Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Today I babysat a 3 year old little boy. He and his parents go to my church, so I knew the family. His mom and sister went to the grocery store, while his dad was working with their horses (yes, they have a huge barn with tons of horses, but not all the horses are theirs). His mom asked if I could watch him. It was fun! He's such a little ball of energy. He was taking me here, and taking me there, and showing me this, and that, I was all over the place. We went outside to play and he was showing me all kinds of stuff. He was lots of fun! Also, he's the sweetest little thing. He minds pretty well. I mean, he's a boy, he doesn't like being told what to do, but he'll do it. Sometimes you have to ask him twice, but he will do what you ask him to do. He's a good little boy! Are there any other baby-sitters out there? What are some of your baby-sitting experiences?

~Eldarwen Failariel~

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Izori said...

I've been an assistant teacher for 2-3 year old class for a week. It was exhausting! But it was SO FUN!!! There was one sweet little boy, he didn't say hardly anything but he always was either smiling or giggling. He would even giggle when I had to drag him out from under a chair.

Another little girl in the class was sweet, too. We called her 'Miss Bubbly' because she always was so cheerful. We did a sign language of Philippians 2:10 (At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow. In heaven and on earth, and underneath the earth) and she had mastered it perfectly!!

Sorry, now I understand people who babble on and on about how sweet their students are. But they ARE sweet!

***Emily*** said...

I babysit but mostly for my siblings. I don't really enjoy doing it.

Eldarwen Failariel said...

I do nursery at my church on Wednesday nights (there are 6 babies) and I know what you mean by exhausting! But it is fun as well! :) There's one little boy who's 2 years old and he is the cutest! He chunky and short. He's so cute! He's always calling my name and running to me and giving me hugs. When he leaves he says, "Bye friend". It just melts my heart! :)___________________________________

I watch my little sisters a lot! My older sister works and my parents of course have things to do, so I get the privellage of watching and hanging out with my sisters. :) I know what you mean, it isn't fun sometimes. When I'm watching someone else's kids, it makes it a lot more fun! Especially when they're babies. I'm not too good with older kids, (like 6 and older), but I can handle 5 years and down.

Thanks for the comments, Izori and Emily! I enjoyed reading them very much! :)

~Eldarwen Failariel~

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I kinda babysit in a way, It is my nephew that I help with. =D

Eldarwen Failariel said...

Hehe, it was fun! :) Yes, that counts as baby-sitting. Thanks for following my blog! I'm so excited! I have now gone from 28 followers to 31, all in 1 day! :D

~Eldarwen Failariel~