Thursday, October 7, 2010

fall photo shoot

Yesterday, since the weather was nice outside, momma graciously took pictures of me for my Fall photo shoot. Even though these have my watermark on them, my mom captured every one of 'em. Thanks for spending an hour or two taking pictures of me, momma!!

Here are the photos she specifically took for you. :)

Haha, Lilly just had to make her presence known. :)

Um, yes my feet are dirty. I jumped in the air a thousand times, crushing pecans beneath my poor, bare footsies. Ouch. See the pain I endure for you? ;P

My momma always buys pumpkins to decorate the house with. Say hello to Mr. and Mrs. pumpkin, their 3 kids and Uncle Kin...

I still can't believe that it's October already. :) So, what have you been up to? Are you decorating your house for Fall, yet?

20 Greetings from Elven Friends

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the photos! :)

We haven't done much decorating for fall, but we did put up the season's banner outside.

samarah said...

aw... cute pictures! Aren't moms just the best?! ;)

Katie said...

I love the pictures! Very pretty!
Yes, our house is decorated for fall. That's one thing we always do: decorate for the seasons. I love it! :)


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I love the one with the goat...
and I LOVE that your camera actually catches you jumping.... mine takes to long to snap. :/

REALLY pretty, did you get your hair cut??? Or are the pictures I have of you just old??

GREAT picture. I'd love to see the other ones ;) lol

Love you girl,

Lily Litten said...

Oh Eldarwen, your hair looks soooo pretty in that light! And I love that skirt you have one. :)


Charity U said...

I love the way the light is glinting off your hair in the first one. It's very pretty.

And I love the first orange pumpking picture, it's too cool!

And yes, we are decorated for fall. Love this time of year!

Emily said...

great pictures!!!

Liz&Elle said...

Love the pictures! My favorites are the second one with you sittng against the tree and the one where you're jumping and your feet show.
Your sister in Christ,
Liz Darcy

Eldarwen said...

Bleah, I cut my hair about a month ago. The pics you have of me are probably old. :) I'm going to print some of these pictures mom just took for all my friends, and you will definitely get some!! ;D Love you!!


Elizabeth Rose said...

Beautiful photos! I LOVE that skirt--so pretty and feminine! Did you make it?

Elizabeth Rose

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures! But...I think that the first two are the best ones. Your mom did a good job! We only decorate the house for Christmas. Bummer I know.

Eldarwen said...

Elizabeth, haha, no I didn't make my dress. I wish I had! That would be cool. :)

Melody said...

Beautiful and creative photos! I especially like the one just of your skirt... very cute and artsy. ;)
And by the way, I absolutely adore the new look for your blog! Icy blue is so perfect.


Monica said...

I like the pumkins, we have some squash that were too small to eat so we drew faces on the and named them, that is, I drew most of the faces ;-)

Kay said...

I love your skirt!!!

Kay said...

Thank you so much for the follow!!

Haley said...

I really like the pictures! :) We don't decorate for fall, but we go all-out when decorating for Christmas! :) Your outfit's so cute! I love it!


P.S. I love your new blog look, it's really pretty! :)

Eldarwen said...

Haaaaaleyyyyy!!! I hope your trip is going wonderfully! I miss you like crazy! :( Thanks! This is probably my favorite outfit in my closet. :) Especially when I pair it with my cowgirl boots. ;) Miss you and can't wait for you to get back!

Eldarwen <3

Bree said...

I love the pictares!
infact my little sister thought it was my blog, because they are so much like what I think make a good pictares.


Eldarwen said...

Hi Bree! Haha, that's funny. I'm glad you like my pictures. Thank you so much for following my blog! :)