Friday, January 15, 2010

My Fun-Filled Week

Are you ready for "a loooooong post cram-packed full of pics"? Well, tighten your seat belt, because this is one crazy ride...

We left to go to our friend's house on Monday afternoon. She lives a couple of hours away from us, so when we do go to see her, we stay for a few nights. Her name on here will be Mrs. K and she is so much fun!
Tuesday morning we ate chocolate covered and powdered sugar doughnuts:

After a healthy, hearty breakfast (yeah right) we headed out to engage our minds in reading... yep: we went to a books store. This is Caldirwen reading:

And this is her picking out some more books to read:

Caldirwen and I love, love, love mini coopers (it's a car, just in case you didn't know), so Mrs. K arranged a surprise: one of her friends who owns one met us at the bookstore and took us for a ride! =D Caldirwen and I got to sit in the front seat *squeals*

Caldirwen: Sorry, I didn't get a pic of the back of me, so all you get to see is my hands on the wheel *dangerous!*

After a bunch of fun riding and reading, we went home and took Mrs. K's pups for a walk to the park. This is Esara (in the red shirt) and Caldirwen walking Bo (who's with Esara) and Zacchaeus (who's with Caldirwen):

The girls and pups waiting to cross the street:

Caldirwen swinging at the park:

After our long, nice walk we went back to Mrs. K's house. She and I took a nap while Esara and Caldirwen watched a movie downstairs.

After my lovely nap, Mrs. K asked me to make the ice-cream cake, using the recipe I brought with me. This is me cutting the finished product:

Caldirwen "sneaking" into the bubble gun jar:

*whispers* this was planned. NOTICE: no gum was harmed in the taking of this pic.

Wednesday was movie day.

Mrs. K's youngest daughter came over and brought her 2 1/2 month old baby girl with her. Let me tell you, she is sooo cute!

Here's Mrs. K's one and only granddaughter:

aren't her little hands and feet so precious? No, I'm not being facetious. I'm serious.

After eating lunch (grilled cheeses and chips) we popped in the movie UP:

I just had to get a picture of the awesome pumpkin hat Mrs. K had at her house:
btw, that's the top of my head. :P

Thursday we decided to go "sight seeing". We packed a picnic basket, cooler and headed out:

We went to go see a cattle drive and these are some pictures from our fun adventure...

an old... water tower?... *shrugs shoulders*:

Esara got to pet some horses and she was just beside herself 'bout that:
She's a total, complete horse fan!

Caldirwen petting her fav horse:

Caldirwen, Esara and I impatiently waiting for the cattle drive to begin:

"Here they come!"...

Whoa! Now if that doesn't make your heart beat 90 to nothin', what does?

I thought they would be running, but thankfully they weren't. I have a weird fear of longhorns *shivers*:
This is one bad bull:

Now they started picking up more speed. You can see some of them are getting impatient *yikes*:
But it was totally safe. They were trained and tame, so there was no need to worry. ;)

These were the biggest horns I've ever seen:

After the cattle drive was over, we decided to go visit some of the beautiful, historic-lookin' buildings and we saw this on the way over there:
You could pay to sit on it. Freaky! Who would wanna do that? Certainly not me.
A museum! The perfect place to visit after a thrill-filled cattle drive (lol =D jk):

Wow, the old door handles caught my attention immediately. How cute!

A wagon or, buggy (if you will):

An old staircase *creepy*:

The old windows were beautiful and reached to the ceiling. I just had to get a pic of the handle:

After visiting the historic-lookin' buildings, we went to visit the longhorns in their pin. Here are some pics of my favorite longhorn:

This little guy (he was little compared to the others) was kind of friendly, but then charged at Caldirwen through the fence when we were leaving *gulp*:

Don't worry, he stopped before running into the fence. :)

The train turn table (I don't know what it's called exactly):
Me, Caldirwen and Esara:

After being outside, we decided to visit the "mall" there. We went inside a candy store and Mrs. K let us pick out one candy to eat. How can I choose when the store looks like this:

Wow. It was a tough decision, but we all finally made a choice, bought the candies and left.
It got cold outside and started raining, so our picnic didn't really work out. Although, Mrs. K is very creative, so she decided to eat in the floor of her study at home. We could shut the door and keep out the dogs, no wind to blow away the food/plates/napkins, not itchy grass and a heater to keep us warm. Here's a pic of our picnic:

This is the candy I chose:

Crystal Rock Candy. Yum! And yes, I spilt juice on my skirt. *sighs*

I let Esara and Caldirwen have the pink one and I gave Narthea the purple one when we got home:

I managed to get some super cute pics of her animals:




Hehe. What can I say, Boo is adorable and very photogenic! ;)
Thursday night (which was our last night there) Mrs. K made a "big breakfast" (meat, eggs biscuits) for dinner.
It was really good! This morning (Friday) we packed our bags, tidied up the rooms and met my dad's mom halfway so Mrs. K could drop us girls off with Me-ma, for her to bring us home. Since dad isn't feeling well and he doesn't like to be left alone (without mom) mom arranged for Me-ma to pick us up. :)
Mom and dad were also gone at a doctor's appointment, so that's another reason why. Narthea stayed home and decorated the morning room for us when we arrived. She got us some gifts (clothes, a "sister" bracelet and a purse... NOTE: the clothes and purse weren't bought, they were given to us by a family member, but who cares?!?!). Narthea also made some hot tea and got out the tea cups and saucers. It was so much fun and it made us all smile. We played some games together and laughed.
Well, we had a wonderful week and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and I got tons more pics than the ones shown in this post. I took over 200! :) I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Now Narthea and I are going to stay up late with each other, watch Star Wars III and talk, since I haven't seen her in 5 days. I'll post tomorrow. Good night everyone!
~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like y'all had a blast! I enjoyed all the pictures. Thanks for posting them!! :)

~ Love,

Izori said...

Sounds like you had fun!

Eldarwen said...

Oh yes, we had tons of fun and we didn't even spend a bunch o' money! It's amazing the things you can do to amuse yourself without spending a fortune. :)


His Handmaidens said...

Cool! Could you email me a picture of you in the mini cooper, with your face? I'm curious to see it. I am working on a letter, so I will send it hopefully today,

Eldarwen said...

I will Jillian! =D I'll send you some extra one's too. :)


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That candy looked real good! lol

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Ahhh those dounuts are making me hungry! *belly growls*

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omg! you have almost 100 followers!!!! how cool!!!! :D

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Looks like you had a great trip!! It must of been so cool to watch the cattle drive! I loved the pictures of all the candy! I don't think I could of picked just ONE!! :D
I'm still praying for your dad, just so you know :D

samarah said...

oh I forgot to ask you in my last comment, did you make your new template? or did you find it somewhere? I really want to do something else with my title on my blog so I was just wondering where you got it or where you had it made.

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Thank you all for the comments!

Actually, I got it from Robin Blogs. Olive made it custom for me. You can get to her site where you ask for templates at:


Taylor said...

I love rock candy and Star Wars! And Boo is beautiful!

Eldarwen said...

I know, rock candy and Star Wars... rock! *giggle* :) Yes, she is!