Saturday, June 26, 2010

Okay, Totally RANDOM!!

Have any of you ever experienced that moment when you bite into a strawberry and it tastes so good you wanna marry it?
Okay, well, I haven't either. Most of the strawberries I get are sour. Okay, so picture this: I'm standing around the island in our kitchen eating strawberries and every one of them I bite into is sour. My youngest sister walks up and is like, "Oh, hey, strawberries." She grabs one, bites into it and I ask, "Is it sweet?" She's like, "Yeah!" What is up with that? Are the strawberries out to get me or something? Maybe they don't like me 'cause I'm sweeter than them. o.O

Okay, I don't think I've told any of you this, but I got this totally awesome, totally warm-keeping jacket from Owl City's online shop. Sweeet! I actually got it, like, a few months ago, but, whatever! I can still spill the beans about it, right? It looks like this:
Uh oh. I think you just broke one of the ten commandments. Did you just covet my awesome jacket?! o.O
Oh, right. I see. So you don't like my jacket. That's fine. I don't care. I'll keep it. I'll wear it everywhere and make everyone else jealous. Ha! :P
I really have no idea why I'm even posting on my blog and being so CrAzY.
I'm really sleepy and I'm throwing around the words "like" and "okay" like crazy! See? There, I said "like" again. And, there, I just said it again!
Okay, what's wrong with me?! Oh. My. Owl-City-jacket. I just said "okay" again! Argh! I just said it again!!! >=/
I'm saying "I" a lot, too. <_<
I'm really starting to think something is wrong with me.
"Say aaah...."
"Nope. I looked down your throat and I see no sign of any abnormal spit."
Okay. Whew! That's good, because, I was really getting scared there. *wipes brow*
I'm really happy now!!  
I'm SO glad nothing is wrong with me!!
Did you hear that, sis, I'm not crazy!
Ha, she doesn't believe me.
You know, whatever. I don't care. I know I'm not crazy and that's good enough for me.
Anyways, back to the strawberry incident.
I was SO jealous that my sis got a better strawberry than me. I probably looked like this:
...except, I don't think my nose is that big, and I have four fingers, not three.
Oh! Don't forget my thumb. *wiggles thumb* :)
I really hope the next strawberry I get is really sweet because if it isn't I'm SO never eating a strawberry ever again!
Oh, no! Don't cry strawberry. Look, just taste really good for me, and, and I'll eat another one of you.
Yeah, that's better.
Okay, so if you now think that I'm really crazy because of this post, you better stop thinking it.
Yeah! Because, I'm NOT crazy!
The doctor said so.
So, humph.
Uh huh, you better believe it. I am NOT crazy.
Mmm hmm.

44 Greetings from Elven Friends

Haley said...

This was hillarious! It has to be one of the funniest posts you've ever done! And one of my faves! :)

Lots of love,

samarah said...

haha you're so funny Eldarwen!! I love your random posts :) The strawberries that I usually get aren't very good either but once in a great while we'll get some that are really good, like I said once in a great while! lol ;) We planted some strawberry plants last year in our garden and so we got our own strawberries this year! Most of them were really sweet :)
Oh and I love your jacket! yes I'm jealous!! jk jk! ;)

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Bekah said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my word, girl! You made me laugh so hard!

And thank you for your sweet comment. You're awesome. (:

Noelle said...

I, like, love your jacket. But I wasn't like, jealous or anything, okay?

Couldn't resist. :)

All of the strawberries we had were really sour. Mom cut them up and put a tiny bit of sugar and vanilla on them. Deeeelish!

--Noelle aka, Melian :)

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh!!! You're like a comedian or something. :D :D

Alexandra said...


Frangipani the Fish said...

lol. Maybe it's just our taste buds, because I had a really sour manderin, so I gave it to mum and she said it was really nice. But yes, I barely ever get a sweet strawberry *grrrrr*

Frangipani the Fish

Narthea said...

Just FYI:

I ate all the strawberries you didn't eat, and every one of them were very sweet for me. ;) Hmmm... I guess we really are total opposites. (This post alone proves that! lol =D You are too funny!)

Anyway, I had fun reading this!

Love ya,

Katherine said...

Love this post! So fun ;D


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I actually have had a good strawberry before... one, in my whole life. But it was good.

What i like to do... just to be safe, is take 'em, cut 'em, and then put some sugar on 'em. Then leave them for a few seconds, and they're REALLY good... and with cream in them. AAAAAAHHHHH. But that does defeat the purpose, trust me I know. *sigh* oh well.

*hangs head* its okay.... I still love you. But I am an itty bit... jealous. Maybe.

You're so blessed to be able to have one of those. LOL, was it really expensive?

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Eldarwen said...

Samarah, gracias! You planted your own strawberries? Awesome! I wanna do that. Except, if I plant them, they'll all probably be sour. :P

Haley, I agree! I've read it like a thousand times and I'm laughing like crazy! LOL =D Thanks!

Bekah, I'm glad I gave ya a good laugh, girl. :) Not as awesome as you are.... :D *hugs*

Noelle, hahahaha! =D You caught the feva! Oh no! Someone call a doctor! Do you see any abnormal spit? o.O lol Oooh, I HAVE to try that! =D

Shaynie, really? Awesome! I like to make people laugh and I like to laugh, but I'm not always this funny. So, I guess you could say I'm a part-time comedian. ;)

Alexandra, thanks, girl!! *hugs*

Frangipani, maybe it is just our taste buds. So, something is wrong with me?! :0 lol jk

Narthea, *growl* that is NOT fair!!!! >=/ I ate almost every strawberry in that package, so how come, I mean, that's not, you, I, it..... ugh!!! Okay, so next time I want a strawberry I'm getting you in there to pick out a strawberry for me, but don't tell it what our evil plan is, because it might turn sour on me.... ;)

Katherine, thanks!

Bleah, ooooooh! That. Sounds. So. Rockin-awesome!!!!! :D :D :D I HAVE GOT to try that!!!! =D It doesn't matter if it defeats the purpous. I mean, how good for you can something be if it's really sour tasting? I mean, there has to be something chemically wrong with it. o.O Oh yeah, that old thing? lol jk I <3 my owl city jacket!! Oh! Bleah, do you think Adam actually touched it?! o.O
lol jk, jk. It was about $45. I guess that's not too much when you're paying for shipping, also. Oh Adam! ^_^ Get this Bleah, I read on one of his fans' facebook things that he was married!!! I was like, uh, NO WAY!! I researched it, and looked all over his facebook and.... HE'S SINGLE!!!Or maybe he's just trying to help with the business by saying that.... :/ Oh well. I'm gonna believe it! :D

Love you all! *hugs*hugs*hugs* :D

His Handmaidens said...

Hahaha...I love you! I picked the first straw berrys from our garden today...Tired and sunburned, dirty and dusty, I rinsed them off with ice cold well water, and cassualy popped them in my mouth as I headed across the lawn to the house. I bit into it and...




Life doesn't get much better than that. A sun ripened strawberry, cool, sweet, and small. I got tipsy and swaggered my way to the door with a smile on my face.
Funny how I just had that moment today, and then read a post about marrying a strawberry. Hehe, not far from true.

Its better than walking past the coffee bean aisle in the grocery store...


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Okay, Adam is single, I know this. Vanilla twilight is about his girlfriend who died a couple years ago. And he hasn't dated since. :(

Oh, thats kinda expensive... for me. BUT I WANT IT. *sigh* oh well. My friend and I fight over whose gonna marry Adam. My heart is crossed between adam and JOn foreman... although he's married, there is still hope. :P

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann....
P.S. I'll have your letter out by monday... I hope.

Eldarwen said...

Jillian, I am SO jealous that you had that lovely once-in-a-livetime moment with your strawberry. *sniff* Better than walking down the coffee bean aisle in the store?! Wow, that MUST HAVE been good!!! :D

Bleah, I know, I found that out, too. I cried. Poor Adam. But, maybe someday he'll open back up and we (yes, me and him) can FINALLY be together! *swoons* lol
Uh, not if I marry Adam first! :P Jon?! Oh, I was over that crush long ago.... when Adam came into my life!!! ^_^ Admit it Bleah, Adam is quirky-cute! ;) Explanation: My mom said he was cute one time, but then she turned around and said he was quirky so I call him quirky-cute. :)

Ashley said...

ROFL I love this post!! :)

Jessica said...

Haha I love this post! And nice strawberry art :)
The thing with strawberries and other berries for me is that I end up eating a ton, even if they're sour, because I'm hoping the next one is sweet! And then I taste a sweet one, eat another, expecting sweetness and its sour. And it keeps going till I'm done :O

~ Jessica

The Golden Eagle said...

No, you're not crazy. Just wonderfully random. :)

•The Cornet Crazie• said...

LOL! What an awesome post! I looooove the jacket so much, it's very cute.

Buttercup said...

Eldarwen, dear's okay to be crazy every once in a while...that's what "LOL" is for! and "ROTFLOL" for those especially crazy moments in life! LOL. oh, I love ya, girl! that was an awesome post! btw, are you going to do another caption contest again any time soon??? those are so much fun!!!

<3 Buttercup

P.S. How's you're Dad doing? Please tell your family that you are all in my prayers!

Hannah (IrishGirl) said...

That was the best post ever! Maybe next time you should just eat ALL of the strawberries, that way it's impossible that anyone else will get a better one then you! That jacket is the coolest ever! Hope you have a great day :)


Eldarwen said...

Ashley, me, too! Thanks!! <3

Jessica, thanks! Haha! I do the same exact thing!! lol :D

TGE, gracias!!! :D

Cornet, thanks! Yeah, I wanted the jacket for a loooong-o time and I finally saved up my money and bought it! Eep! It took like, a month to get to my house and when it did I almost freaked out! Actually, I think I did freak out... lol :D

Buttercup, you know what, you're right! Actually, I haven't thought about it! It IS time for another caption contest. I'll get started on that asap! :)
My dad has a headache and he's still having trouble with his thinking and speach. Thanks for asking! I will tell them!! :D *hugs*

Hannah, good idea! But... we have two packages of them in our fridge. Yikes! I could get sick on all those [sour] strawberries! ^_^ Thanks! You, too!

Love you all! *hugs*


Could you please tell me were you got you button thing?? Thanks,

Eldarwen said...

Anne, do you mean my blog button? Olive Tree at (Of)Horse Feathers made it for me. You can find her at: Her designing blog is:


Monica said...

I like my strawberries sour. But that's just me :-);-)

The Owl City jacket is fun! I just recently started listening to them! They. Are. Awesome!!!!!!!!!
Fireflies is my favorite song by them so far!
I love your random goofy posts!!!!
RANDOMNESS FOREVER!!!!!!! :-) ;-):-D :-P

Yours Truly,

Eldarwen said...

Monica, really? Oh I love the sweet ones! I didn't mind the sour ones at first, but when it's all you get from a whole strawberry package.... I was not happy. lol
Thanks! Yes! Adam is AWESOME!!! My current fav song if his is Tidal Wave, but I have a new fav almost every day. lol =D


Shelby said...

ha! that's funny. random posts are my favorite

Eldarwen said...

Shelby, mine too! Thanks! :D


Monica said...

I am listening to you mixpod on your sidebar, and I haven't hear Tidal Wave yet, it seems most of the Owl City ones aren't playing for me right now :-(
*hums Fireflies tune*


Eldarwen said...

Monica, yeah, the Owl City songs aren't working for some reason. Strawberry Avalanche is supposed to be the first song on my playlist, but it won't play so it skips to Tidal Wave, which won't play either, therefore it skips to Beautiful Ending by Barlow Girl (which I DON'T want it to do). :/ I don't know what's wrong with it....

Stephanie said...

Just letting you know... I absolutely LOVE your background and header. I like it the best of all of the one's you've tried. Are you going to keep it?


Eldarwen said...

Steph, oh yes! I plan on keeping it for a LONG while! :D

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Check this out... I was looking at old posts, like when I first started getting followers. And I found this lovely little thing that made me smile, and realise it wasn't so long ago, I didn't even know you. (what a sad world it was too. (: )

I <3, <3, <3 your blog!! :D I'm following it and your Switchfoot one! I <3 Switchfoot, too. :)

the 28th of November 2009 hehe

*sigh* goodtimes, goodtimes. So what would we call the tmes we're having now? Fabuloso times? :P

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Josie said...

hehehehe! I love it Eldarwen! I think you and I are in the same boat.... all the strawberries I eat {oh, well most of them} are sour and I eat soooo many trying to kind the PERFECT one!

Love the faces of the strawberries! :)

Eldarwen said...

Bleah, oh yes! Good times, good times. It WAS such a lonely life without you Bleah. :( I was bored to death until you came into my life. Fabulous or rockin-awesome!! Either would work!! ;D

Josie, I know! Then you get a stomach ache from all the sour ones and you go: "Why did I do this to myself?" Thanks! My sister likes the eyebrows on the third strawberry picture. LOL :D

Love you two!

Guinevere said...

I AM SO JEALOUS! You can't have that jacket!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!
I'm not speaking to you ever again. least not for a day or two.
The strawberry faces were so funny!
But that's all I'm gonna say to you.
The captions were awesome!
And that's IT! GOODBYE!
*runs off*

Guinevere said...

Oh, and Eldarwen? Did you notice StrawberryGuy grows eyebrows when he's happy? Well, now ya do.
That's IT!

Eldarwen said...

Guin, noooooo! Not the silent treatment!! The horror!!!!

Oh yes, I did notice that. :)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I'm still talking for you... even though I'm terribly jealous. That's gotta count for something.

Life with you in it... its staggering, breathtakeing, termendous, stupendous... all around peachy! :D

hehe... okay, a bit overboard I'm sure. But still... I love ya!!! ooh, ooh, and your beauty outshines the sun. So there! HA!

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

Taylor said...

LOL You make me laugh. A LOT! =D

Eldarwen said...

Bleah, oh, you are TOO kind. :) I would've said the same about you, but you said it first about me. *snap* You beat me to it. ;) Life with you in it is: rockin-awesome (though we already established that), wonderfully amazing, sun-shiney-all-the-timey, and all around marvelous!! :) Your beauty out beautifies the most beautiful "beautiful" in the world. :D

Tay, *evil laugh* >=D My evil plan worked!! Muahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!
Okay, enough o' that. I wasn't purposfully trying to make you an idiot, but if you say so.... lol jk :P
Yes, please peeps! Follow her blog she is a rockin-awesome blogger friend!


Allison said...

I think you have more than enough comments already, but I have to throw in my "omgoodness Eldarwen you R so funny!!!!"
you are a hoot!
P.S. i dont covet your jacket, i just, like, want it, okay?

Monica said...

By the way! My I ask where you got the jacket?


Monica said...

Sorry. Re-write my last comment:

Can you post the address to the online Owl City shop. Please!!!!! *attempts Bambi eyes*



Eldarwen said...

Monica, here ya go:

Have fun shoppin'! ;)