Saturday, December 19, 2009

Caldirwen's Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, since we're going to be busy with Drama practice later this afternoon we celebrated Caldirwen's birthday. It was fun! We went to see a movie, The Princess and the Frog. It was not good at all. There was TONS of voodoo and there were demons (they were shadows, but the man said they came from "the other side"). I mean, voodoo and creepy magic in a princess movie? Come on, Disney! Anyway, here's some pics from the fun center we went to:
Caldirwen brought a friend and this is her rock climbing:

Okay, this pic was supposed to be before the last one, but it wasn't. Oh well. That's Caldirwen at the top and that's the friend at the bottom.
The people put Caldirwen's friend at the hardest course on the wall and it took her a while to reach the top, but she did it. We were so amazed. We thought at any minute she would've let go and slid down, but she didn't. She pursued.

This is Caldirwen ski bowling and a little boy who went with us. He's Caldirwen's, friend's brother. Confusing, huh?...
Here's Caldirwen getting her tickets:

Esara was playing a "ticket version" of Deal or Not Deal and she won the most amount of tickets: 200!
Sorry 'bout the bright light. *shrugs shoulders* The flash on my camera did that. :)

Narthea fed the tickets into the machine:

These are Esara's 200 tickets still coming out:

Well, after going to the family fun center we went by Dairy Queen and picked up an ice-cream cake, took it home and ate it with grandparents. Caldirwen opened her gifts and immediately got to work and got them out of their boxes to play with them. She got some Barbie dolls, a light saber (ya know, from Star Wars *gag*), money (*cha-ching*), a Mrs. Potato head, a Dog Bingo game, and lots of cards. She definitely had a good 11th birthday party. :)
~Eldarwen Failariel~
p.s. thanks to Izori and Lindsay for telling her happy birthday in the earlier post. It made her really happy when I told her. :)

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Caldirwen! Good job on the rock wall. Eldarwen, was the princess movie good other than the voodoo, or did the magic throw it all off? I was thinking of seeing it.

Lindsay said...

Oh, that looks like a lot of fun!! I love rock climbing. And wow.... that's a lot of tickets, Esara! :D I'm glad Caldirwen had a fun 11th birthday celebration yesterday! ;)

~ Love & Hugs,

***Emily*** said...

Tell her I said happy birthday too! Also I would be glad to make you a new button.

Merry Christmas!

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Yes! Very good. Hey, you think you can get some other people to do it too?

Taylor said...

Wow, congratulations to Caldirwen for winning the most tickets!

Izori said...


Eldarwen said...


Well, it was cute at some parts, but I really did not care for it. It was just kinda slow and pointless and none of it was funny. :/

Yes, what I forgot to mention was that after winning 200 tickets, Esara won an additional 400 and then another 150 or so. We were totally amazed! :0

Thanks! I'll come on over and give you the info!

I posted 'bout it. ;)

Actually, it was Esara, but that's okay. :) She was super excited when they put together all their tickets and it added up to 1,500!

Yes, it was fun, even though I didn't do anything. :)

Hugs to you all,

Cori said...

I luv your blog.
It is sooo well done :)
I hope u can come by and check out my blog :
I am also always looking for more followers so if u could maybe follow my blog.
Thanks :)
- Cori a Follower of Christ.

Eldarwen said...

Hi! Thank you following and commenting on my blog. Also, thanks for the sweet compliment. :) I will most definitely check out your blog. ;) Thanks!


Seth Skogerboe said...

Oh man. I didn't know Caldirwen was a girl until no. whoops... :I

Eldarwen said...

Hehe, yes she's most definitely a girl! :)