Thursday, September 9, 2010

Miscellany Thursday

Anne @ A Farm Girl Ramblings tagged me!

(1) Would you rather have a cat or dog? A dog!

(2) Do you like to cook? Kinda. I like baking better. :)

(3) What would you do with 1 million dollars? I have no idea. A lot! lol :D I'd probably go to Italy. :)

(4) Do you prefer being outside in the sunshine or inside reading? Both!

(5) Do you read my blog often? Whenever you post. I'm not very good at commenting, but I still read your blog! :)

(6) Do you like big houses or little houses? It really depends. Can I say I liked medium sized houses? :P

(7) Do you like starting your own tags or getting tagged? Getting tagged!

(8) If I dropped $10 by accident would you (a) return it to me? (b) go to a store and by as much stuff as you can get? or (c) donate it to charity? I would return it to you.

(9) Do you like Janette Oke books better or Laura Ingalls Wilder? Janette Oke!!

(10) Brownies or cupcakes? Brownies by far! But soft! Without nuts!

(11) Have you ever had some beverage come out of your nose? Yep. Dr. Pepper, chocolate milk, water, Coke, tea and Sprite. Ick! It burns when soda comes our your nose. You must know that our family laughs a lot at the table. :) 

Now, I'm supposed to make up my own question. :)
(12) What's one embarrassing thing that has happened to you? Well, I was at Church one Wednesday night and, in front of everyone, I slipped in the fellowship hall and fell right on my tush. Yeah, it hurt. In my defence, the souls of my shoes were slippery, so it wasn't like I'm a total klutz... I guess. :):):)
Hope Marie @ Walking With Him awarded/tagged me!
1.What's your favorite book of the Bible? Oh, I have so many, but I really love Ephesians!
2.What's your life verse? Matthew 33:6 and Matthew 19:26.

3.What's your favorite Bible name? Hadassah. I think it's really pretty. :) And Daniel. :)

4.Ruth or Esther? Esther!

5.Abraham or Noah? Noah.

6. Who's your favorite disciple? Peter.

7.What's your favorite story in the Bible? The Resurrection.

8.What's your favorite hymn? Oh, How I Love Jesus. But that's just one of my favorites. :)

9.Who's your favorite Christan author? God. :):):)

10.What is your favorite miracle that God performed? I love them all!!
Also, Grace @ Grace Place is having a Bible Caption contest! Head on over to her blog HERE to enter!
Thanks for the awards and tags, Hope and Anne!! I tag anyone who wants to do the first tag! And whoever wants to do the award/tag can do it! :D