Tuesday, February 23, 2010

News, Death, Traveling, and Giveaways

I know I said I wouldn't post until March 7th, but I've got a few "announcements" (for lack of a better word). First of all, I don't think I told any of you, but for a while my great-grandmother was in the Hospital, suffering from several strokes. She kept getting worse and yesterday at about 1 in the morning she gave up her battle, and died. If you could keep my grandmother (Nana) in your prayers, that would be very much appreciated! She is very upset over grandma, and dad... and a lot of other things, so please pray that she will remain strong. Also, my uncle and one of my cousins is coming down tomorrow from another state (about 14 hours away), so please pray that they will have a safe trip. Thank you!

Also, I had one of my followers ask about the diet we're on (and I'm sure you're all wanting to know a little more about it and why I am taking a break... even though I'm posting now... anyways...) so I thought I'd tell you a little more about that. We are going on a vegan diet. It is called the Gerson Therapy and mom has studied up on it and many, many people with diseases like Cancer, MS, Lymphoma, (etc) have been completely healed by following this diet. The reason why it will be taking up so much of my time is because part of the diet is drinking and making 13 juices (out of carrots, apples, and some green veggies) a day (one every hour). Also, you can't just make the juices in the morning and drink them throughout the day, you HAVE to make them and then immediately drink them, or the Gerson "peeps" say you loose the nutrients in it. We are eating no meets *stretches out hands towards a big juicy hamburger*. No berries. No oils (besides coconut oil). No beans (except for string beans). No dairy products. Only fruits and veggies... but no berries *pictures a big red strawberry and cries*. Anyways, that's not even the full of it. Ugh! Don't get me started on how much I DO NOT want to do this. Please, if any of you have any extra room in your house, I'd be more than happy to fill it. (lol jk).

Now, about the giveaways. I'm just going to list them. Here are some lovely giveaways I have entered:

I hope you enter them! Love you all and I've really missed you! <3


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Johanna said...

Hi, I just got on my dashboard, and it told me you had posted this 23 seconds ago! HAHA!

Great post!



Rachel M. said...

I pray for you and your dear family that God will comfort each of you and surround you with His everlasting love and peace that surpasses all comprehension.
Also, I pray that God will give you perseverance and strength through this diet. :)

Thank you as well for posting about my giveaway. :)
God bless you, Eldarwen, and have a great night!
Love in Christ,
Rachel from Hopejourney

Izori said...

I'm really sorry about your Great-Grandma dying. I will pray for your Nana, too!

The vegan diet actually sounds kind of interesting. Except for the no berries part.

Haley said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your great-grandmother! I'll be praying.

Glow Fish said...

I'm so sorry for you loss. :( I know what it feels like to lose people you love.

Eldarwen said...

Thank you all for the prayer! <3


faithngracegirl said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma Eldarwen :(. Sounds like this diet is gonna be a hard one. Hope it'll help ya'll.

God bless


Christine Ericson said...

Best of luck to you, Eldarwen. I know it sound really difficult, and it is, but I hope that everyone in your family does well with the new life-style. And I definitely send out a prayer for your loved ones :)

Milli said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I'll keep that in my prayers.
The vegan diet sounds interesting...aren't berries fruits too?

Rose said...

Oh, I'm so terribly sorry about your great-Grandmother. It is so hard to have a lost in your family. I have extra room so just let me know when you wont to move in. :) LOL


Johanna said...

Oh, I am SO sory about your grandma! I will pray for you and you family!

Your loving sister in Christ,


Anna said...

I'm so loving your "Eldarwen is..." status and I've seen it on a couple of other blogs. Where can I get the app? I can't find who started it!

You can write me on my blog at http://princesslolly94.blogspot.com/. Thank you!


Eldarwen said...

Thank you all! Btw, my uncle and cousin made it here safely around 5:30-6pm. Thanks for the prayer!

I'm heading over... =)


Elyse Martin said...

HI, omg me and my family almost went on that diet! we may... except we can eat berries/ any fruit or vegetable LOL sorry and good luck with your diet and i am sorry about you grandmother..


Rachel Grace said...

Hi Eldarwen,
I am so sorry that your great-grandma died, it must be so hard for you, your dad, AND your grandma. I will pray for you and your family.
Thank you for posting about my giveaway!
Rachel Grace

Eldarwen said...

How 'bout tomorrow? lol =D

Seriously? Wow! I didn't think any of you would know what it was. That is so amazingly awesome! lol =D

Thank you for the prayer! You're welcome! =D

Thank you all for the prayer! :)

{Hugs to you all}

Rose said...

Okay sounds good to me=D

Anna said...

Hi Eldarwen:
Thanks anyway! lol I'll ask around a bit more. It's so cute!
I'm the same way, though; I'll find something darling and then I won't be able to find it again to save my life.

Like your blog!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

We;ve missed you too! lol at least I have. ;)
Wow, that looks incredibly hard...if your family doesn't lose unnessecary (or how ever you spell it) weight I'll be in shock. Anywho...crazy. lol Well God Bless and pray he gives you the strengh to survive it.
Love you girl!
-Bleah Briann

Eldarwen said...

Hey, Bleah! I know, it is tough!! Oh yeah! I've already lost 7 pounds! Sweet! =D I've missed ya, too!

Love ya, girl!

Allison said...

Oh my.. diets? Not fun!!! My mom has tried getting her/I going raw before... this diet makes that one sound good:)

Eldarwen said...

Hi Alli! :) Welcome to my blog! Yeah, diets are no fun at all. :/ But, I'll be healthy! lol =D