Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy "I Am Your Father"s Day!

I put a little Star Wars twist on the title, because my dad is a Star Wars fanatic!!! :) So, for Father's Day, Narthea and I (mostly Narthea. I just put in ideas here-and-there) set up the dining room table with Star Wars stuff, and we took our dry erase board and wrote Happy "I Am Your Father"'s Day!! He laughed and laughed. :) Also, we took pictures of me, Esara, Caldirwen and Narthea dressed up as Jedi's. If only I could show them to you! They are totally awesome! I make a really good Jedi, if I do say so myself. lol jk :P Anyways, Narthea took those pictures and made some scrapbook pages for dad's scrapbook with them. It turned out really nice! :) Dad was beaming the whole time. By the way, he's doing much better today! Much better! His speech has improved and so has his thinking. Praise God! What a lovely Father's Day gift for my dad, and the rest of us. :)

Daddy, I love you! Happy Father's Day!

May the force be with you (lol jk, jk). :) (Don't worry. We don't really "believe" in all that Star Wars stuff. Just thought I'd clarify that:)

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13 Greetings from Elven Friends

Antonia said...

I haven't seen Star Wars but I know a bit about it and the Happy "I am your father"s day now made my day. Lol! :D
It's good to hear that your father is doing better.

For me it's a bit strange to read all the father's day posts, because in Austria father's day was already last week.

Lindsay said...

Hahaha... that's hilarious, Eldarwen! =D I am SO glad your dad is feeling better. What a wonderful Father's Day gift. =)

~ Love and Hugs,
Lindsay <3

Izori said...

Yay! Tell your dad I said Happy 'I am your father' Day! Lol. Glad he's doing better. I'll still continue to pray!

Alexandra said...

Hahahahaha! :D

I'm super happy your dad is doing better! I'll still continue to keep him in my prayers! ;)

Grace said...

Dear Eldarwan,
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Hope you are having a wonderful day!
A sister in Christ,

Haley said...

That's really funny! :) I'm glad to hear he's feeling better! :)

Katie said...

That's pretty cool :)

Fiona Everest/Saerwen said...

That was one of the cleverest ideas ever! :) I am so glad you Dad is doing better. :)

Laney said...

Haha, I haven't seen Star Wars...but people keep telling me that my life isn't complete without it. :D

thanks for commenting on my blog! I totally, 100% agree with what you said. Everyone is on a different place in their walk with God, but if we don't do anything to get out of our comfort zone, then we might miss out on some of the opportunities God has given us! We have to learn to give your lives to God and let go of the balance beam a little! Thanks for sharing your opinions! :)


Eldarwen said...

Thanks, Laney! I'm glad you didn't think me too bold. :)


Stephanie said...

Didn't know ya'll liked Star Wars... at least now I know I'm not the only one who likes Star Wars and LotR (plus Star Trek and Chronicles of Narnia and Jane Austen) at the same time. That's a funny idea!! :)


Emily Shae said...

Yeah, I thought I was going crazy when watching Twilight. It's a creepy movie, and in the first ten minutes I felt like I was drowning. It's crazy..this feeling I got was suffocating.

Glad I'm not the only one who felt this way. :)


Näna said...


LOL! That is cute. My Dad is also a SW fanatic and last father's day I gave him this card with Darth Vader on the front and when you opened it up it said, "I AM Your Father!". Haha! Who comes up with this stuff?