Friday, January 22, 2010

Much Better

Last night a couple from our church picked up Esara, Narthea, Caldirwen and I and took us to the Hospital to see mom and dad. We were so excited all day yesterday. Caldirwen couldn't stop jumping up and down and she kept asking, "When are they gonna get here?" (meaning the couple that was taking us). I kept telling her, "At 4pm," but she kept asking anyway. lol =D When we finally got to the Hospital and were going up to see dad, I got all shaky because I was so excited (and I had to ride in 2 elevators... I don't like elevators), but it was more from the excitement. Dad seemed to be doing okay. He was talking, and talking, and talking. He never stopped. We couldn't really understand everything he was saying (just bits and pieces) but he just kept talking. Narthea and I were talking about it last night and laughing. He didn't seem to take one breath. The funniest thing was, one of the nurses had written and hung up a sign where he could read it so that he would remember to do these certain things when he talked so people could understand him and when we first walked into the room he pointed to the sign and said (very sluggishly) "I don't wanna do that!" We laughed and gave him and big hug and kiss. :) The sign said: "Take a deep breath, open wide, slow down and talk loud". lol =D We stayed at the Hospital... maybe 2 hours. I'm not sure. I know we got there at around... 5-5:15pm and left at 7:45pm or so... so yeah, probably 2 or 3 hours. Anyway, he still can't walk without assistance and he still can't talk very well, and his vision is still not 100%, but he's definitely acting like he's improving (inch by inch). :) After visiting with mom and dad for about 5 minutes, another couple from our church came in. We're really good friends with both couples that were there, so we had a great time talking and praying together. When we were done praying for him, everyone said good-bye and we all left. We met the other couple that came at a Mexican restaurant and had dinner together. It was a lot of fun! Okay, now I gotta tell you the funny part about the whole evening...

(We'll call the couple that arrived after us: Mr. and Mrs..... C2... meaning couple #2).

Mr. C2 and I are... I guess you could say... "friends". They're an older couple, so he's kind of like a third grandpa to me. Anyway, we're always picking on each other and at the restaurant we went to, there's an ice-cream machine and you can get ice-cream for free after eating dinner. So, everyone went and got some ice-cream and sat back down at the table. Mrs. C2 didn't eat all her ice-cream, so she placed it on her plate. Well, Mr. C2 took her ice-cream cone and put it in my drink. Gross!!! Anyway, I was not too happy about that, so I was determined to get him back somehow. Well, we said good-bye and we were on our way home. Then, when we were driving down the road, we realized that Mr. and Mrs. C2 were driving in front of us. They were driving Mr. C2's work van (he's an elevator operator... how convenient) and on the back of his van it had a number to call and said: How's My Driving? Well, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. I picked up my phone and called him (no, I did not call the number on the back) and said, "Mr. C2, I was just calling to let you know you're not supposed to talk on the phone while driving." He busted out laughing and said, "Thanks?" Then I said, "You know that number on the back of your van that says, 'how's my driving'?..." and he came back with, "Heeeeey, if you leave a comment it better be a good one." I laughed and said, "Heeeeey, you shouldn't have put that cone in my drink." Then everyone in both cars busted out laughing. Anyway, I didn't call the number, but I would've liked to. lol =D Well, we had a great evening and I feel MUCH BETTER (the title) after getting to see my parents. :) Love ya mom and dad! <3

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Izori said...

That's great your Dad's doing better!

Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

This is great!! what happened to your dad? why was he in the hospital?
Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad everything is going better now, Eldarwen!! I enjoyed reading your funny story. :D

~ Much Love,
Lindsay <3

Eldarwen said...

I know! :) Thanks for the prayer. (((hugs)))

~Lady Gwenea~
He has 4 lesions in his brain and 6 on his spine and it's affecting his speech, eyesight and mobility.

I know. It was such a relief to get to see them! :) Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it. (((hugs))) Thanks for the prayer!

Milli said...

I'm glad your dad's doing better. Hope he gets well soon:]

Nana said...

So glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Nice job getting Mr C2 back. Sounds like something me and my Pa would do to each other;)



Taylor said...

That sounds like something I would do. LOL Glad you got to see your Dad!