how warm it looks there!!! grrr.... the warmest it's been here lately is 49 ish, but add in the lovely windshield factor and all this slush that's hanging around... oh and did i mention the COLD COLD rain we got today!? lol
I LOVE the necklace-- what a precious idea!
I'm glad everything's been okay! I started wondering when you hadn't posted in so long if your dad had gotten sick or something :( so it's good to know that wasn't the case! did you get my (yes VERY late) reply/comment to your last comment to me?? lol
I really miss you and cant wait to hear from you!!!!!!
(thanks for ur sweet comments on my blog! <3 I grabbed your button BTW!!) love you sister in Christ!
can't wait to hear from you!

Eldarwen said...

Anonymous, I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I had forgotten about your comment. :/ The difference between dating and courtship? Well, with courtship you wait until you're in the season of life where you're prepared to be married. Then the young man who wants to pursue marriage with you asks your father, he gives his permission (if he does approve of this young man), and then the fellow asks you if you'd like to court him. During the courting stages you become closer through God and you're really just getting to know each other better (you don't get intimate). Then engagement comes. When two people go into a courtship it is with the desire to marry that other person. Sometimes that's the case with dating, but sometimes it doesn't work out because maybe that couple rushed things. If they had waited until they were READY to be married, and then started their relationship, things might have worked out better for them. :) And I'm not saying that dating is bad. I hope no one gets that from what I have said, but I personally believe that courtship is the better way if you're looking for a life-long relationship, founded on Jesus Christ. :)

Kaite, hello dear friend! The weather was warm that day, but recently it has dropped again, down into the 50s. Which is pretty cold for Texas. lol ^_^ I wanted to take another walk outside with my camera, but unfortunately the weather is a bit too cool for me. I'm used to the warmer weather Texas has to offer. ;P I did get your lovely comment, but I have been so busy it slipped my mind! Thank you so much for reminding me and I will reply right now before I get tied up again. ;)

Love your sister in Christ,

hannah said...

hi there, Eldarwen! my name is hannah and i found your blog through other blogs you are following. wow! you're writing is GREAT! i will pray for your dad's MS. if you'd like to read my blog, too, just search this address:

have a great day and god bless! -love hannah

book blogger said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the necklace.

Emily Shae said...

Oh, how beautiful. :) The Colors are vibrant and very vivid.

Thanks for the comment(s) you've left. I feel horrible for not visiting and commenting more often. :(

By the's your dad?

Love & Blessings,