Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yes, it's me, Eldarwen. You know, the girl you've probably forgotten about, because she hasn't posted in nearly a month? lol

That's right, I've decided to come back. That doesn't mean I'm gonna post so much that I resemble a mad woman when she sees a "50% off" sign in the window of her favorite store...
{not my photo}
...but I figured it was time to let you all in on the happenings of the past few weeks. :)

Where to begin? Well, I guess I should start off with the subject that has basically taken over my life lately: babysitting. (Wow, bet you didn't see that one comin'.) Yes, I am still working three days a week, four hours a day. The last few times have been rough, because Munchkin has [apparently] hit the terrible twos... early. I wonder what he'll be like when he's actually two? *cringe* I have a few battle scars, as I call them. He has started biting and slapping me which, of course, I do not allow, but he isn't my kid so it's not like I can pull him aside and swat him. I usually firmly say, "NO!", but that doesn't really work. So, if you ever think about it, please keep Munchkin and me in your prayers. :)

Let's see, what other news do I have for you? Well, our Church did the yearly Christmas Drama we do in December. I played the [proud] roll of an apostle. Yes, to put it bluntly, I played a man, but my face was hardly ever seen, so I'm still able to walk into our Church with some dignity. :P

My friend Taylor @ Excelsior came to visit me last weekend! We had tons of fun and made some great memories! We went to see Tangled (review coming soon), which was the cutest Disney princess movie ever! Seriously, folks, this movie is the-little-puppy-you-saw-on-the-street-and-wanted-to-take-home cute! Probably cuter. (I have a crush on Flynn Rider. ^_^ ...But you didn't hear that from me.)

{not my photo}

Update on my dad: he's doing really well right now! He had his first treatment of Tysabri at the end of last month (November). He'll get an infusion every four weeks, so he's due for another one sometime soon. :) He's done good on it so far, though he's only had one treatment so it's not like we can really say this treatment is working for him, but we could definitely tell a difference in his speech and other functions as soon as he got the infusion. It makes him really tired for the first day or two, but after that he does pretty good. :) Praise God!

Christmas time is here! I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go? It didn't seem like I took a month long break. Hmm. I guess time flies when you're having fun. And I have had fun! I've enjoyed just sitting down and putting together a puzzle, or reading, or watching a movie. I've loved having more free time, even though I've been busier than I anticipated. :) This afternoon we had some friends from our former Church (which is about 2 hours away) come and visit. We had a great time! It's such a blessing to fellowship with some of our close friends, and Church family. I thank God for them all!

My sisters and I received some early Christmas money from some friends of ours and we decided to spend some of it on going to the movies to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (review coming soon), then spending the rest on a gift for one of our sisters (we drew names out of a bowl:). I didn't like this movie anywhere near as much as the first one of the series, or the second. The first is my favorite, and if you thought the second one was cheesy, wait 'til you see the third. lol :D
{not my photo}

Over all I have enjoyed my blogging break! Though I did miss you tons!! I missed reading your blogs, even though before my break I wasn't doing so well at commenting *guilty blush*, and I can't say that's going to be any different. I do read your posts, though, and I will try my best to work on my commenting skills. ;) 

Tomorrow is Caldirwen's 12th birthday, so since I will have yet another SUPER busy day tomorrow (Church, a friend's graduation, then Caldirwen's birthday party) I will do my birthday post for her now. :)

Dear Caldirwen,

Twelve?! Who gave you permission to grow up? Certainly not me. I cannot believe you are going to be 12 years old! Was it not yesterday that you were this knee high, chubby faced, 4 year old who used to ride on my back across parkinglots?

Caldirwen, you are such a sweetie. Yeah, you have your unsweet moments, but you can also be such a selfless, giving, percious little girl. But you're not a little girl anymore. You're going to be 12!! A tween (are you sure?!)! I just wanna keep you little forever!  

My little Caldirwen is growing up....

...but it doesn't matter how old you get. You'll always be my baby sister! :) Thank you God for Caldirwen! I love you, sissy!

20 Greetings from Elven Friends

Autumn said...

Little sisters. How blessed we are to have them.
~ Autumn.

Lindsay said...

YAY! I was so excited to see that you posted, Eldarwen! :) It sounds like things have been pretty busy for you.

Oh, we went to see Tangled last week. I absolutely loved it! A big part of that would be because of Flynn though! He was adorable, and sooo funny. His smolder gets me every time! ;)

Hmmm, it doesn't sound like you enjoyed The Voyage of the Dawn Treader very much. I've actually been hearing some good things about it, but I'll have to see it for myself. We'll probably be going to see that next week.

Happy Birthday, Caldirwen!! Hope she enjoys her day! :)

~ Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

~lily said...

Happy birthday, Caldirwen!!!

And welcome back, Eldarwen. :) WE missed you!!!

Love always,

Haley said...

I'm SO glad you're back, even if you won't be posting as much. Let me just say, the blogging world is not the same without you.

We saw Tangled last week and loved it!! It's so cute! I really like Flynn. My favorite part is when he first gets to the tower and she has him tied up in her hair. ;)

We haven't seen The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, but I don't think I'm going to like it very much.

I'm so glad your dad's feeling better!

I know, it's only a week until Christmas! Gees, where did the time go?

It's good to have you back! ;) I sent a letter out for you today! :)

Your friend,

samarah said...

Just the other day I was thinking about how I hadn't seen any new posts from you for a long time! I was going to stop by your blog and see what's up but I forgot :/ anyway.... glad you're back :D

I can't believe there's only 6 days till Christmas!! 6 days! time is just FLYING by way too fast!

So glad to hear that your dad is doing better! Praise the Lord :D

I've heard that Tangled is a cute movie... I might have to check it out :)

Actually, I thought this Narnia movie was pretty good. I was impressed that they stayed pretty close to the book. I just watched the first movie last night and I remembered just how much I love it :) So I think The LWW would be my favorite, then VDT and then PC. But overall I think they did wondrful jobs on all the movies. but that's just my own opinion ;)

Happy 12th Birthday to Caldirwen!! I love the 2nd picture of her, she has gorgeous hair :)

hmm.. little boys. I remember my little brother at the hitting and biting stage, NOT fun but we got through it with persistent discipline. but it is hard when they're not your own. I will keep you two in my prayers :)

WOW, I think this is my longest comment ever! You should feel very special ;)

Hope you and your family have a great rest of the weekend!

Love in Christ,

Stephanie said...

Glad to have you back! Wait, you have a crush on Flynn too? ;) I just saw Tangled for the 3rd time last night. Yes, I know I'm obessed. :)

Anna Gray said...

Welcome back Eldarwen, dear! I missed seeing your posts and it was fun seeing that you posted in my dashboard. Babysitting has taken over my life as well. Oh goodness. I mean, kids are adorable, fun and all, but it can get pretty tiring when that all you're doing.

That is great to hear that your dad is doing well! I have made sure to keep him in my prayers and I hope that he continues to get better. ^_^

Merry Christmas!

Finding Faith, Purple Rain, and Talking Cows said...

Missed you Eld! It was great to hear from you :)

Haley said...

Oh, I forgot to tell Caldirwen happy birthday! Happy birthday, Caldirwen! ;)


Caroline said...

You're back! I missed you =D And you didn't like The Voyage of the Dawn Treader?! *sighs* To each his own, I suppose. :)

So glad you're back! Love ya!


Izori said...

I've been praying for your dad! Glad he's getting better. =)

Merry Christmas in advance, and Happy Birthday to Caldirwen!

Iona N. said...

I'm so glad you're back! I didn't forget about you. (Though I did keep coming to your blog because I forgot you were taking a break :P)

So happy you'r dad is doing good! :)

Happy birthday Caldirwen!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok...this is gonna be a llloonnggg coment so I am gonna break this up in sections!

Baby Sitting- What I do when I babysit is always have a treat and if he or she does not obey....none for them. Or maybe they get to watch a movie if they are good or go outside. Just practictly instead of punishing...take something away so they feel like they missed out on something fun.

Your Dad- I am still praying and I am rejoicing in your dads outcome!

Narnia- I went to see it also! I liked it....:D

12- Happy B-Day to Caldirwen!

And last but not won something on my blog!

Katie said...

Welcome back! Missed you! I was very excited to see your post in my dashboard. Hehe ;)
I'm so glad your dad's feeling better! I'm praying for him and your family.
Happy birthday to your sister! I know what you mean about little siblings growing up... :)
Merry Christmas!


Sierra said...

Hey! Welcome back!!! I have missed you!

Elizabeth said...

I missed your posts, but I'm glad that you've been having fun! :D. I'm so, so glad that your dad is doing well! Thank you God! And I can't wait to see Tangled-I've only heard absolutely beaming reviews, and the previews look adorable, so I'm going to have to give it a shot ^_^. And HAPPY 12 BIRTHDAY CALDIRWEN! Haha, my (18th) birthday was Saturday :D. I hope that your day is wonderful, and that you get to spend time with the people you love :).

anna :) said...

yay! your backkk! :DDD

glad your dad's doing well :)

*ahem* i haven't seen either of those movies, although i want to! no fair! ;)

anyway, like i said. gald you're back.

anna :)

Katherine said...

Hi! Nice to read from you again-glad all is well! :)


sarahlynn said...

Hey! i was wondering where you've been, but i did the same thing in October and may and...yeah i do it a lot so i totally understand :D
I've never had a little brother and i don't really remember my sisters being like that (but maybe my new little sister will be like that) but i'll keep you two in me prayers :D
I want to see that tangled movie and heard it was cute too.
I really liked the narnia movie i think they kept it close to the book, except for the sea monster thing i don't remember that in the book :)
Happy birthday Caldirwen! I love little sisters!
Hope your having a great day!
(wow long comment!)

Charity Anne said...

PRAISE GOD! I am soo glad your father is doing better with the infusion, I will continue to pray for Him!