Wednesday, March 17, 2010


You want proof that Spring is here? Here it is. :)

This is my dog Ty. He's a little on the chubby side and in this picture he just got done running around our yard with me. :D

Remember those flip-flops I mentioned? The ones I bought from Payless Shoe Store? Here they are!

I am SO ready for Spring! lol =D

The pool is being oh-so patient, just waiting for that temperature gage to hit 80. That's when we jump in!

I just love it when the little flowers start popping up all over the yard (I know, they're weeds, but "flowers" sounds so much better!)

Look at the Bradford Pear Tree!! =D It looks so beautiful in bloom! :) So, are you satisfied now? Is this enough proof that Spring is [finally] here? :) Oh, and just a heads up, I finished the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief last night! I read 100 pages (exactly), before I went to bed, and finished it! I guess you could say I read 101 pages, because I also read the Author's note. :) But we don't have to get all technical. So, I will be posting a book review on it soon! I started the second book, The Sea of Monsters. I'm very excited! =D I only made it to the 4th chapter this morning, but I plan on getting a lot more read! So I better go and read a few chapters before I have to make another carrot juice. Oh! Also, I'm going to post a "report" on my dad and how the diet is going soon! So, stay tuned! Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone! :)

~Eldarwen Failariel~

14 Greetings from Elven Friends

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

I'm glad ur back, you've been missing a couple days.
24 is just never long enough. The hour ends and I'm always left wanting more. But it was pretty shocking. But because its never enough next week I'm not going to watch it...just record it. Then I'll watch both of them the week after.

I haven't seen Idol yet, we've been busy. I'll probably watch last nights and tonights together.
I did the post yesterday..."~This Will Make You Think~" I dunno if you have time but I think you'll like it.

Cassie said...

Happy, happy spring!!!

Your friend,

His Handmaidens said...

We won't hit that stage for another two months. Right now were at the just turning muddy/raining everyday stage. I'm going green with envy over here girl, just green.
*Stomps foot* I just Gotta visit you now! We won't get 80 degrees for another four months!
*Runs around wildly, pounds fist on ground* Why me why me why me?!
*Yells to the sky: NNNOOOOOOOO!!*
*Picks up self and brushes mud from knees*
In calm voice: Well, now that I've had that out, I'll go dream about leaves and pear blossoms *Sniff*
flip flops *sniff* Oh my.



Eldarwen said...

Bleah, yes I have been missing for a while! :) We've started our full theropy and I had to take some time off to help around the house. :) I'm very glad to be back! I know what you mean, girl, I'm ALWAYS left wanting more. LOL =D

Cassie, isn't it great? ;)

Jillian, come on down, girl! I'd love to have ya. ;) Oh, hey, I wrote you a letter and haven't sent it yet, but I'm going to send it tomorrow! I already missed the mail lady today. Oops. :)


Izori said...

Beautiful pictures! It's very pleasant where we live, and the crocuses are coming up! I love crocuses!

Lindsay said...

Yay, I'm SO excited about spring!
I love the flip flops... so cute!! =)

The Golden Eagle said...

Percy Jackson is GREAT.

Milli said...

Happy spring! Isn't it such a coinincedence (ok, I spelled that wrong) that I just finished the first Percy Jackson book too? :]

Alexandra said...

I'm very excited for spring to come, too!!!

***Lovely pictures =D


♥Iona♥ said...

Wow! You have THAT much spring? Ours is nothing like that! Our tempature hit 86 today! :O :)


Jenna said...

I am so glad that Spring has arrived! Happy Spring, my dear friend! :)

Your Sister In Christ,

Abigail said...

Oh, I'm doing a post on spring tomrrow or Friday! ;) I was going to do it today, I just 'forgot', and I did it on something else...

Giving God the Glory!

Haley said...

I am so glad spring is finally here! :) Yay!!

Clare said...

I can't wait for spring either!!!!!! Where I am, it's SUPPOSE to be in the 70's..... but I don't believe it. It snowed like a week ago, how can it be warm!??!!?
Hopefully It'll actually be warm, and if it is, be ready to check out my blog for spring pics!!!!!
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