Tuesday, May 4, 2010


*spoiler alert* Read at your own risk.

Wow, talk about... cool! I saw this movie last Saturday and it was quite amazing. :) The awesome graphics and amazing characters were just so... awesome!! LOL =D (Bleah, I agree with you. I totally need to find a new adjective:). Anyways, while I really liked this movie, I was also very disappointed. Why? There was so much bad language and using the Lord's name in vain. Uh! I mean, I've heard most of the bad words they said (so it wasn't anything new), but that doesn't mean I need to hear them again and again, and when they kept using the Lord's name in vain... wow. That really got me. I just couldn't enjoy the movie 'cause I'm trying to prepare myself to hear it at any second and I'm going, "Okay, try not to listen. Try not to hear it." Ugh!! It was so frustrating!!!

I know. The movie was incredible, but one thing my dad pointed out was, it was TOTALLY predictable!! And he's right. I mean, from the beginning of the movie, you know what's gonna happen. There's no, "Omigoodness, I totally didn't expect that!" I already figured that Jake Sully would fall in love with Neytiri. I knew that he would end up staying with the Na'vi, in his avatar body. There was no shocker.

Also, another thing my dad pointed out, was that the creators of the movie didn't bring anything new into it. How can it be the "best film ever" if there's nothing new about it? I mean, sure. Humans turn into these Na'vi people, learn their ways, and there's new creatures/characters, but the whole robot thing (ya know, with the men getting inside giant robots and then being able to control them)... already been done! The plot of Avatar was nice, the graphics were astounding, and I really loved the characters, but the cursing, copying other movies and being so predictable... not so much. :/

So, I would give this movie a 5 star rating in amazing scenery and graphics, but more like a 2 star rating in everything else.

Love (yeah, please don't hate me after that review),
~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Hope Marie said...

Thanks for sharing, I tried not to hear the bad words to.If you want to go to my blog go to www.rejoiceinhisword.blogspot.com

Guinevere said...

Yeah, I heard about all that stuff in Avatar, so I don't think I'll see it.

Jessica said...

Cool! I watched Avatar too, a while ago. I went in the theatre not expecting much... :) In the end, I thought it was pretty good. Definitely exceeded my expectations, anyways. :D Did you watch it in 3D?
I didn't feel that the plot was *that* predictable. Maybe because I was expecting it to be so unpredictable that the predicatable-ness of the plot surprised me. o.O I hope that made sense... xD
I agree, the language made me quite uncomfortable though. It was an entertaining movie to watch, but it doesn't really have a huge impact on me like some other movies do.

~ your friend,
Jessica :)

Jo March said...

That was a good review! I have not seen Avatar, but from what I've heard (and the previews I've seen) sounds like you got it right. The graphics are stunning, but everything else, not so much.

Josie said...

Thanks for posting about this movie... I really wanted to see it when it came out but now I'm not so sure. Yes, I agree the scenery looks GREAT!

Katie Wegner said...

I've never watched the movie, and I'm not going. Like you said, all the cursing, and the nudity. The nudity is enough to make me not watch it. I'm sure it's a really cool movie. If all the swearing and nudity weren't apart of it, then I'd probably watch it. I just think hat Christians shouldn't be apart of that stuff. I'm not saying your not a christian if you do watch it though.

Anna Gray said...

I hate movies like that. The ones that are predictable and that take God's name in vain.

We were going to see Avatar, but it doesn't have that great of reviews, so we may or may not.

Thanks for the review though! It's always great to see movie review's through other people's eyes. =)

Izori said...

I've heard that it was pretty pro-environmentalist and anti-American. I've never watched it, so I don't know if it's true, but do you agree with that? I just want to know if it's true. =)

Alexandra said...

:O Wow...I just realized that!!! Yeah, now I am a bit disappointed.

I guess I got taken away by the characters and effects :(

Great review,
Alexandra :)

Rose said...

Oh Don't worry Your review was most likely better then mine! :)
The movie pretty predictable!


Haley said...

From the advertisements I saw it looked kind of dumb. It doesn't sound like I missed anything. ;)


Ashley said...

Hey, you could say "boost" instead of awesome if you wanted :P lol My Canadian friend uses it sometimes... so I kinda stole it :P She said pass on the word so that's what I'm doing.

Cool review, by the way.

Hannah said...

i totally agree with you. the graphics were amazing, but the swearing went a little far. i did like it tho........by the way i tagged you!
heres my URL: http://mynuttylife97.blogspot.com

God bless,

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yeah, the language was disappointing...but honestly....it wasn't as bad as some other movies. But I dunno, it could have been better without it. But I did really like the movie. Past the prediactability factor. But I'm a romantic so...yeah. Somethings I didn't expect, and some things had me tensing up. Like when I thought that guy was gonna kill him in while he was asleep...yeah that was tense for me. Anyways, I pretty much agree with you. But I still liekd the movie. :)

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

I totally agree! I saw it too!

I was also unimpressed with the choice of costume. String?? What happened to ribbon, at least!

lol the robot man thing was from The Matrix, and The whole appreciate nature and become part of them is from the cartoon Fern Gully!

But I DID like the movie, I just didn't like....a lot about it.




Rachel B said...

I know exactly what you mean!
I enjoyed the movie for the graphics and the creativity of the creations, but it was like Pocahontas. [apparently also like fern gully but I haven't seen that]. I knew everything that was going to happen and all before it did. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it in the end, but everything was obvious.

Still with that, I know people who went back to see it 2-3 times in theatres. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Eldarwen!

I watched Avatar it was good in the way of graphics like you said. But my bro told me that it was just like Pocahontas and I was really disappointed. I was glad it didn't win the Oscars!


Eldarwen said...

Hope, I know! Thanks! =D

Guin, well, it was pretty cool, but since there were so many things I didn't like about it, I wouldn't suggest this movie to anyone. :/

Jessica, exactly! No, I didn't watch it in 3D. Though, everyone has suggested it. :)

Jo, yeah. :)

Josie, uh huh! The scenery WAS great! But everything else kind of took the whole effect away. :/

Anna, me, too! Yeah. It's really not worth the money you pay to watch it. I just don't see how this is the "best movie ever". That's what everyone is saying. I don't get it... :/

Izori, pro-environmentalist... CHECK! Anti-American... well, kinda sorta. I mean, the plot of the movie is that these American millitary men have found that there's these rock-type things where the Na'vi live that will make a fortune. They want to go in and bulldoze everything to get those rocks, but first this scientist wants to see if she can get humans to turn into Na'vi avatars and talk to the Na'vi and gain their trust. The scientist lady wants to save the Na'vi, but the millitary... not so much. Jake Sully goes in there in his avatar (which is shown in the picture in my post) and falls in love with Neytiri and yadda-yadda, of course there's a kissing scene... Anyways, Jake doesn't succeed in his mission and the millitary come in and destroy the place. So, you decide if it's anti-American or not. I'm not really sure what I think on that yet... :)

Alexandra, yes, I think that's what happened to most people. :)

Rose, no way! I loved yours! Yep. Predictability... yes! :)

Haley, nope. Ya didn't miss anything that you wouldn't have seen in LotR. I mean, there's GREAT scenery and graphics in there, too, so... not really. ;)

Ashley, haha! Boost... that's funny! =D Thanks! ;)

Hannah, yes. Exactly. :) Oh, thanks!! I'll head over... ;)

Bleah, I'm a romantic, too, but a love scene between a human in an avatar body and a Na'vi... ick! I didn't care much for that scene. *gag* But, I didn't feel it went too far, thank goodness!

Gwenea, oh yeah!! I totally forgot to mention that in the review! Yuck! I didn't like that, either. :/

Rachel, you're right! It was like Pocahontas! I didn't even think about that 'til now. :)

Claire, yeah, I was glad, too! =D


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yeah...I didn't like the too *gags* but certain parts were cute. I like it when they guy stands up for the girl. The story line reminds me alot of Tarzan...I dunno why, its not the jungle.
Predictable yes. I dunno i haven't seen it in awhile, maybe I need a re-cap.

did...did...did you send my letter yet? LOL...srry, I'm kinda anxious. :P

With Love and blessings,
Bleah Briann

Stephanie said...

I completely understand your disgust at the language. That bad language is one of my pet peeves. I mean, doesn't anyone of the cast or crew of a movie ever wonder if there could be a better way for a character to express themselves in a less vulgar way (or better yet with no vulgarity)? If there was no bad language in movies or intimate scenes, things would be a whole LOT better. And no, I don't hate you. :) I completely agree with you on every point... I haven't seen the movie and now don't want to more than ever, but I could tell what the whole story line was from the trailer! Way too predictable, has bad language, etc... sounds like a boring movie (I wouldn't want to look like an avatar anyway, they're ugly)!