Saturday, August 28, 2010

Homeschoolers Appreciation {day seven} ~by Bleah Briann

Homeschooling seems so simple you know? I mean to outsiders its pretty self-explanitory. Homeschooling. You're schooled at home. But its not that simple, or perhaps its just not that simple for me.

When you're homeschooled, and people know, you're stuck in these boxes. If you're homeschooled you probably know this. Either you're percieved as really smart, or really dumb. You're often considered inept, socialy unstable, deprived. People think that when you have to go out into the world you'll break into a million peices and have no chance at normal life.
Other people see it as this amazing opportunity, you get so much freedom, you work at your own pace. Its fool of possiblility.
So honestly its either one extreme or the other.
I've had people think both of these for me and either way its a ton of pressure. You want to prove some wrong and you want to show the others that they're right. But honestly... we're just like everyone else. Haha, yes we are just like everyone else. Except we're not tempted the same ways, exposed to the same things, or run in the same circles. You know what? Yeah we get to wear are PJ's a bit longer, but no we don't stay in them all day. And sure we spend less hours during school, and we don't have as many friends, and we aren't exposed to as many people. But we're just like you public/private schoolers. We go through life with the same hopes and dreams. We wanna get married just like you, we want kids, we want a job, and we want to be successful. As Children we all watched Barney, and as teens we all hate spinich. The only difference is we're alot closer to home. We have alot more time with our families. And we're alot safer.

Honestly, It think its time to take homeschoolers out of the box... don't you?

Thanks Sooo much Eldarwen for this opportunity :) Check me out @ for more about moi!

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Milisande Awnia Grim said...

Hey thats not Fair I LIKE SPINACH! haha:D

Elizabeth Rose said...

Great post, Bleah! You are so right. :)

I'm loving all of these homeschool post -- such a great idea, girls!

In Christ,
Elizabeth Rose

Eldarwen said...

I love it Bleah! Great post!! I agree. Take us homeschoolers out of that box! :)


Makay said...

I'm public school... can't relate... hahah

love, makay

Stephanie said...

So true, time to get out of the box!


Katie/Popular Joker said...

Great post Bleah dear!

Harmoni said...

Your homeschool posts helped me learn LOT about homeschooling-it sounds awesome!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Haha thanks guys! You're all so sweet... :)

Bleah Briann @