Saturday, September 4, 2010


{First off, if you haven't read about my birthday, click HERE and HERE otherwise you might get lost reading this post} :)
I haven't posted in two days. Though you might not believe me, I had a very good reason. I was finally able to have my friends over for a party! Yippee! I shall refer to them as my nick names for 'em, Bubbles and Cici. :) I didn't take a lot of pictures at the party that I could show you, but I cropped some for ya, so forgive the blurriness in some of 'em. :)

After we picked up Bubbles and Cici yesterday, we took them to Chili's (my second fav restaurant. Olive Garden being my fav) for lunch. When we got to my house we baked the party cake. We used a recipe on the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box. I've made it a dozen times and it's everyone's favorite! I mean, you can't go wrong with chocolate. :)
Left to right:
{Me, Bubbles and Cici} 

{Me and Cici}


They thought I should pose with the finished product. :)
I'm sure this cake has seen some better days, but hey, we had fun. And why does it matter what it looks like, as long as it tastes good?

Presents! :)

Swimming in the dark! *cue scary music*
{Bubbles, me and Cici}

Crafts! These are pics of mine:

{Love this shot!}

They spent the night and we had tons of fun!! I can't wait to have them over again. Bubbles and Cici are so much fun! Love you girls. :)

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Lindsay said...

Awww, that sounds like sooo much fun! And wow, that cake looks really, *really* good... just look at all that icing. YUM! :D

So glad you girls had a fun time!

~ Love & Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Elizabeth Rose said...

Cute pictures, Eldarwen! Love 'em. And I don't care what it may look like--that cake looks SO yummy!

Elizabeth Rose

Anna Gray said...

Very fun! I do love sleepovers. They are so much fun; especially birthday party sleepovers. =)

Kade said...

Looks like a ton o fun! I like all the pictures with your head cut off.... kinda sad, but I've still got a smile on!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

OOH Looks likes TONS of fun. WHAT A CUTE SKIRT! (though it is about the knees isn't it? lol don't worry, your knees are lovely)
I wish I could of been there SOOO bad.


Hope Marie said...

Oh yeah you cant go wrong with chocolate! YUM!!

Haley said...

It looks like y'all had a blast! The cake looks so good! :)

Alyson-Louise Belle said...

"I was thinking about going for a swim in the lake, but then Tim reminded me that's where all the good horror movies start. Who wants to join me?"
^This was said by Mr. Jonathan Foreman. ^_^ It's what I automatically thought of when you said "cue scary music". hehehe.
Wuv you!


Anonymous said...